Why Do Dogs Scratch On Leather Car Seats? [Do These 5 Things]

Leather car seats and dogs! Such a toxic combination. Suppose your doggy friend starts to scratch on your newly added leather car seats; what will happen?

Usually, dogs scratch for a wide variety of reasons, from simply being bored. Other critical reasons include anxiety, parasites, allergies, dry skin, pain, and hormonal imbalances. You can use car seat covers to protect your seats.

Please do not go crazy, as there are many solutions to keeping your leather car seats protected from your doggy friend without hurting them.

Keep reading to discover the reasons in detail and to know how to erase dog scratches from your car seats.

Why do dogs scratch on leather car seats?

I know you are getting crazy when you hear that your doggy scratches your leather car seats which you have recently changed. But have you ever thought WHY despite getting angry and shouting at him?

How uncomfortable is it to you? So, then consider how uncomfortable it is for him.

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons for a doggy friend to scratch. So, when it comes to your leather car seats, the same reasons direct your dog to start scratching them.

They do not care what they scratch when the reasons are reasonable enough to scratch.

Let’s have a detailed account of why your dog scratched on leather seats.

1. Parasites.

This is a reason for your doggy to scratch almost anything, including the leather car seats. Ticks, freaks, and mites should be removed from them carefully if you want to make them comfortable and to keep your car seats protected from scratching.

Since mites are microscopic for you and fleas flock towards unseen places on the doggy’s body, do not think that your doggy cannot feel their bites.

2. Boredom.

Just as for humans, boredom affects dogs badly too. If your doggy spends most of his time alone at home, when they get in your car for a ride at the end of the day, he will probably try to scratch your leather car seats as he is still bored.

So scratching is a physical response that occurs due to psychological distractions in dogs. They do not care whether it is your leather car seat or bed.

3. Anxious conditions.

Dogs, too, suffer from various anxious conditions in different phases of their lives. So as human beings, they try to show it physically through numerous behaviors.

When your doggy gets in your car and, after a while, he starts to scratch can be one of such behaviors. Such behaviors can lead your doggy to critical conditions.

4. Allergies.

Sometimes your little puppy might be prone to allergic conditions when he gets packed into your leather car seat. Dogs are susceptible to changes in nature and climate.

So, as a result, they might have allergies often. It can be just the liquid or any cleaning substance used to clean your car seats.

Most commonly, the allergy conditions are depicted through scratching.

5. Hormonal imbalances.

When your doggy’s body is not producing enough thyroid hormone, it tends to make him scratch wherever he lies. He might be scratching parts of his body like his tail or leg.

But as they are sitting on your leather car seats, he might scratch your car seats a little.

Sometimes, when their heat is high due to producing more reproductive hormones, they start scratching even when they are traveling.

6. Pain.

If your doggy suffers from unbearable pain, he tries to tell you about it through scratching. When he is in your vehicle, he only has the option of scratching your leather car seats. So he does.

7. instinct.

This is a common reason for your doggy to scratch your leather car seats is an instinct from his ancestors. He might think that scratching your car seats will help create a more comfy place to sleep or stay without getting distracted by predators.

It is all about the psychological state of your doggy’s mind.

Even though all the reasons mentioned above seem like general reasons for a dog to scratch, they are familiar and related to the specific action of scratching the leather car seats of your vehicle.

Better to identify what is the exact reason for your doggy to scratch your leather car seats and gradually attend to their issue. Then you can protect both your car seats and the doggy too.

Now the question HOW comes to your mind automatically. No issues. We have solutions.

How to get dog scratches out of leather car seats?

Once your doggy has scratched your leather car seats, you cannot take back his action. The most suitable thing you can try is to find a method to get over those scratches out of your leather car seats.

We’ll learn the safe methods to erase your dog’s scratches from your leather car seats. Remember, you should always consider the conditions of the leather seats and should take care not to damage their quality while getting dog scratches out.

You know how expensive and how much you value those leather car seats.

Now let’s see how you can erase dog scratches from your leather car seats. Is there any possible method to get rid of them without damaging the seats?

1. Leather touch-up kit.

A leather touch-up kit is one of the most effective ways to get dog scratches out of leather car seats. Touch-up kits are available in different colors, and you can purchase the exact color your leather car seats are.

It comes with full instructions and reads well so that you will easily get dog scratches out of car seats. Remember to follow the instructions correctly.

2. Heat of the hand.

You can use your hand to erase dog scratches from your leather car seats if only the scratches are not severe. The heat of the hand is exactly just what it means.

First, rub the place of scratch, and as a result, it creates heat and a little pressure on the place. Then massage the place of the blemish in a circular motion until the scratch disappears.

From time to time, when you or someone sits on these seats, the scratch gets massaged, and you can get rid of them.

3. Heat source.

One of the best household heat sources is your hair dryer, and yes, you can get rid of dog scratches in your leather car seats by using it. During this procedure, the heat activates the oils, waxing in leather and massaging it naturally.

Remember to keep a distance of 6 to 12 inches between the dryer and the car seat to not to cause any damage to the seats.

You can have the best results if you use your hand to massage along with the dryer.

4. Conditioner creams.

You can use conditioner creams like 33 creams to get rid of dog scratches on your leather seats.

Take a clean sponge, dip it in water, and wring it completely dry before applying the cream. Then use some of the creams and gently apply them to the scratch.

Then wipe the excess from a clean cloth and finally dry the place of scratch using a hair dryer.

5. Smooth sandpapers.

Though it seems awkward, you can get rid of dog scratches on your leather car seats using smooth sandpaper. Take smooth sandpaper and slowly rub it off on the place where the scratch is.

Be very careful when following this method as it can cause damage to the seats if not followed correctly.

So, when following all the above methods, you should be very careful, and if you are not sure about doing it alone, it is better to ask for a hand.

How to keep your dog from scratching on leather car seats?

Now you have come to the best part of the issue of your dog scratching your leather car seats for nothing. Well, how to keep your nasty doggy away from scratching leather car seats is one of the real struggles.

Your doggy is the easiest way if you want to make your car a complete mess. Their nails play a significant role in making scratches on your leather car seats which you have newly arranged. They are capable of puncturing and tearing hearts.

So, no worries, there are tips and tricks with a full guide to keeping your doggy friend away from scratching your leather car seats. We’ll get to know them one by one.

1. Car seat covers.

One of the best ways to protect your leather car seats from your doggy is using car seat covers.

Since there are numerous car seats in different colors, you can purchase a high-quality set of car seats, which would be the easiest way.

You do not have to worry about the doggy’s comfort since there are cheat covers composed of extra quilted padding. Many covers are machine washable, and seat anchors, non-slip backing, and strong straps keep your leather car seats clean.

Then your leather car seats will be protected not only from the claws of your doggy but also from dirt, accidents, and water.

2. Remove parasites.

If your doggy is used to scratching wherever he lays, including car seats, due to parasites on his skin, remove them as soon as possible.

There are plenty of tick and flea-removing products, but it is better to consult the vet before choosing one. Make sure not to let the ticks and fleas grow again on your dog’s skin. Then he will stop scratching, and your car seats will also be protected.

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3. Treat allergies.

Treating your doggy’s allergy conditions will help keep him away from scratching. But, before you should identify whether it is the exact reason for him to scratch your leather car seats.

If an allergy condition is a reason for him to scratch, he is not scratching your leather car seats by purpose. It is all an accident. So do not be hard on your doggy.

4. Medications.

You can consult the vet and make him aware of the condition of your doggy, and the vet will treat the underlying problems of your little pup.

Then if that was the problem with your dog, eventually, you will realize that he is not scratching your leather car seats now. Do not blame your doggy for such bad behaviors if he struggles with a mental problem like anxiety or stress.

Let him go easy with medications, and you can keep him away from your vehicle.

5. Train good behavior.

Training him to behave well is one of the best and most long-lasting methods to protect your leather car seats from your doggy.

Behavioral training is very important in developing good manners for your doggy. If you plan to take him everywhere you travel, you should train your doggy friend to stay calm without scratching and destroying your car seats. 

6. Grooming nails.

You can trim, and we’ll groom the nails of your dog buddy if you are often taking him in your car. Be careful when trimming their nails as it can also damage the fur coat or skin.

Not only nails but their hair also should be groomed well.

Besides the ways mentioned above, you can just cover your leather car seats with a piece of cloth. But trust me, it won’t work as your doggy knows the clothes can be thrown away.

So try an authentic method to keep your doggy from scratching your leather car seats. You should remember that blaming or punishing them is not the solution.

Therefore, before coming to conclusions, you should identify why your doggy friend scratched your leather car seats. Sometimes, it is really because of an anxious condition or a severe problem than you think.

So, always be kind when attending to your doggy’s problems and try your best to treat the disease or find a better solution for that particular problem more pragmatically.

By the way here is what to do if your dog’s nails are sharp.

Things to be aware of.

Choose comfortable seat covers which do not cause any allergies or uncomfortable issues to your doggy.

Be careful and ask for vet advice when selecting ticks and flea products.

Use as much as professional grooming tools.

Get advice or consultation from a trainer if you can’t train your doggy all alone.

Do not force them or punish them.

Be patient with their behaviors and take them to the correct track of behavior in a recommended way.


As you know, there can be several reasons a dog can scratch leather car seats. Some are doing it intentionally, and some are not. Therefore, you should be very kind and attentive when catering to this issue. Try your best to protect your leather car seats while not harming your doggy, even from a single word.

Cheers till next time!

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