Can Great Pyrenees Live Outside? [Full Guide With 6 Facts]

great Pyrenees live outside

Many people adore Great Pyrenees dogs, so it’s understandable to have concerns about whether they can live outside. Don’t worry; let’s discuss everything in this article.

Since Great Pyrenees have been used as livestock dogs for centuries and have a thick double coat, they can tolerate cold weather and live outside with proper shelter, healthy temperatures, exercise, and a suitable diet plan. However, it’s not advisable to keep a Great Pyrenees outside all the time.

Let’s examine some essential factors to consider when keeping a Great Pyrenees dog outside.

Do the great Pyrenees prefer to be outside?

As I mentioned above, the great Pyrenees using as livestock guardians since ancient times. So these dogs were initially used in the Pyrenees Mountains to protect their flocks from wolves and bears. 

So these dogs have been doing their job for centuries before being kept as domestic pets. Because of their genes, they prefer to be outside and roaming rather than staying home. 

One reason they want to get out is that your home’s space is not enough for him. They are one of the biggest and medium-energetic breeds. So they need a lot of space to play or run as they want. 

great Pyrenees like to swim

If your Great Pyrenees likes to be outside, make a dog house. There are a lot of things you need to consider before making a dog house. Due to seasonality, you may have to make some changes to the dog house. 

The great Pyrenees prefer to stay outside, but that doesn’t mean staying for 24 hours. These dogs used as livestock dogs since ancient times. They have a double coat. The outer coat is coarse, long, slightly wavy, or straight while the undercoat is soft and thick. So they can bear up the cold very easily. If you can arrange a place inside the house, it’s a good sign of humanity.

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Furthermore, if you own a Great Pyrenees dog, it’s advisable to make at least 6 feet height fence to your garden. Because they are escape artists as well as enjoy by roaming.

Although they prefer to be outside, it can be difficult for them during the winter. It’s better to arrange a place inside your house in addition to the dog house. So he can stay there during the winter. But if your home is small and there is no space for the dog, you can adequately upgrade the conditions of the dog house. 

But they usually bark to deter predators. Even those predators stay far enough away, their barking can be disturbing for your naibours. So the barking can be increased when they live outside. 

Note: If you wanna keep your pet outside, having good awareness about the Great Pyrenees Shedding season is extremely vital.

Can great Pyrenees stay out in the cold?

see, Great Pyrenees enjoy the snow

As I mentioned above, these dogs can bear up the cold. Sometimes the great Pyrenees dogs tend to go out and play even the temperature is negative. The great Pyrenees can stay in the cold for a long time. 

Typically great Pyrenees dogs owners say that their dogs go out at least 10 times a day and spend at least 20-30 minutes at a time.

So when they feel “I want to go and play,” they should receive the chance to go out. That’s why you need a proper fence for your garden. They can’t stay for a long time in the same place. 

Sometimes your house is too small, and there is no space for a Great Pyrenees dog. In this case, It is imperative to update the dog house status to stay even when the temperature is low. 

Since these dogs are livestock guardian dogs, some dog owners think the Great Pyrenees may live outside in winter. But that’s completely wrong. We need to prepare a hot spot for them. Don’t neglect it because they originally bred to live outside in the cold mountains.

If you own a farm and you keep the great Pyrenees as livestock guardians, they should be used to living outside. So what can you do here?

If you are a farm owner, you should have a barn. You should allow the great Pyrenees to access the barn whenever they want. So when it feels too cold, they go there. 

By the way, read this to understand whether can the Great Pyrenees be left alone.

What temperature can great Pyrenees handle or withstand? 

great Pyrenees be left alone

Typically the great Pyrenees can handle even minus temperatures. But we can’t tell the exact temperature for that. But overall, they can bear up very low temperatures as well.  

They consist of a double coat and are insulated at sub-freezing temperatures. The Great Pyrenees’ coat can block the wind and catch rain and ice on the outside of the coat. 

But the ability to handle the temperature depends on the individual. You need to make sure that your great Pyrenees don’t have any illness. If you keep them as livestock guardians, you need to be aware of grooming. Because if you groom them, their protection layer will be missing. 

How the great Pyrenees able to bear up the cold?

As you read this article so far, you know how useful the great Pyrenees’ coat is to bear up the cold. But there are several things more that help them to bear the cold. Since they have a vast body, they can maintain body temperature. Furthermore, you need to give him nutritious food. The meals should be properly planned. He needs to have a healthy body.

Can great Pyrenees puppy live outside in the cold?

Typically we need to buy a puppy that is at least eight weeks old. Actually, there are few things as well we need to consider before buying a dog.  Absolutely great Pyrenees puppies also have a coat. But we can’t let them live outside. Because he is still a puppy. We need to let them get used to cold gradually. Otherwise, they can be cold.

Keep him inside your home. Even you have a small house, it’s enough for a Great Pyrenees puppy. Let your dog play outside a few times per day. No matter it’s too cold outside. If he wants, he will go outside. But don’t force him.

Why do great Pyrenees love to live outside?

Most people are keeping the great Pyrenees inside the house. You already know they are known as livestock guardian dogs or a sheepdog. Due to that, they genetically prefer to stay outside.

Sometimes the house cannot be enough for them. Furthermore, it can be lead to become aggressive. If you want to keep them inside the house, it’s necessary to give them exercise properly. Because they need to release their energy.

Furthermore, some Great Pyrenees can increase mental anxiety. As a result, he can be aggressive. So it’s advisable to let them go outside. You can avoid this by spending some time with them. Give them their favorite toys to spend time.


Most people love these great Pyrenees dogs. So it’s fair to have a problem like “Can great Pyrenees live outside? “. So this article is an in-depth review of that problem. You can see a small review below. 

  • Introduction
  • Do the great Pyrenees prefer to be outside?
  • Can the great Pyrenees stay out in the cold?
  • What temperature can great Pyrenees handle or withstand? 
  • How the great Pyrenees able to bear up the cold?
  • Can great Pyrenees puppy live outside in the cold.?

How old your great Pyrenees? Comment below, and let’s know. 


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