Will Dog Nails Pop Air Mattresses? [Do These 5 Things]

Will Dog Nails Pop Air Mattresses?

Air mattresses are a popular choice for travel enthusiasts, but as a dog parent, protecting your air mattress can be a real challenge.

Dogs may accidentally pop air mattresses due to their nails or dew-claws, the weight of the dog, or the sharp edges of their gear, such as their collar.

To prevent this from happening, there are several steps you can take.

Regularly trimming or filing your dog’s nails can prevent them from accidentally popping the mattress. Using doggy boots or socks can also provide an extra layer of protection. Additionally, using a mattress cover or doggy nail caps can help prevent any accidental damage.

Protecting your air mattress requires examining the likelihood of how your dog may pop it and taking the necessary precautions. By understanding the potential risks and taking the appropriate steps to prevent them, you can ensure that your air mattress remains in good condition and your furry friend stays safe and happy.

In this article, we’ll explore the various ways in which dogs can accidentally pop air mattresses and provide you with tips on how to prevent this from happening. By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your air mattress remains in top condition for all your travel adventures. So, let’s dive into the world of air mattresses and doggy protection!

Will dog nails pop air mattresses?

Each morning you wake up, do you cuddle your little Dog by your side and get ready for a blissful day?

If your Dog is sleeping by your side and you both sleep on an air mattress, it might quite be a hectic day cause you might be in a bit of a trouble bubble.

Now, let’s peep into a few ways in which the air mattress will pop out by your fur creatureā€¦

1. Nails and dew-claw.

If the nails are long and sharp, that is more than enough to blow up your precious mattress.

Some dogs have a dewclaw which might be extremely pointed. So just like nails, this too might pop it out!

By the way, here is if dog nails are sharp and what to do about it.

2. Weight of the Dog.

Some of the fur creatures we’ve got tend to be extremely playful that they might just jump off onto the air mattress just like a kid.

But if they are extremely heavy (as some dog breeds are), this might affect the durability of the mattress by damaging it.

3. Sharp collars/gear edges.

Some dog collars or other dog gears have extremely sharp edges with pointed ends. Again, this will be a reason to tear off your mattress.

How to keep a dog from popping out an air mattress?

It’s not easy for us all to afford to air mattress every time our dogs pop it out, is it? Yes, surely we can’t just yell at the little one for popping out it.

So you might be wondering the ways that we could keep away a dog from popping out our comfy air mattress.

Let me take you through it.

1. Long doggy nails?-Trim, trim, trim.

This is considered one of the best options in which you can keep your doggy nearby you while preventing the air mattress from popping out.

It’s not only a remedy for this, but also for the excellent health of your beloved companion.

Moreover, it’s not just about trimming the nails as we humans do. Some dog breeds have hardcore nails, and trimming should be done in an unharmed way.

If you are pretty much not sure how to do it, professional help is of utmost importance.

2. Dog and the sock! Or maybe boots too!

Wondering what this even means? Yes, socks, I mean dog socks, will definitely help you out to a great extent. Make them wear socks to not pop out the air mattress.

They might not like it at all at the beginning and even tend to remove it, but with patience and skillful training, they will likely get used to it.

Why not try this out? Harms no one, right?

3. Usage of a mattress cover.

At all cost, let the precious air mattress be protected.! What about beginning to use a mattress cover on top of the air mattress?

If you are planning to use one, make sure it’s puncture-proof and keep two in case.

This will not just help the air mattress to be protected from puncturing but also help maintain the mattress’s hygiene due to dog fur.

4. Usage of nail caps.

These nail caps can be used to blunt your doggy’s nails and prevent the mattress from popping off even if this fur creature gets on your bed.

This is not harmful at all and can be used for dogs at any age.

5. Grooming.

Dog grooming can be referred to as taking care of the Dog’s hygiene, which is of utmost importance.

It’s not just important for the Dog’s physical appearance but also mental comfortability of it. It includes bathing the Dog, hair removal, nail trimming, cording, and much more.

I’m not going to talk about nail trimming, as mentioned previously.

After all, grooming is much more than nail trimming. Why is it really important to bathe your loving pooch after all as a matter of protecting your mattress?

The dog coat contains a lot of stuff; as a dog parent, you might definitely know what that thick fur consists of. It might even have piercing stuff that can pop your mattress off! So definitely, dog’s hygiene is important!

The above are just a few ways to keep your Dog from popping out an air mattress.

How to teach a dog to stay away from an air mattress?

“My dog punctured off my air mattress” before you have to utter these words in despair to your closet one, let’s check up on how to train your dog to stay away from your air mattress.

1. Dog’s own bedding.

Make a separate place for your Dog to sleep near your bed. Let it be puncture-proof and comfy so that the dog gets adopted to it through continuous training.

I agree It might be quite a challenging task, but it will be a long term benefit if you need to keep your Dog from an air mattress

2. Use a dog playpen.

If your Dog jumps into you every time you try to lie on your comfy air mattress, it would be kind of messy, won’t it?

So, due to this reason, it would be appropriate to let it be and let it play in its own playpen.

However, a dog cannot use a doggy playpen forever. So, read this to understand when should a dog stop using the playpen.

3. Bitter apple spray.

Now, this is an incredible method if you can use it. Bitter apple spray is non-toxic yet will prevent the dog from licking or chewing your stuff.

So, why not try it out for your air mattress. I doubt he’ll ever get it on again. Make sure you don’t spray it on your Dog’s mouth, though.

Suggested Reading: Can hot sauce stop your dog’s chewing behavior?

4. Positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement can basically be defined as rewarding for favorable actions. This is vital when it comes to training the Dog.

If you need the dog “NOT” to jump and sleep on your air mattress, train the Dog with the concept of positive reinforcement.

So what about rewarding the Dog? Yeah, definitely not money, because there’s no value for these little ones! It just requires love and praise, the food they love, or maybe your time.

These are just enough to train your best friend to whatever the desired action.

As an example, imagine that you ask your Dog not to come over the air mattress but sleep in its comfy place.

He might not do this at once, but what about trying to give him a special kind of food he loves every time he listens to you on “leaving the mattress alone”?or maybe praise him when he listens to you?

He’ll then get used to not staying on the precious air mattress with time. With that, you’ll get a bonus as well. Yes, it’s more love!

5. Dog treats.

Dogs are incredibly social animals. They love playing just like little toddlers. So why not give them some “dog treats” to spend their time on rather than making him lay on the air mattress?

Best dog treats can indeed be made in your home sweet home as well. He’ll surely love it!

Things to be aware of.

When considering the above facts, we need to consider certain essential factors. Let me not make you get lost in the woods.

Roll of flex tape: If you are a dog parent, this would be useful much more than you think. If your companion punctured the air mattress off, “roll of a flex tape” will help you get rid of the puncture, which will surely save you some money.

Hot glue sticks: Heat out the glue sticks with a lighter and let it fix the holes of the popped-out mattress for you!

File the doggy’s nails: If you don’t really feel like cutting off the nails and the dewclaw, make sure to file them, just like you file your nails. When you file a dog’s nail, it’ll tend to be round and smooth and will minimize the risk of blowing off the mattress.

Take your best friend on asphalt: This is not only good for the Dog’s joy but also for your pocket! A walk on an asphalt road will help the Dog’s nails to turn into smoother and less sharpened nails.

The above are a few things to be aware of so that you can have a better easy peasy lifestyle with your Dog.


A dog is always a best friend for you, but the problem comes with how to protect your valuable stuff with this little playful bosom buddy.

Nails and dew-claw, Weight of the Dog, Sharp edge collars are a few ways in which your air mattress can be harmed.

Trimming, dog socks or boots, Usage of a mattress cover, Usage of nail caps, grooming are a few methods you can prevent your Dog from popping out the air mattress.

In conclusion, I hope this will be an answer to your problem of “will the dogs pop out your air mattress and moreover hope it guided you to get rid of your trouble bubble in various ways.

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