3 Basic Facts Regarding Dobermans – They Can Be Jealous, Stubborn and Attack Intruders

3 facts of Dobermans

Owning a Doberman Pinscher can be both challenging and rewarding, providing a unique set of experiences for dog lovers. Whether you’re a seasoned Doberman owner or considering bringing one into your home, there are several things you should be aware of to ensure success with this breed.

In this article, we will address three common questions that Doberman lovers have. These questions include whether Dobermans get jealous, if they are stubborn, and if they attack intruders. We encourage you to use the table of contents below to easily navigate to the section that interests you.

By understanding these common concerns and learning how to address them, you can provide your Doberman with the love, care, and attention they need to thrive. With patience, consistency, and proper training, you can build a strong bond with your furry friend and enjoy all the unique experiences that come with owning a Doberman Pinscher.

Do Dobermans Get Jealous? [Fact #1]

Many researches and studies conducted by psychologists confirmed that dogs, including Dobermans, get jealous beyond any doubt.

So, do Dobermans really get jealous?

Doberman can be jealous when he meets a new caregiver, changes in the neighborhood or home, new people coming into the house, bringing in a baby, bringing in a new dog, and changes in the schedule. Attention seeking, aggression, peeing inside the house, destructiveness are several signs of envy.

Jealousy is not just something for humans limited to humans. Dogs (again including Dobermans) also may feel jealousy due to different reasons.

A responsible Doberman owner should be aware of the following.

  • What are the signs of jealousy?
  • What are the reasons for the jealousy in Dobermans?
  • How to avoid such a situation?

What Are The Signs Of Jealousy In Dobermans?

Dogs know exactly what to do whenever they feel something that we need to get informed about. Especially Dobermans are a very intelligent dog breed that has numerous abilities.

They are so talented at facial expressions and acting. But the matter is the behavior of dogs that feel jealous may not depend on their intention or control.

When the facial expressions and other related demeanors are combined, you can pretty much easily figure out whether your Doberman has felt some kind of jealousy or something.

So, here are the signs.

  • Observe whether the dog keeps trying to attract your attention. Whenever you forget their exercise session or diet, it is clear that they are trying to do so. But, if they do that without such kind of a reason, jealousy can be the case. Sometimes they will whine continuously in order to get your attention.
  • Sudden aggression can also be a sign. If you try to pet a new dog or cuddle a toddler, sometimes the Doberman may exhibit small aggression or small biting or a nipping behavior on your pant.
  • Peeing or pooping inside the house. It doesn’t matter whether your Doberman is well potty trained. In fact, dogs cannot express their feeling in the form of words. Instead, they will do something in the form of actions in order to inform you that they have felt jealousy.
  • Observe if the Doberman grooms himself more than usual. But here, you should make sure that this happened only due to envy. If so, there are several steps you can take that we gonna discuss next.
  • Sometimes Dobermans may exhibit some destructive behavior as they feel envy for something. The better understand the cue, the remedies process is much easier.
  • Some Dobermans may attempt to hide themselves around the home as they feel envy for something. Just be aware that dogs tend to hide and sleep in dark places as they feel sick.

If you own a Doberman as a first-time dog owner, this may sound a little bit strange or odd. But, this is the natural phenomenon of the canine world, my friend!

What are the reasons for the jealousy in Dobermans?

Okay, now you know what the common signs of jealousy in dogs are. But, just being aware of the signs isn’t sufficient. you gotta figure out the cues for this abnormal behavior and apply appropriate remedies.

You know what, dogs cannot adapt to new changes as fast as humans do. Of course, this ability also may depend on the breed.

But, Dobermans may get envy for something when some noticeable changes happen in

  • When the dog meets a new caregiver.
  • In a case when you bring a new baby.
  • When you bring a new dog or pet into your house.
  • Due to new schedules.
  • Changes in neighborhood or home.
  • When new people arrive the home and live.
  • When spouses get to interact with each other and if the Doberman get attached to one person.

How To Help Your Jealous Doberman?

Seems like now you are well informed regarding the signs of jealousy in dogs and the possible cues. Here are several tactics worth considering to get rid of envy behavior in your Doberman.

  • Never ever give extravagant attention to another pet against your Doberman. Share your attention and time more reasonably.
  • It’s better to feed your pets in different places in order to avoid conflict with each other.
  • If you pet or cuddle another dog in front of your Doberman, please be sure to cuddle the Doberman too. It’s more humanity side of a thing rather than just thinking about changing their behavior.
  • Don’t let the dog get overly attached to one person. To do that, everyone in the household should bear the responsibility of caring for the dog.
  • Don’t forget to praise him whenever you feel he behave correctly.
  • If the dog gets jealous of a new dog, put both of them on a leash and go for an excellent interactive walk in the evening. Try to play frisbee or play fetch both of them and let them play games like a thug of war.

Hope you found this helpful. Now let’s move to the next fact we gonna discuss about.

Are Dobermans Stubborn? [Fact #2]

Adopting a Doberman is sometimes a tricky business. Even though they are intelligent, confident, obedient, loyal, alert, energetic, fearless creatures, they are a little bit stubborn, making them a lot harder to train new things and manage them.

So, Are Dobermans really stubborn?

By their very nature, Most Dobermans are a little stubborn. But, it can worsen because they have too much energy, confusion, distractions, lack of motivation, and fear of the owner. It can be resolved by training Dobermans slowly and consistently, correct rewarding methods, avoid punishments.

Owning a Doberman needs loads of care and commitments. But the fact is, a well-trained one can be a wonderful family companion as well as he/ she greatly welcome every one of you to its pack.

Your Dobie may show its stubbornness anywhere. It can be when you go for a walk when bathing him, playing outside, when interacting with strangers, when you teaching a new command.

Why do some Dobermans so stubborn?

It’s so frustrating when your Doberman intentionally forgets your commands and ignores you. You know what, there are several reasons why do Dobermans get just stubborn.

The better you figure out the cue, the better will results will be.

Here are the common reasons why this happens.

  • When your Doberman has too much energy.
  • When the Doberman is confused.
  • Due to distraction.
  • Due to lack of motivation.
  • The Doberman is afraid of you!

When your Doberman has too much energy.

If your Doberman seems overly active, even ignoring your commands or your recalling, the reason could be he is not getting enough exercise. If this is the circumstance, there is no point in blaming the Doberman. The fault is in your hands.

So, set aside some time just to give exercises to your Doberman. In fact, having at least some form of exercise good for you too!

Moreover, the Dobermans are one of the greatest running partners in the canine world. So, if you own a Doberman, good for you my man. Just take the advantage.

When the Doberman is confused.

The confusion is one of the main reasons why some Dobermans get stubborn. Actually, this stubbornness clearly indicates the unity of the family when caring about the dog.

Get confused? What I mean by that is if you and other family members use different, different training methods or commands to train the Doberman, chances are your Doberman may get confused. As a result, he will be a little bit stubborn.

Due to distraction.

Not only Dobermans but also other dogs tend to be a little bit stubborn as a result of distraction. This can mainly happen if you only train the dog in a distraction-free area.

It doesn’t matter what the training is. It always requires taking the distractions into action in order to train the dog to perform well under any difficult circumstances.

Due to lack of motivation.

The stubbornness due to lack of motivation can be expected during the training phase in your Doberman. The reason for this situation is that they don’t have any clue to be satisfied by doing what you want him/her to do.

Even though we think dogs are food-motivated creatures, some aren’t. If there isn’t any motivation behind the scene, when you train the dog, what is the dog’s intention by doing what you want him to do?

So, the critical factuality you wanna be aware of is that it’s always crucial to determine your Dog’s motivation. Maybe it can be a toy or just your cuddling!

The Doberman is afraid of you.

Why is your dog afraid of you? You gotta ask from yourself. Perhaps, the reason can be punishing when the dog misbehaves. But, punishing a dog due to some kind of bad behavior can be caused by a whole set of new problems.

So, you need to use appropriate training methods mixed up with positive reinforcement techniques.

How to help stubborn Doberman to be docile?

It’s pretty much straightforward to cure a stubborn Doberman as long as you take appropriate approaches when you interact with your dog.

We gonna look into several proven methods that are both considered.

  • It’s crucial to control the environment when you train the Doberman. This means you need to choose a destruction-free area to train the dog at the initial phase. After that, It’s a good idea to add some distractions as the dog performs well with the training.
  • It’s essential to go slowly with any kind of training to get rid of unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings.
  • Make sure to be consistent with the process that you are involved in with your Doberman. It can be a new training or interactive walking session, or playing a game.
  • Training should be a habit of a dog’s life. As humans, we always learn new things. The training for Dobermans should be a part of its routine.
  • Choose a rewarding method that can motivate the dog.
  • Stay away from punishments. Dogs hate punishments. Even though Dobermans have high intelligence, they aren’t smart enough as much as you do. Sometimes they cannot understand why you punish them and what to do. As a result, your Doberman can get a little bit stubborn in day-to-day life. So, the best thing to do is using positive reinforcement methods to train the dog.

Do Dobermans attack intruders? [Fact #3]

Even though Dobermans are gentle, they aren’t receptive to meeting strangers and new people until the dog is fully trusted by that individual.

So, do Dobermans really tempted to attack intruders?

A well-trained Doberman definitely attacks intruders, and they can fiercely attack them. A Doberman can go to extreme lengths to defend its home and the owner. But, the attractiveness toward intruders in an untrained Doberman depends on the individual dog, means temperament, and personality.

If your Doberman is not properly socialized or stays home alone for an extended period of time, chances are they may attack intruders without a second thought.

The behavior of the dog as it sees the stranger mainly depends on its last resort.

Sometimes it can be aggressive as it sees a stranger because he got simply frightened or due to its protective instincts.

Obviously, we don’t wanna allow our dogs to be friendly and be gentle with strangers. But it can also be a controversial topic as this can be a huge problem whenever one of your family relations or friends visits you.

You have to put an additional effort to handle the situation.

Is that something you want? Probably not, right?

So, teaching your Doberman to be friendly with strangers is something not acceptable in every case.

Instead, you can give your Doberman excellent socialization training and educate the dog to understand which stranger I should be friendly with and which stranger I should show some aggressiveness.

However, dogs, including Doberman, tend to exhibit several signs prior to attack intruders. It’s better to be aware of these signs.

  • Snarling
  • Growling
  • Taking a restless stance
  • Attempt lung without trying to making any contact.
  • Barking
  • Snapping and baring the teeth.


Adopting a Doberman is sometimes really difficult. Because of that, most Doberman owners are curious to know whether they get jealous, stubborn dogs, attack intruders. So, this complete article contains everything you need to be aware of about these three factors. Hope you found it helpful. Have a nice day.

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