Read This If You Yelled At Your Dog & Feel Bad [Do These 5 Things]

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Sometimes we have tough days, or we may find ourselves yelling at our dog when they do something wrong, and then feeling guilty afterwards. How can we overcome this issue? Today, let’s discuss ways to do so.

If you yelled at your dog and now regret it, try calling its name calmly, gently stroking its head, offering its favorite snacks or treats, giving it a hug and cuddle, or taking it out for a walk. To prevent further outbursts, meditation, limiting your workload, and taking part in leisurely activities or consulting with an expert may be beneficial.

The facts above are easy and simple tips to console your dog and ease your mind. There is more you can do, though. If you stay in touch with me, you’ll learn more. Let’s do it!

If you’ve yelled at your dog and you feel bad about it, what should you do?

Dogs don’t like to be yelled at

Believe it or not, everyone has yelled at their dog at least once. At the end of the scene, you feel miserable and regretful for what you did.

That’s normal, but it’s not good. You are everything to your dog, even though your dog is just a part of your life.

So please do not break your best friend’s heart. However, what can you do if you have yelled at your dog and you feel bad?

1. Call Your Dog Gently

Once you have calmed down, take a seat on the floor and call your dog’s name calmly. As soon as you say his/her name, your pup will come to you.

Apologize to your dog, even if they don’t understand what you’re saying. Your dog will sense the emotion behind your words, because they love you and they know you are a human being.

Even if you give them a yes as an answer, they become so hurt. Therefore, make an effort to stop this behavior.

2. Touch Their Head

They appreciate your touch, particularly when you rub their head. This is a great way to apologize to your beloved pet.

When you pet their head, they tend to nuzzle their neck and coat too. Showing them affection can help them forget the unpleasant occurrence.

3. Offer Food They Really Enjoy

After a difficult incident, your dog may be feeling down. Food can be a great treatment for restoring happiness.

We all love food, and if you can make a special treat for your dog, it can really help to cheer him/her up.

4. Go For a Walk

After this difficult time, why not take some time for yourselves and go out alone? You both need a chance to refresh.

Take your dog to a dog park or somewhere else that he/she loves. Play some games, dance, and enjoy the time together.

This will help your dog recover from the stress and, in turn, you will also be able to recover.

5. Hug It Out

Your dog can sense you. When you yell at your dog, they become confused. If your dog makes a mistake, you should advise them in that moment.

Because dogs don’t have a long memory, after you yell at them, they will be sad right away. To remedy this, it’s important to let them feel your sympathy towards them.

Hugging, kissing, and rubbing are great ways to show your dog affection.

Feeling guilty is unnecessary; be gentle when interacting with your pup. If you take the time to show your dog some love, not only will they be content, but you will too!

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Will your dog forgive you when you yell at it?

Are you curious whether dogs forgive you when you yell at your dog or not? Yes, you do. That’s why you keep reading this article. I can give a simple and pure answer to that silly question. YES, dogs always forgive you.

It’s because you mean a lot to them. They have no life without you. Don, t take it easy. Someone thinks yelling at my dog doesn’t matter because he/she always forgives me.

Eww, what a stupid thought. The thing is your dog is an animal. She/he doesn’t know what the reality is. Your dog loves you no matter what.

He/she doesn’t care about your job, color, religion, wealth, education background, and such. Your dog loves only you. So you cannot become brutal to your innocent buddy.

But you are not like that. We are human and we have a higher level of intelligence than animals. So how can we act like that?

Yes, your dog will always forgive you but don’t take it as a chance. Their affection towards you is very deep. Their love comes from the bottom of their heart. Trust me they will forgive you whatever you did to them.

Do dogs understand that you are yelling?

Do you wonder if dogs understand that you are yelling? What do you think? Your dog is your closest friend and he/she knows every difference from you.

Your dog can understand your behavior more than anyone else. So do you think he/she can’t understand that you are yelling at him/her? Trust me, your dog is wiser than you think. 

YES, your dog can understand when you are yelling at him/her.  But the most important thing is that she/he leaves it out at once.

How do you control yourself without yelling at the dog?

Mistakes can happen. There are some people and they overreact to everything. And we are not planning to yell at our dog.

They are sudden incidents. Although it is a mistake, it can affect your dog’s mentality. Because there are some breeds such as golden retriever, Labrador, Shih Tzu, and such, they are very sensitive.

When we talk about my girly golden retriever buddy, as soon as she feels sad, she becomes isolated and cries.

You see how it affects our appearance for our little buddies. Most probably they become sick. According to the above issues, controlling ourselves is very important. It will stop a huge mistake.

How can you control yourself without yelling at your dog? Everyone cannot bear everything your dog does. But you can calm your mind down.

Meditation, meeting an adviser, reducing from overworking, small picnics, and listening to good music will help you to control yourself without yelling at your dog.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a good solution to calm your excited mind. As soon as you wake up, find a calm and clean place and do meditation.

It’ll help to release all the pain you are dealing with. Because of that, you will never yell at your dog because your mind is so cool and clean.

Trust me both your dog and you can live happily.

2. Meeting an adviser

Most probably every pet owner suffers from this problem. They get angry with their dog even when they make a small mistake.

It can be two facts.

  1. you can be new to this ownership and you have no previous experiences,
  2. You are in pain both mental or physically (stress, depression, anxiety, or any other physical pain)

So what you have to do is meet an adviser or your vet and tell you your problem. They are professional and they will suggest a solution.

3. Stop overworking

This problem was related to me. I had much work before and I was too overreacting. As a result, I started to yell at my dog even though it was a small mistake.

Fortunately, I could understand what was going on. As soon as I got my mistake I changed myself. I stopped overworking.

I made a timetable and I allocated time for my little buddy. Since then I have been happy with my pooch.

4. Small picnics

This activity will help you to understand your innocent dog. You should know that your dog has no life without you.

He/she lives happily because of you. All these considered you are an unbelievable person. You can take care of another soul. You should be proud of yourself.

Look how happy your dog is when he/she is with you. You get time to observe your dog and then you will see how innocent your dog is.

5. Make your mind

You are a human. You have remarkable capacities. Adopting a dog is a simple thing for you because you do more difficult things than adopting a dog.

So you see, yelling at your dog is not a valuable thing. Just leave it out. You can promise to yourself not to yell at your dog again.

Only we can fix our mentality. So think deeply. How you should change.

Things to be aware of

1. Make sure to apologize

Your dog can feel, think and make decisions too. Although their memory is short for incidents like that, your dog doesn’t deserve to blame.

So please be patient and ask for an apology from your dog. That’s how a decent man behaves.

2. Try to spend the day with your dog as long as you can

Your dog needs affection, love, and attention. If he/she gets the above facts from you, your dog never tries to misbehave.

As a result, you don’t need to yell at your dog. Mutual understanding is very important when you are dealing with your lovely pooch.

3. Attend therapy

If you are mentally distracted, yelling at your dog will not help you. It will break your dog’s heart too. If you have any mental issues what you have to do is attend therapy instead of yelling at your dog.

4. It will change your dog’s attitudes too

How does it happen? The way their owner behaves is to effects the dog’s mentality.  How come? Lemme explain.

If a dog adopts under a rough owner he/she also becomes rough and tough. Because the owner doesn’t treat the dog smoothly at all.

Dogs learn. And the dog becomes so tough and wild. If a dog raises under a good and patient owner, he/she also becomes so gentle. That is how it is. So you know what I am saying.

5. Don’t overreact

As a responsible owner, you should know how to behave in front of your dog. Your priority is to be gentle, patient, and kind to your dog.

You have a big mind and a big heart. So you know what is good and what is bad. The choice is yours.


Dogs are always innocent. So the ways you treat them is very important because they are just like kids. Today I talked about how to overcome the bad feeling after yelling at your dog, and how to bear your anger and control yourself, and such. Sympathy is the key to handling dogs. I hope you’ll have a safe journey with your dog.

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