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 small Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Want Love, without
the Floating Hair?

Non shedding dog breeds, or more accurately, 'low shedding dogs' are perfect people that have better things to do with their time than vacuum pet hairs off carpet and upholstery. This page is about smaller breeds. If you are interested in bigger dogs, have a look at Large non-shedding Dogs here.

non shedding dog breeds

Need I mention dog hair on your best outfit? It always shows up! 

These breeds can also be good for those of you with allergies.

However, most dog allergies are caused by the dander and not the shed hair. 

READ ON to discover 29 non-shedding dog breeds!

Dander vs. Dog Hair

Dander consists of the dead skin cells that fall off the pet and accumulate in the air and settle on surfaces that the dog touches.

These dead cells are produced by all dogs, but some breeds, especially those that do not shed as profusely will create less dander making them a decent choice for allergy sufferers.

Less shedding also means that less hair can intermingle with dust, making the home seem cleaner.

Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, a dog that doesn’t shed is going to create less mess.  The only caveat is that those that don’t shed will still lose some hairs. This loose hair ends up getting tangled in the dog's coat if not brushed frequently. 

Characteristics of Low Shedding Dogs

While not all low shedding or non shedding dog breeds have long coats, many of them do, so what time you save slaving over vacuum duties and lint removal from clothes, you’ll make up for it with brushing. 

Some low shedding / non shedding dog breeds have wire coats--these are those thick, harsh hairs, often waterproof that you see on many of the terrier breeds.

Still other low shedders have little or no hair at all. 

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a completely non shedding dog, but the list below includes all those breeds that are low shedders. 

They are listed in alphabetical order. 

Small Non Shedding Dog Breeds


That scruffy look is part of his charm, but the Affenpinscher still needs brushing and professional grooming about every three months. 

They are inquisitive, affectionate and playful and are very loyal and protective towards other family members. They can be a little territorial when it comes to their food or toys, so they are not advised for families with very small children.

non shedding dog breeds

American Hairless Terrier

This small to medium size breed is hairless, and is great for those with allergies to dog hair and dander. Grooming is a breeze.

They are friendly and confident, and get on well with everyone including other dogs. Intelligent and smart, they are easy to train, and enjoy learning new commands.

Australian Silky Terrier

This energetic breed has a harsh double coat and needs brushing at least 2 to 3 times a week. To keep them in a show coat condition, they will need monthly trimming and stripping.


The Barbet dog is a very low shedding breed, despite the shaggy coat. This needs daily brushing to prevent tangling and matting, but this can be reduced by trimming the coat to 3-5 inches.

This is a dog that loves being in a family, and is good with children. They are friendly and accepting of strangers, and get on well with other dogs too. They love playing games involving chasing a ball or a frisbee, and are excellent swimmers.


Here’s an easy low shedding dog – brush once a week and let the Basenji do the rest:  Many say they’re more like a cat grooming themselves than a dog.

This is a very curious and alert breed of dog, but they have the tendency to be reserved when it comes to strangers. Make sure you properly train and socialize your Basenji at a young age so they are not spooked or intimidated by strangers when they are an adult.

non shedding dog breeds

Bedlington Terrier

To keep the Bedlington looking like a lamb, a daily brushing is needed and professional grooming is required at least every couple of months.

The Bedlington Terrier enjoys being part of a household and absolutely adores being the centre of attention. Although loyal and loving to all, he tends to choose one member of the family to bond closest with, and may well spend all his time following them around like Mary's little lamb in the nursery rhyme!

non shedding dog breeds

Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Bichon Frise

These silky, fine, fluffy coats will challenge your grooming skills. Plan on brushing a Bichon Frise daily and having a professional groomer trim every couple of months.

These dogs love to be near their owners, making for a constant, fluffy companion. However, when they are left by themselves, Bichons tend to get into some trouble.

non shedding dog breeds

Biewer Terrier

non shedding dog breedsBiewer Terrier

They look like Yorkshire Terriers with a twist--they have unique colors, however, they are a distinct breed.  Their long silky hair requires the same amount of care as the Yorkie and may need professional grooming if a puppy cut is desired.

Border Terrier

Weekly brushing with these dogs and a twice-year professional stripping will be necessary to keep them looking their best. The dense undercoat of the Border Terrier keeps them warm and their harsh outer coat keeps them dry, but without the maintenance, their warm raincoat might not work.

The Border terrier is often described as independent, courageous, persistent, agile and intelligent. They are friendly dogs and will greet every visitor by jumping up on them to lick and welcome them into the house.

non shedding dog breeds

Brussels Griffon

These dogs come in two different varieties, smooth and rough and both coat types are easy to maintain and shedding is not much of a problem.  A quick comb out once a week may be all that is necessary for non-show coats. Brussels Griffon dogs that are shown need more work.

Brussels Griffons must have human company. They absolutely crave it and will become depressed and withdrawn if denied. They tend to bond extremely closely with one person in the family so may not be the best choice if you are looking for a dog who will love everyone equally.

non shedding dog breeds

Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Cairn Terrier

Harsh and Shaggy, these dogs require twice a week brushing or combing and a twice yearly professional grooming that includes stripping.

Chinese Crested

The Powderpuff variety of Chinese Crested needs brushing, but the Hairless needs more skin care than hair care. Both shed very little.

They make for lively company, but also like relaxing around their owners. They’re almost always up for playing, making them fun, interactive pets. This breed loves to be around people, whether it’s a vigorous game of fetch or just watching TV.

non shedding dog breeds

Coton de Tulear

With the texture of cotton, these dogs don’t shed much but a daily brushing might be needed to prevent mats and tangles. Professional grooming is recommended because like their cousins the  Maltese, Bolognese, and Bichon, hair continues to grow.


These dogs could have one of three different coat types:  smooth (little grooming required) long (brushing needed) and wire (twice yearly stripping). All varieties of Dachshund are low shedding.

Despite their tiny size, these dogs are brave, alert and playful little companions  They are great watchdogs but also great  for getting cuddles and having fun with.

non shedding dog breeds

Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

These dogs will need regular brushing to prevent matting, and occasional professional grooming to hand strip the coat. They have a rough coat with a silky topknot giving them a unique appearance. Originally from Scotland, they are moderately easy to train.


non shedding dog breedsHavanese

These dogs have thick wavy or curly coats that will mat if not brushed. Brushing two to four times a week is recommended for the Havanese, and professional grooming is also an option. 

Affectionate, charming and energetic, these playful dogs act like ambassadors to the world, bring fun and entertainment to everyone they meet. They know no strangers – friends to all, lovers of children, strangers, dogs and any other type of pet, they make the best family dog for those who prefer small breed dogs. 

non shedding dog breeds

Italian Greyhound

Short, soft and glossy describes the coats of these dogs. Very little grooming is required and they shed little too!

Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue has a soft wavy coat that is one layer. There is no undercoat. They do not shed their coat, but the hair grows continuously, and should be trimmed every 6 weeks. The lack of hair shedding makes them good for people with allergies.

Lakeland Terrier

non shedding dog breedsLakeland Terrier

Short and wiry, these dogs need to be brushed about three times a week and professionally groomed as needed to either clip or strip the coat.

Lhasa Apso

Here is a breed whose hair will grow to the floor if you let it.  They have a straight, thick coat that needs almost daily brushing. Most pet owners will keep the Lhasa in a short puppy clip which cuts down on the amount of time needed.

Non Shedding Dog Breeds


These very low shedders need daily or every other day brushing to prevent mats from forming. Their fine silky hair has a single layer and will mat quickly if not brushed and combed. Many pet owners prefer a puppy cut to the long hair that you would see in the show dog.

Miniature Schnauzer

non shedding dog breedsMiniature Schnauzer

They have a harsh, wiry coat that needs brushing three times a week and professional grooming is recommended to keep them looking neat. You can't classify the miniature schnauzer as a non shedding dog breed, but they come really close!

non shedding dog breeds

Scottish Terrier

Like other terriers, these dogs have a harsh, wiry, weatherproof coat that requires brushing at least 3 times a week. Professional grooming is also recommended.

Shih Tzu

non shedding dog breeds

These dogs will continue to grow their coat throughout their lifetime and show dog coats usually reach the floor by about two years of age or sooner.

They need daily brushing and professional clipping. Most pet owners prefer to keep their Shih Tzu in a puppy coat to make grooming easier.

non shedding dog breeds

Toy Manchester Terrier

These dogs are easy to maintain and tend to keep themselves clean. There is a low seasonal shed, but you won’t see much hair in the house if you own one of these dogs.

non shedding dog breeds

Non Shedding Dog Breeds

Toy Poodle

non shedding dog breedsToy Poodle

All sizes of the Poodle have a thick, curly coat that needs daily attention.  Most pet owners opt for a short clip that is easy to maintain.  There is virtually no shedding on these dogs if they are brushed daily.

Welsh Terrier

A good brushing once or twice a week is needed to keep this wiry, short coat tangle free. The Welsh Terrier benefit from professional grooming and show dogs must be stripped about three times a year.

non shedding dog breeds

West Highland White Terrier

non shedding dog breedsWest Highland White Terrier

There isn’t much loose hair associated with these dogs if groomed properly. They should be brushed twice a week and professional grooming is recommended. Most "Westie" owners will opt for a clipped look, but show dogs need to be stripped.

non shedding dog breeds


The Whippet has a very short, fine coat that does not shed. Also, they do not develop a 'doggy' smell, and are great for apartment living due to their size, and quiet and calm nature.

Wire Fox Terrier

non shedding dog breedsWire Fox Terrier

Just as the name implies, these dogs have wiry (terrier type) hair. Brushing, clipping or stripping is needed to keep them looking good, but they are minimal shedders which is also good.

(Mexican Hairless)

non shedding dog breeds

There is the hairless variety that requires no brushing and a coated version needs brushing. No professional grooming is needed. There are 3 sizes of Xoloitzcuitli - Toy, Miniature and Standard.

Yorkshire Terrier

non shedding dog breedsYorkshire Terrier

Daily brushing and combing is necessary with these dogs who have long silky straight hair. Professional grooming for the Yorkshire Terrier is recommended and a puppy clip will reduce the amount of time required to brush and comb. 

non shedding dog breeds

We hope you enjoyed our guide to small non shedding dog breeds!

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