If The Dog Pees In House After Daycare [5 Reasons + 5 Tips]

If The Dog Pees In House After Daycare

Are you curious about the issues your dog displays in the home after daycare, such as peeing, having accidents, or being overly excited? If so, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this behavior and provide helpful solutions.

A dog may pee in the house after daycare due to separation anxiety, nervousness, confusion about the situation, nature, or generalization. To prevent this behavior, you can limit boarding time, try to keep your dog at home, provide training, consult with a vet, or hire a dog behaviorist.

It’s understandable that you want to learn more about this behavior, as it can be concerning and frustrating. Sometimes, your dog may be in distress and need your help. By understanding the root cause of this behavior and taking appropriate action, you can help your furry friend feel more comfortable and secure.

Reasons Why Dogs Pee in the House After Daycare

Generally, I’m engaged with my office work and usually, I have to go out. At that time, my dog has to stay at home alone.

So I decided to take him to daycare and keep him until I came back. As soon as my puppy came home again, he got used to peeing in the house every day.

So he had good behavior earlier and seems to have changed now.  I examined this issue and found some reasons. Let’s see what they are…

1. Separation anxiety

Daycare is not like the house dogs typically live in. So, there is a really huge gap between the dog’s native house and daycare.

They cannot adapt to a sudden difference. So the separation anxiety can happen easily. And the owner has no alternative because we cannot keep our dogs alone at home.

Sometimes it might be hazardous. At a time like that, daycare is very satisfying.  However, separation anxiety can be a cause of pee in your dog in the house after daycare.

2. Nervousness

It’s a well-known fact that dogs are very active, playful, energetic, and comfortable when they are at home. The home is a paradise of freedom and peace.

So as soon as they arrive home from the daycare, dogs feel a very comfortable mood because of the familiar atmosphere. So automatically, it will happen while he/she is in their comfort zone.

3. If they cannot understand the situation

Some dogs are not mature enough to understand the situation. They can’t survive without their master’s command.

So these dogs can pee in the house after daycares because they are not able to understand whether they should pee in the house or not.

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4. Nature

Dogs are dogs. They do whatever they want. Peeing in the house will become a dog’s hobby if you do not try to stop him/her.

They have carried this ability since their birth. Actually, this is their nature.

This is a very normal ailment if your dog hasn’t any medical condition.

5. Generalisation

Considering all the above facts, now you know generalization is kinda difficult for a dog. Especially at daycare, your dog can keep company with other dogs.

There is a different atmosphere at a daycare. Your dog has to adapt to a new environment when you take back your dog home.

So overall, this fact becomes a major reason for peeing your dog in the house after daycare.

What to do if the dog has accidents at home after daycare?

This thing happens because of activeness, separation anxiety, high energy, etc… When your dog stays at the daycare center he/she has enough time to play, enough friends to play with, and also no commitments and barriers.

As a result, your dog might become stubborn. So as soon as they arrive home, they might meet with a kinda accident. Anyhow it is not acceptable.

So what can we do if our pooch has accidents at home after daycare? At first, you can limit or cut down the time your dog is in a daycare center.

And then try to keep the dog at home, train your dog, hire a dog behaviorist, and meet your vet.

1. Limit the time your dog stay in the dog care centre

If you are a full-time outside worker, you have to keep your dog at the dog care center until you come back. Most probably, your dog has to stay at the dog care center the entire day.

Therefore he/she gets used to adapting to the dog care center rather than the home. That’s why your dog has an accident at home after the daycare center because the house becomes an uncomfortable place.

If you can limit the time your dog stays at the dog care center, this problem might decrease.

2. Try to keep your dog at home

If you have facilities to keep your pooch at home when you are not at home, it will be a vital solution.

Because of that, your dog will live in a home atmosphere. Your dog will adjust to the atmosphere. Be careful whether your dog has good security or not.

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3. Train your dog

How can you train your dog for this issue? Take your dog to get boarding training programs and also daycare programs.

There, your dog will be able to learn how to manage their mental and physical condition after they come back home.

4. Hire a dog behaviourist

Why should you hire a dog behaviorist? Because they know your dog’s mentality and how to control it.

They know how to maintain your dog if they have accidents at home after the daycare center.

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5. Meet your vet

As a good doggy owner visiting the vet is an excellent habit. If you can meet him/her at least once a week, it will be beneficial to your innocent pooch.

You can ask help from your vet to solve this issue, and their advice will decipher your dilemma.

Should you stop boarding your dog due to this issue?

It depends. I can’t say that you don’t have any risk when you stop your dog from boarding. You will have to face both pros and cons if you stop boarding your dog due to these issues.

Like I said before, it always depends on the situation you are having. Your dog will learn a lot of new experiences at the dog care center.

And he/she will be able to keep companionship with other dogs, and it will help to build up your dog’s mental and physical stimulation.

On the other hand, bad things will happen too. Such as mental fall down (when they miss their owner and home), physical issues (another dog can attack, and they are not comfortable with their new home), it will increase stress, depression, separation anxiety, etc.

Under these circumstances, my answer is IT DEPENDS.

Every dark cloud has a silver line. So I have attached some solutions for you in the next point. Keep reading.

What are the alternative solutions instead of boarding your dog?

Regarding the above issues, you might doubt whether you keep your dog at a dog care center or not. That is a very favorable suspicion.

At a time like that, what we can do. Everyone tries to find solutions instead of boarding their dog. So lemme explain some reasonable outcomes for the above issue.

Instead of keeping your dog at boarding, you can do these things.

You will be able to hire someone to take care of your dog or ask your friends or relatives, activate the home boarding system, or else you can take your lovely dog with you, and finally, it is easier to appoint someone to check-in.

1. Hire someone

This is a straightforward and productive fact. So many people are willing to take care of your dogs when you are not at home.

They do it as a job. So what you have to do is call a person like that and ask him/her to stay with your dog until you come back.

When you hire someone, keep an eye on his/her behavior.  He or she must be very good at being with dogs and being kind. Find a person like that who is willing to do anything for your dog.

2. Ask from your close friends or relatives

This fact is very trustworthy because your dog also might be comfortable with your friends and relatives.

At a time like that, keeping your dog with them is very protective and healthy.

3. In-home boarding

What is this system? Do you have any idea about this procedure? Lemme explain. The border treats your dog as one of their family members during the home boarding system.

They provide everything for your pooch, and they keep your pooch in their home. How cool this tip is.

To find the professional one, in that case, some borders have licenses from their regional authority. So they are very responsible and trustworthy too.

4. Take your pet with you

It’s better if you can take your dog with you. Why I am telling you is that your dog is only safe under your control.

You are the man who knows everything about your dog. So if you can keep your dog under your eye, it will be very satisfying for you.

Not only your but also your dog too.

5. Appoint someone to check-in

In short, you can appoint your neighbors to check on your dog. Keep this in mind, the neighbors should be kind to your dog.

Don’t let them do these things if they are not good at being with your dog. Basically, ask them to change foods, potty trays, water bowls, etc.

This can happen if you are not at home for a short period. So think about your dog’s safety too.

Things to be aware of.

If you’re going to board your dog, considering the below things are vital.

1. Fix your dog’s mental issues

Most of the dogs are very afraid of staying at boarding with an unknown person. So before you are leaving, you have to console your dog and confirm he/she is mentally strong enough.

2. Bring some important things

When you are gonna board your dog at a trustworthy place, you should carry your dog’s favorite things such as blankets, toys, beds, etc.

It will help your dog to adapt to the situation, and it will become more comfortable.

3. Feeding system

You have to check the feeding system they provide there. The most important thing is providing your dog’s current meals.

Because your lovely pooch has got used to eating it. If the people who keep the boarding place can provide your dog’s current meal, it will be very favorable.

4. How big the dog area

When you choose a place to board your dog, the area is critical. Because there are so many dogs there. 

So everyone should have enough space to play, exercise, keep destruction, etc. Unless it will become a mess.

5. Think about the people who take care of your dog

You need to examine the people who take care of your dog because they should be able to provide healthy meals, exercise, training, etc.

When sudden things happen, they must be very quick, and they have to have good knowledge about medicine, and potty training.

They should be well trained.

6. What kinda dog is in here

Wow, how could you forget that? You know what, if you have an idea about boarding your dog at a dog care center, you should consider other dogs there.

Because not every dog breed is amiable.

There are some breeds such as German Shepherd, Rottweiler; they cannot keep companionship with innocent breeds such as Golden Retriever, Labrador, Pomeranian, etc.

Keep an eye on it before your dog gets in trouble.

7. Available facilities

As the owner, only you know the facilities your dog needs. Before choosing a boarding place for your dog, check whether they provide enough facilities or not.

Such as foods your dog eats typically, the activities they do with dogs, exercise, health care,, and cleaning.


There are some occasions when we have to keep the dog at a daycare center. So in this article, I have clarified some problems you face when your dog stays at daycare. Such as peeing, meeting with an accident, etc… It really affects when he/she comes back to the home again. So I hope you get an excellent understanding of these issues.

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