Rottweiler Breeders in California | List of 7 Local Breeders

California hosts a diverse array of Rottweiler breeders who play a crucial role in shaping the breed’s presence in the region. These dedicated breeders are committed to producing Rottweilers that exemplify the breed’s strength, loyalty, and intelligence characteristics. With a focus on health, temperament, and conformation, Rottweiler breeders in California contribute to the availability of well-socialized and high-quality companions for families, enthusiasts, and those seeking the unique traits this remarkable breed has to offer.

List of Rottweiler Breeders in California

Von Ruelmann RottweilersRiverside, California(951) 780-7922[email protected]
Marlo’s RottweilersSacramento, California415-609-2874[email protected]
Vom Hognadottir RottweilersPilot Hill, California(916) 933-3861[email protected]
Scotty’s California RottweilersOroville, California(844) 687-6887[email protected]
Vom Aztlan RottweilersWhittier, California(562) 577-4447[email protected]
Vom HochKlasse RottweilersMoreno Valley, California951-452-5050[email protected]
Von Der Hause Roush Rottweilers (909) 653-1599[email protected]

Von Ruelmann Rottweilers

Von Ruelmann Rottweilers

Von Ruelmann Rottweilers boasts the world’s finest Rottweilers, earning the highest Seiger class rating at the ADRK Klub Seiger competition, a distinction unmatched by any American kennel. Their journey began in 1980, spanning over three decades of breeding excellence, cementing their reputation as a premier California Rottweiler breeder.

Their breeding program offers purebred AKC Rottweiler offspring from top-tier global breeding stock, utilizing century-old, proven techniques. Their male and female Rottweilers are in impeccable physical condition and health, with detailed lineage and health information accessible on their website for potential puppy owners.

The average OFA score for their California Rottweilers’ health, structure, and temperament stands at an impressive 9 out of 10, virtually ensuring the health of your future Rottweiler puppy.

Acquiring a Rottweiler puppy from them is straightforward. Start by inquiring about current or upcoming litter through a phone call. While they do update their website with this information, availability may change due to high demand.

Once you’ve chosen a puppy, a nonrefundable $1,000 deposit is required. If circumstances change, the deposit is transferable with flexibility. The breeder cares for the puppies until they reach eight weeks of age, allowing you to collect them in person or have them shipped to your location.

For out-of-state buyers, the breeder collaborates with United Airlines and Delta to guarantee secure delivery of your Rottweiler puppy anywhere within the United States. For pricing details, please get in touch with the breeder directly.

Location: Riverside, California
Website: Von Ruelmann Rottweilers
Phone: (951) 780-7922
Email: [email protected]

Marlo’s Rottweilers

Marlene Keene, formerly President and Education Coordinator of the Associated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California, is the proprietor of Marlo’s Rottweilers. Since 1976, she has excelled as a breeder, amassing over 100 American and Canadian Rottweiler championships. A pioneer among California’s Rottweiler breeders, Marlene Keene’s legacy is illustrious.

Her meticulous breeding program aligns with the AKC standard for Rottweiler purebreds, persistently enhancing her breeding methods. The crux of her program lies in fostering a robust breed with a sound temperament. On her website, comprehensive health records of her male and female Rottweilers are accessible, a testament to her transparency.

Marlene’s measure of triumph lies in uniting suitable Rottweiler progeny with fitting families. She nurtures her Rottweiler pups in her Sacramento, California abode, acquainting them with diverse sounds and settings.

To procure a Rottweiler pup from her Californian quarters, kindly liaise with the breeder for an application. The website’s litters section showcases current and upcoming breedings. Present pricing details are unavailable; direct communication with the breeder is recommended. Furthermore, shipping alternatives are available if you’re not a California resident.

Location: Sacramento, California
Website: Marlo’s Rottweilers
Phone: (415) 609-2874
Email: [email protected]

Vom Hognadottir Rottweilers

Vom Hognadottir Rottweilers

Vom Hognadottir specializes in breeding top-tier Rottweilers and German Shepherds, emphasizing solid structure, heightened intelligence, and unwavering temperaments. Betty Burden, a seasoned breeder of over three decades, leads the operations at Vom Hognadottir.

Her male canines boast lineage exclusively tracing back to ADRK champion ancestry, showcasing exceptional health and outstanding temperaments. The female Rottweilers she breeds are also selected for their robustness, substantial frames, and resilience.

Detailed information about ongoing and forthcoming Rottweiler litters is available on her website. If considering a purchase from this California-based Rottweiler breeder, we advise validating details directly with the breeder and establishing contact.

The process commences with the breeder furnishing you with a puppy application. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing particulars, the breeder remains the primary source of information.

Location: Pilot Hill, California
Website: Vom Hognadottir Rottweilers
Phone: (916) 933-3861
Email: [email protected]

Scotty’s California Rottweilers

Scotty’s California Rottweilers

Scotty’s California Rottweilers is a conscientious and ethical AKC Rottweiler puppy breeder, rooted in champion bloodlines and enriched by European and German genetics. They prioritize nurturing show-quality Rottweilers with sound genetics, solid structure, excellent temperaments, validated pedigrees, and heightened intelligence. Health data for every dog and past offspring are accessible on their website.

To ensure their female Rottweilers’ well-being, the breeder limits annual litters. A refundable deposit of $361 is requisite to secure a Rottweiler puppy in California.

These sought-after Rottweiler puppies from this breeder are priced at $2500. Each puppy includes restricted non-breeding rights and a two-year replacement guarantee. At eight weeks old, the puppy is microchipped, declawed, vaccinated, and has its tail docked before joining your household.

Facilitating convenience, the breeder extends shipping options contingent on your location. For supplementary details, kindly reach out to them.

Location: Oroville, California
Website: Scotty’s California Rottweilers
Phone: (844) 687-6887
Email: [email protected]

Vom Aztlan Rottweilers

Elevating standards at Vom Aztlan Rottweilers transcends mere words – it’s a breeding philosophy. Vom Aztlan is dedicated to cultivating robust Rottweiler progeny for present and future generations, exceeding established purebred benchmarks. Their breeding initiative consistently elevates and surpasses the quintessential Rottweiler ideals.

Beyond their exceptional health, this breeder’s canines embody elegance and aesthetics. Moreover, their mature Rottweilers hold German titles and undergo comprehensive training. The dogs boast Schutzhund and Ztp/BST accolades, pivotal for the formative stages of a young Rottweiler. While many of their females are bred in Germany, their Whittier, California location witnesses the birth of these litters.

Upcoming Rottweiler litters are meticulously updated on their website, with health documentation and parental lineages. Embodying a genuinely transparent approach, they welcome your inquiries with open arms. We recommend engaging directly with the breeder for pricing and shipping policies concerning their Rottweilers.

Location: Whittier, California
Website: Von Aztlan Rottweilers
Phone: (562) 577-4447
Email: [email protected]

Vom HochKlasse Rottweilers

Vom HochKlasse Rottweilers

Vom HochKlasse has meticulously constructed an esteemed standing over the last twenty years by producing premium Rottweilers characterized by their robust square skulls and broad, compact muzzles. Vom HochKlasse meticulously selects and pairs elite Rottweiler studs from around the globe with their carefully chosen females. Alongside their exceptional genetic health, their female Rottweilers exude fortitude and allure.

Every Rottweiler in their care boasts a multi-generational lineage devoid of genetic anomalies or hip dysplasia. Whether intended for companionship, exhibition, breeding, or work, their litters mirror the breeder’s unparalleled expertise. Their website makes comprehensive health records for each canine and documentation of past litters accessible.

This breeder offers only a limited number of Rottweiler puppy litters for sale in California annually, typically reserved months in advance. To secure a spot, a nonrefundable deposit of $500 is required. Companionship Rottweilers are priced between $2,800 and $3,500, while show or breeding quality Rottweilers range from $3,000 to $4,000.

Location: Moreno Valley, California
Website: Vom HochKlasse
Phone: (951) 452-5050
Email: [email protected]

Von Der Hause Roush Rottweilers

Von Der Hause Roush Rottweilers

Operating from the picturesque Yucaipa, California, this breeder has nurtured puppies within her home for over a decade. Jessica Carlisle, the ranch owner, believes crafting an exceptional Rottweiler puppy commences with genuine affection. All stallions and mares find their abode on her property, mingling with her children and other pets. They are routinely introduced to domestic routines and even partake in family pool activities, acclimating to a bustling and lively household before joining their new families.

The well-socialized nature of Von Der Hause puppies positions them as exceptional candidates for service dog roles. Whether in pursuit of a show dog or a loyal companion, this breeder guarantees the health and the composed temperament of each dog. AKC certification authenticates all lineages, with a two-year warranty covering hips and elbows. Every puppy undergoes a temperament assessment, ensuring a fitting match with their ideal family.

Online review platforms are awash with endorsements of these affectionate and protective dogs towards their families. The prevailing consensus asserts that Von Der Hause Roush Rottweilers merits consideration for those seeking gentle and devoted guardians.

Location: California
Website: Von Der Hause Roush Rottweilers
Phone: (909) 653-1599
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Rottweiler Breed

A German native, the Rottweiler, has a long history as an adaptable working breed. Its roots date from the Roman days when its ancestors helped herd and guard cattle. Through centuries of development, the Rottweilers became efficient cattle drovers. It was also used as police and military dogs throughout the 19th century.

Their strength, loyalty, and protection attributes won favor with people, thus resulting in formal breeding recognition in late Victorian times. In modern days, Rottweilers are prized for their fidelity and being accomplished in therapy business, search-and-rescue activities, or competitive dog sports, to name a few roles filled by this noble’s ancient herder transformed into today’s companion par excellence.

Cute Rottweiler Dog in California

Do Rottweiler make good pets?

Rottweilers can be great pets when raised and trained with care. They are loyal, affectionate family members known for their protective instincts; however, this breed’s strength and assertive nature command responsible ownership.

Early socialization, obedience training, and ample exercise are essential to training these animals properly so that they are well-behaved companions who adjust well in any environment. With a good owner providing direction and consistency, Rottweilers can make gentle, obedient, loving pets. They may not be ideal for inexperienced or passive owners because of how powerful an animal they can be and their potential guarding tendencies.

Additional Rottweiler Breeders

NevadaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth Carolina
Northern CaliforniaOhioOregonPennsylvania
South CarolinaSouthern CaliforniaTennesseeTexas
US based breeders


Rottweiler breeders in California play a crucial custodial role, maintaining the heritage of this fascinating breed while fostering responsible pet ownership. Their ongoing commitment to healthy, well-tempered, and genetically sound Rottweilers ensures that the legacy of this incredible dog and its future is bright.

In their efforts to build practical foundations for lifelong solid relationships between humans and these faithful canines in California, potential owners will do well to find knowledgeable partners among reputable breeders.

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