Are Vibrating Collars Good For Recall Training? [Full Guide]

Are Vibrating Collars Good For Recall Training

Recalling your dog can be a challenging aspect of dog parenthood. As a result, some pet owners turn to vibration collars for recall training. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making this decision.

In short, vibration collars can be effective for recall training when used appropriately. However, the effectiveness may be influenced by factors such as breed, age, health status, and gender. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the potential drawbacks of vibrating collars, such as instilling fear, damaging the coat, and causing skin problems.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of vibration collars, it’s important to explore the topic in greater detail. This includes examining the potential cruelty of these collars and evaluating their benefits and drawbacks.

Do vibration collars work for recall?

If you are doomed with the question, do vibrating collar work in the procedure of recalling? Yes it does. But, as a dog owner, you should consider several facts before using a vibrating collar for your doggy.

Because its effectiveness might depend on the breed of your doggy, the age, and the mental condition of them.

That’s why you gotta be very careful when making the decision to use a vibrating collar for your doggy.

Well, sometimes, a vibrating collar might not work with some of the dogs, especially when they are not trained well.

But, remember vibrating collar is not the only option remaining to train recall to your dog. No matter how well it works like a collar, if it is uncomfortable and brings pain to your dog, you should not hit that option.

Is a vibrating collar cruel?

The very word ‘collar’ might automatically cause you to have the notion of cruelty for obvious.

Different types of collars have indeed been used for ages to tame and practice animals, targeting various purposes.

Thus, you may be doubting that using a collar for your dog for the purpose of recalling might end up as a cruel act.

Despite the ease it brings us, using any collar with your doggy cannot be interpreted as completely a good idea.

But, there are instances where you are out of options. In such cases, you have to accept the decision of using a collar to recall your doggy without going for shock collars which bring pain to your pooch.

This is an ultra-sensitive fact to be considered which requires good thinking as dogs are our family rather than just a four-legged animal.

So, if you are going with the decision of using a vibrating collar, you should remember that it does not result positively with each and every doggy fellow.

Most commonly, it is because of the fear they show towards the collar. Then obviously, your decision will turn into a cruel action if your dog deadly refuses to use the collar.

And also, you should never use a vibrating collar to punish your pooch and especially not with ones who have hearing disorders, as a punishment.

It is said that, comparatively, vibrating collars do not cause any pain or shock to your doggy, but the little vibration itself can frighten him or her badly.

So, all you must do is just try a vibration collar if you are done with other options. But, remember it should NOT be done forcefully or with pressure.

Even though the vet’s decision is that vibrating collars does not cause any pain to your dog, personally, I don’t agree with using any collar with any animal since there are other recalling options and strategies which will result in positive reinforcement.

Most commonly, using a vibrating collar or any type of collar might leave a mark of fear in your dog’s mind whenever they go out or walk around the house.

Dogs are not to be robotized, not even hunting dogs, no matter how much of ease it brings us.

What are the pros of using vibration collars for recalling?

As mentioned above, if you end with all the other options and you think that the only option is using a vibrating collar, you can go for it.

But, it would help if you remembered to make your doggy accustomed to it gradually and especially NOT forcefully.

Well, when considering using a vibrating collar to your dog in the procedure of recalling, despite the possible problems it might cause to your dog, there are several pros of using it.

Basically, these pros are advantageous from your side if you are a person in a rat race from morning till the end of the day.

1 . For deaf dogs

Vibrating collars can be used as an effective method of communication if your little pooch has disorders with hearing or if she or he is completely deaf.

So, in such situations, a vibrating collar is more beneficial not only just to recall them but to maintain good communication between you and your doggy.

You can use the remote you are given with the vibrating collar when your doggy is out of your vision, and eventually you can train him or her with different senses of vibrations to inform them about different actions they need to do like to eat, to go out, to come with you, etc…

So, use the vibrating collar positively with your deaf pooch and do not ever use it to correct their behaviors or as a punishment since it will make your dog mentally traumatic.

2 . Quick responses

If you are willing to use a vibrating collar with your dog, one of the benefits is it makes your doggy provide quick responses rather than the rate he or she responds to your shoutings or claps.

No matter where they are (within the area where the remote control works) or how much noise is there; they can quickly come back to you as a result of using the vibrating collar.

3 . Less stress

Using a vibrating collar gives you the advantage of staying with peace of mind since you do not have to be in full attention regarding where your doggy is.

By simply pressing a button in the remote, you can inform him or her to ‘come home’ without going searching.

It is true that using a vibrating collar for the purpose of recalling your doggy will train them to behave well according to your orders.

But, he or she will probably end up being a robot and not enjoying the activities or surroundings as much as they want. So, most of the pros of using vibrating collars are for you, not for your doggy.

What are the cons of using vibration collars for recalling?

When considering the cons of using a vibrating collar with your dog, there are several facts rather than the pros mentioned above. As I mentioned earlier as well, dogs are not for robotizing, no matter how busy you are.

So, before going for the option of using a vibrating collar, it is better if you can focus more on the following cons of using it to recall your doggy.

1 . The fear

Most of the time, dogs show an immense fear towards the vibrating collar as it might be reminding them of the vibration it causes on them.

If this fear continues for a long time, your dog might not go out and show unnecessary fear towards your neighbors and objects as well.

Finally, as a result, they will refuse to have food and most favorite treats as well and end up getting sick.

Sometimes, this immense fear caused by the vibrating collar can make your doggy mentally down, and you will have to see how much they suffer from it. So be careful and think twice about using a vibrating collar.

2 . Skin problems

Using a vibrating collar for an extended period of time can sometimes cause skin problems in your doggy. Usually, around the neck and area below the neck can get irritated badly.

Those minor rashes will tend to cause wounds as well since they try to scratch them all the time.

3 . Damage the coat

There is the tendency of damaging the coat of your doggy as a result of using not only a vibrating collar but any type of collar around their neck.

It can also lead to a hair fall around their neck if you are using it for an extended period of time.

4 . Not affectionate

A dog is more family than just an animal. So, if you are using equipment such as vibrating collars in some of the procedures regarding their behavior, it will not result positively or does not compromise any affection at all.

Using a vibrating collar means there’s no sugar talk with your doggy and also no positive rewards as well. This may distract the relationship between you and your doggy and break the communication.

So, be very careful if you are using a vibrating collar for the purpose of recalling your doggy since it might have the tendency of causing more cons than pros.

What are some other alternative good recall methods?

Well, now we have come to the section of ‘other options’ you can try in training your doggy to respond when you recall him or her.

Do not think that you are out of options before giving a try to the following.

It cannot recommend you to go for the easiest step you can take regarding the procedure of recalling your dog since dogs are immeasurably sensitive creatures.

If you want to make your dog quickly respond to your call to come home or to eat or to whatever task you want him or her to do, you can try below-mentioned recall methods, and trust me, you will notice a positive change in your doggy.

All you need to do is train them well with positive reinforcement.

1 . Food and treats

Almost all the dogs love to eat their favorite treats or their favorite bowl of food no matter what the time or where they are fed.

So, training him or her to come back to you with the aid of treats and food results positively, and this works with most of the doggy fellows.

So, you can buy training treats in small sizes in which you can carry those in one of your pockets and motivate your doggy with the command of ‘come’ while showing the treat to them.

Then, reward him or her for coming back and listening to you like a good boy or girl and giving them the treat they came for.

Practice this for about two or three weeks and gradually decrease the treat supplement and let them be accustomed to it.

Remember to buy protein-free vegetable treats if your doggy has issues with calories.

2 . Whistles

Even though whistles seem like an outdated fashion of recalling dogs, it is much more effective with some of the doggy fellows.

Dog whistles are usually work in the procedure of recalling your doggy with a specific sound frequency that only you and your doggy can identify.

First, he might become confused or not notice at all. But, keep on doing the same thing until his or her ears get used to a whistle tone you make.

Then automatically, with the time, he or she will understand that the sound of the whistle is to come back home.

3 . Rewards

If the dog whistle is not your doggy’s cup of tea, try giving them rewards.

Give your doggy rewards for behaving well, coming back when you recall him or her, and doing the things you ask him or her to do.

Use words such as ‘good boy’, ‘well done, and ‘yes!’. Keep him interacting with the task you want him or her to do. 

Your rewards affect positively and affectionately in the procedure of recalling without bringing any physical or mental harm or pains.

4. Practice daily

Practicing your doggy’s recalling skills is much more important. Because there’s the tendency of dogs forgetting those methods and strategies you taught them. So, to ensure you have to keep them reminded and practice them daily.

Take your doggy to forest-like areas or less populated areas and use the method you used to recall them and see whether they can still remember it well. 

See, there are effective ‘other options’ rather than going for a vibrating collar considering only about your easiness.

By using the above methods, you can practice your doggy to respond to you quickly and come back once you recall without causing them any harm or pain.

So, try the above methods and trust me you will have good results.

Things to be aware of

Buy branded and comfortable vibrating collars, and do not consider the budget since your doggy should be able to wear them without any pain. (If you have any plans to use them in recalling your doggy.)

Be attentive to their mental status while using a vibrating collar, as they can easily get mentally down due to the ultra sensitivity.

Be careful and mindful when using treats and food as strategies to motivate them to get accustomed to the process of recalling as they might become exposed to diabetics and obesity.

Be very attentive regarding their status of health.

Be patient, and DO NOT ever force your dog with pressure to wear a vibrating collar.

Please DO NOT use the vibrating collar as a punishment or correct their behavior.


Well, it is a true fact that recalling can be a huge struggle and as well as much important as a dog parent. Since your little pooches often try to explore the world with different ranges of smells they get, and you have to practice them well to come back to you in order to keep them protected. Suppose now you have a thorough idea about using vibrating collars and other recalling methods. It is much better if you can avoid using a vibrating collar for recalling and try with the other methods since all your doggy needs from you is love and affection—happy journey with your little doggy.

Cheers until next time!