Will Dogs Get Smarter In The Future? [5 Interesting Facts]

I am pretty sure you have been through the same if you are a canine maniac or dog parent who always adores your pooch.

I even used to wonder how smart they are when expressing their emotions and how they are really good at something when trained properly. Now, will dogs get smarter in the future? Yes, of course, they would.

They will get smarter in the future. A dog’s intelligence depends on the type of the dog, how fast the dog will learn, problem-solving skills, how they obey you, how they express their emotions, the understanding capability, and much more. It is also a combination of the history of our dogs.

I will not sink these in, so let’s move into the deep sea.

Will dogs get smarter in the future?

Yes, they will get smarter in the future.

If you are not a history lover, I assure you this won’t be quite the history that has worn you.

To begin with, “dogs are a more advanced species of wolves.” Around 40000 years ago, our ancestors dealing with hunting planned to tame the wolves for their purposes.

So many of them were domesticated, and here we are with the most adorable loving pooches resulting from it.

Over time after domestication, our dogs have come to a place where they can understand vocabulary(even though not as much as humans), facial expressions, emotions, and some human gestures.

Isn’t it incredible the way they have improved their intelligence over time?

The best example I could give that they would be smarter in the future is how the German -Sheperd could detect the molecular makers of cancer. Yes, he is renowned for being the third most intelligent dog breed! How fascinating is that?

How do you tell if dogs are getting smarter over time?

As I have mentioned before,e about a bit of history and dogs evolving, we can thoroughly observe that our pooches are getting smarter over time. Being smarter comes along with intelligence.

So, certain studies have shown different cognitive potential in dog breeds throughout the evolution of our canine buddies.

And coming into this, let’s not forget the neuropsychologist “Stanely Coren,” who gave the specialty to the intelligence of the canines. He investigated the dogs in several special aspects.

Including the instinctive, adaptive, working, and obedience capabilities, he also evaluated the dog’s problem-solving abilities, memory, and observational power.

However, it was also revealed that the dogs were much more intelligent than our first primates, chimpanzees, orangutans, etc.

A fun fact about our dogs with evolution is that they can identify changes in words specifically, even though the word might not be in their vocabulary. This evolutionary development proves that dogs can be much smarter in the future.

So, moving back to the intelligence criteria, let’s follow it up.

By the way, Red this to understand if dogs get smarter as they get older.

1. The breed type.

As I have mentioned in the article, being a “smart pant” can also be depended on the breed as their personality types differ just as much as humans.

Border Collie” takes the first place when it comes to intelligence, followed by a “poodle” and” german shepherd,” ranking second and third respectively.

These breeds are known for faster learning. Specifically, they are said to learn a new command in less than 5 seconds! And most of all, it will not be hard for a dog parent to train them since they will obey almost every time!

2. Problem-solving abilities.

A person might think since they are pretty intelligent, the ability of a dog to solve a problem is advanced. Yet, research has found that dogs cannot solve a problem independently without external encouragement from their surroundings.

As an example, let’s consider wolves and dogs. A wolf would be able to find its food or prey through hunting and using its abilities.

Yet, our dogs would give off that adorable face when they needed food and ask for some help to satiate their hunger.

Moreover, the more the dogs get closer to humans, the more their problem-solving abilities might deteriorate, as they have the sense that their humans will be there for them.

Yet, there are also some of our pooches who will try to use their ability of problem-solving capability just before showing off their adorable face of them and relying on their dog parent.

Dogs ability of problems solving skills might not be advanced, yet let’s appreciate how some of our dogs give it a try.!

3. “Being a good dog.”

Obeying orders would signify a good doggy from a dog owner’s perspective. Yes, the most intelligent dogs would obey your commands within less than 5 seconds.

Still, on the medial level, you would have to repeat the same order several times so that your pooch will get used to it, but remember, he is still an excellent canine friend.

4. They understand us.

As you know, dogs are known to be a human’s best friend. What would your canine friend do when you point at something he needs to observe?

He would understand the gesture and turn around to find out what you are pointing at, won’t he?

Yet, let’s consider a dolphin or chimpanzee. They are less likely to understand your gesture of pointing towards some random object or a random someone.

So, our canines have been recognized for understanding their human friends’ nature.

5. Emotions.

Last yet not least. As we all know, the ability to show emotions is a pillar of measuring intelligence. Humans can show a wide range of emotions, isn’t it?

So are our canine friends too! They can also have complex emotions such as happiness, sadness, hunger, pain, anger, and jealousy!

Imagine you have two dogs by your side, and you treat them differently, as in you give one dog a treat when they have done something right, and you give nothing when your other canine friend does nothing.

Have you ever noticed the doggy’s sad, disappointed face who did not get the treat? So, yes, this proves that they have emotions too!

So as you can observe, these are a few criteria that might get more developed in the future with evolution and, ultimately, dogs being more intelligent.

Will dogs be as smart as humans?

This cannot be specifically answered as “yes” or “no” yet, but dogs are sure to be smarter than we think in their different ways.

For example, one pooch might be good at learning the commands. At the same time, some dogs might be good at showing their emotions, so as you can see, the basis of intelligence can vary.

And here’s a fun fact: Average Dogs have an IQ of 100, which is the IQ level of a two-year-old toddler. However, this IQ test is mostly based on language development, in which an average dog can learn up to about 165 words.

And the smarties of all can go up to 250 words, which is the average IQ of a dog of 3 to 4 years.

Here are some tips if you need to make your pooch smarter!

1. Usage of dog puzzles.

Dog puzzles would be a great interactive way to keep your dog entertained and stimulate your dog’s physical and mental capabilities.

This will not only aid in stimulating the brain but also will aid in solving some behavioral issues your dog might be having.

At the same time, ensure you give him delicate treats or even praises, so your dog will be more persuaded to engage in these activities.

2. Having sufficient training time.

Engage in exercises that you think will aid in stimulating your dog’s mental capacity. Obstacle games, jumping through rings would give them a fun time and of course, don’t forget the daily walks with you.

3. Toys to interact.

Try giving him toys in which he can interact with his abilities. The ring game would do great with our canine friends.

They might not be smart at present, but through genetics and evolution, you might have a smart doggy just as much as you!

Will dogs evolve to understand humans?

Yes, our dogs now almost understand our gestures, so it is almost possible to understand us more as the days pass!

Things to be aware of.

If you need your dog to be smarter than he is “in his future,” make sure you don’t stress him out but make him enjoy the mentally stimulating activities keeping him happy.


In conclusion, I hope you were able to enhance your knowledge of our sophisticated blossom buddies, as in the facts such as will our dogs get smarter in the future, will they be able to get smarter more than humans, will they understand humans, and so on.

Stay connected to us to know more interesting facts about your canine friend and to give them the best life they deserve for making us the happiest!

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