Do Dogs Get Smarter As They Grow Old? [Full Guide]

Are you curious about whether your furry friend gets smarter as they age? If so, you’ve come to the right place! As a responsible dog owner, it’s natural to want to know more about your dog’s development and abilities.

While we can’t confirm that dogs get smarter as they age, they can become more experienced and knowledgeable. Psychologists have discovered that the smartest age for dogs is between 2 and 2.5 years old.

But don’t lose hope! Some dog breeds can maintain their mental stimulation throughout their lives. We’re excited to share more information about these breeds with you in our upcoming discussion. So, stay tuned and let’s explore the fascinating world of dog intelligence together!

Do dogs get smarter as they get older?

You know what,  this is a very fascinating topic because you will be able to learn how responsible you are. Most people think dogs get smarter as they get older.

When we relate it to humans, we can agree without any hesitation. Every dog owner likes it if their dogs become very smart. That’s not a surprise. I also love to have an intelligent dog. That’s our nature. We can’t name it selfishness.

Although you think dogs get smarter as they age, it is doubtful to accept it. Most probably, dogs don’t get smart as they get older. Some dog breeds include Border Collies, Poodles, and German Shepherds.

They can keep their smartest until the end. It means they are very active and energetic even though they are old. This point especially belongs to Border Collies.

So it is very rare that dogs get smarter as they age. But we can describe it like this. Older dogs can be very mature and smart because they have lots of experience and knowledge about people.

And also, their cognitive development is at a very high level. It is not about getting smart but about getting mature and changing.

How do they become so smart? It is a piece of cake if that dog associates with good people. It depends on how the dog interacts with people. Buying large, dogs can be very smart if they spend more time with people as their best friends, as part of a family, or as something very close.

On the other hand, childhood experience is very effective in keeping dogs smartest. Suppose they get good training on time, exercises, vitamins, and good companionship with people.

In that case, it’s very difficult to destroy their smartness. Most of the time, when dogs get old, they become very silent. They have already adapted to the atmosphere, and it’s all about the changes.

So it is an honor to have an older dog like that because they are very mature and know things well. It’s kinda difficult to put them into the bucket of smarts.

Like I said before, it’s all about the changes. Believe it or not, you have to accept reality. How much you integrate with your dog and that much your dog may become smart.

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At what age is a dog the smartest?

Do dogs have an intelligence peak? You may wonder after knowing their smartest age. Most probably, dogs learn things so fast when they are in the first three months.  

They are extremely curious about people, the atmosphere, and everything they see during that period. Puppyhood is an excellent time to train your dog because they are good at learning new things or interested in getting experiences.

But during this time, you must keep an eye on your dog because they can damage themselves. Although things are going like that, as psychologists discover, the smartest age of the dog is 2 to 2.5 years.

They get used to counting, recognizing things, and understanding words at that age. How amazing they are. Do you believe that dogs have an intelligence peak? Believe it or not, this is the truth.

Have you noticed that during this period, dogs love to do adventure things, travel, and hang out with new friends? I’m sure you may have. So you should not be surprised about their behavior at that age.

Although they have an exact peak time, it depends on their dog breed. According to research in the United States and Canada, the most intelligent dog breed is Border collies.

And the second place goes to Poodles and next to the German Shepherd. The others are Golden Retriever, Doberman, Land Shepherd, and Labrador Retriever.

So you see, dogs’ smartest age can differ from their breed. Overall, ages 2 to 2.5 is the smartest age of the dogs. You shouldn’t worry if your dog isn’t on the above list.

Every dog has unique and different attitudes and desires. Under this circumstance, you cannot get upset about your innocent pooch. Overall every dog has their own intelligence.

Sometimes it depends on the human they are associated with. Good owners will create a good and smart puppy. Be a good one.

How to tell if your dog friend is smart enough for its age?

Now you already know the intelligence of your dogs may depend on their breed. So you shouldn’t worry, or you shouldn’t compare your dog with other dogs.

Because your dog is unique and there isn’t anyone like him/her. Dogs should be smart enough for their age. This is just a measurement; you shouldn’t panic if your dog isn’t like this.

Some dogs take time to get smart, but some learn and understand things quickly. As I said, it depends on where they live, with whom they live, and what facilities they get ( training, food, vitamins, exercise, and such.

Whatever it may be, how to tell if your dog is smart enough for its age? Leggo to figure it out.

When your dog is growing up, it gets the opportunity to learn things alone. Sometimes they do new things without the owners’ support.

That’s amazing, isn’t it? In the first month, the newborn puppy is dependent on his mother. At that age, we can’t expect to be smart. When they grow up, they adapt to the atmosphere.

Basically, during the first three months, they learn things quickly. Most probably, they get experiences. So I’m gonna give some signs to check your dog’s smartness.

  1. Check whether your dog recognizes commands without training
  2. You can give suitable puzzles and check whether your dog solves them or not. She will do it correctly if she is smart enough.
  3. He knows how to overcome problems, especially at home alone. He knows how to survive.
  4. If your dog knows how to get attention from others, I can confirm your dog is smart enough. Bingo…
  5. If your dog knows when you are upset. Most dogs can recognize when /her owner is upset. That’s good progress.
  6. Your dog can recognize if you are going to leave home. Some dogs try to hide the owner’s slippers, bags, and such. Look how cute they are.
  7. Check whether your dog passes the intelligence tests. Do you know that dogs have intelligence tests to check their smartest? Yes, it’s true.

How to increase the intelligence of your dog?

As a good owner, you hope to have a smart dog. And you are keen on making your dog smart. Believe it or not, that’s the truth, and you should not be worried.

That’s a widespread thought. So here we are to help you if you want to know how to increase your dog’s intelligence. This must be very interesting.

  1. let your dog work with dog’s toy puzzles
  2. Don’t let your dog live alone. Socialization can make your dog smarter
  3. Provide a good meal and a good diet
  4. Do some IQ tests
  5. DIY dog agility course. These activities are good for energetic dogs. Those are very funny and interesting.
  6. Let your dog join dog training classes
  7. Do some little nose work, such as sniff it out.
  8. The game hides and seek is a favorite activity for your lovely pooch.
  9. Try to do some brain exercise. It can develop your dog’s cognitive stimulation. I’m sure it will extremely affect your dog.

Things to be aware of.

1. Be supportive.

Your dog sometimes hopes your involvement will make their mind. They cannot do anything without you until they are ready. So be a supportive owner.

2. Admire your pooch.

Like I said before, every dog has capabilities of its own. So you cannot blame your dog for comparing it with another dog. You have to admit the reality as well as you have to admire your pooch all the time.

3. Don’t much your dog do such things.

What does it mean? Although you want to get smart with your dog, you cannot push him/her without his willingness. Unless it will become a punishment more than a help for your innocent buddy.

4. Understand its limit.

Everything has a limit. Because you wanna a smart pooch, it is not good to make your dog do things (brain games, training, agility courses) without a limit.

When you do such things, you have to ask for help from your vet or dog trainer. Don’t involve these things if you feel it is impossible. You can also hire a trainer.

5. Punishment doesn’t work at all.

When we talk about this matter, I have seen some dog owners try to punish their dogs when they don’t understand what to do. Is that fair? I don’t think so.

What is your interpretation? Dogs are innocent and attached to their partner or powers very well. Under this circumstance, you must help your dog build a good mutual understanding.

You should not use your dog to overcome your desires. Sometimes you have to take the time and watch. Like I said before, dogs are different from each other; you cannot compare your dog with someone else. It is not worthy.


Curiosity or inquisitiveness is how we create a new party to a new world. It’s good to ask questions and know things. This is more responsible than curiosity.

Knowing whether your dog gets smarter as they age is good. Knowing it will be easy to deal with your innocent soul. So today, we have discussed the above matter’s hidden truth and all the other issues that may relate to the main title.

I hope. All of the details are short, clear, and interesting for you. This is a long journey, feel it, joy it and let your dog celebrate it.


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