Do Puppies Heads Grow Slower Than Their Bodies? [The Truth]

Do Puppies Heads Grow Slower Than Their Bodies

Hey buddy, how much worry do you think about this issue? Do you really doubt that? If it’s yes, you have come to the right place because I will tell you the truth behind this issue.

The answer is positive. To tell you in brief, yes, puppies’ heads grow slower than their body. But not for every puppy. It depends on various types of reasons. The overall answer is yes. In the present, no one should take it as weird and abnormal.

Although things happen like that, you shouldn’t leave your wishes out. Learning more about this problem can help you to overcome it. So keep reading this article. I’m sure it will change your life.

Does puppy’s head grow slower than its body? If so, why?

As I said, puppies’ heads can grow slower than their bodies. Don’t you wanna know why it is happening? Why not? I’m sure you are looking forward to finding it out. So why do we waste time like this? Come follow me.

It is not easy to give an exact answer without knowing your dog’s breed. You know what? A dog’s growth rate fluctuates from breed to breed.

And also, there are so many reasons that can change your dog’s growth. The dog’s body can undergo various transitions during the first twelve weeks.

If your dog doesn’t take enough nutrition, the above issue could be a reason. Oh wow, look how much care is needed for your dog. Let’s discuss the reason one by one.

1. Breed.

As I said, the dog’s growth rate changes from breed to breed. For example, Great Dane, Newfoundland, and Saint Bernard are some of the breeds that grow well. And also, Dogue de Bordeaux is famous as a large head dog.

Likewise, there can be many changes according to the breed, and you have to consider it too. Under this circumstance, it is fine for your dog’s head to grow slower than the body.

2. Nutrition.

Nutrition is a vital acceptance for every dog. Dogs can’t survive without good nutrition because it is well-known that good food can make a strong body.

If your puppy’s head grows slower than the body, it may have a connection with the food he/she takes. So you have to be careful with what you give to your dog. Puppies especially need a higher amount of protein.

So be considerate about the food you provide and the level of nutrition it includes. Otherwise, not only for this reason but also you will have to deal with various types of other issues as well.

3. Old.

How old is your puppy? Do you know that age can solve hundreds of the issues your dog is dealing with? Most illnesses come with age, as well as other reasons.

I know you already worry because your puppy’s head grows slower than the body. But I should tell you that you shouldn’t worry about it. The reason is this situation is very normal.

The majority of dogs can survive this issue when they get old. They are just puppies. Let them grow and see how they grow step by step. At the end of the day, you will understand how useless your pain is.

4. Genetics.

Seriously, how are genetics involved in this creepy issue? This happens just like once a Blue Moon. But generic carries powerful tools for the next generation.

Genetics can change everything every time. So when your puppy’s head grows slower than his/her body, please look at the story of his/her family.

It may have a dog who grew his/her head slower than the body. Sometimes that’s not your dog’s issue. Most probably, your little pooch carries it from his/her family.

You see, how many things you have to think about under this circumstance. It is not easy, buddy. It is not easy at all.

5. Sicknesses.

At puppy age, they may have various types of illnesses because of his/her health issues. We can provide everything they need: shelter, food, water, vitamins, etc.

But who knows when it comes? Your dog can be ill at any time. As a result, they cannot get nutritional food, vitamins, and such. At a time like that, your puppy’s head grows slower than his/her body.

Especially malnutrition leads to an increase in this issue. That’s very pathetic and risky. So you have to keep in touch with the changes happening in your puppy’s body.

Should you worry if your puppy’s head is smaller than its body?

I know, buddy, this thing is not as easy as we think. But the thing is, like I said before, most of the time, this issue is extremely normal. Therefore you shouldn’t worry if your dog’s head grows slower than its body.

Normally, it takes time to mature the puppies’ heads according to their body. In time to come, everything will be fine. My simple answer is you shouldn’t worry if your puppy’s head is small compared to its body.

However, you must not stop keeping your eye on your dog. Do you remember what I said earlier? Some illnesses can be a reason for this tragedy. Tragedy?

Yes, if that situation is not normal, it will be a tragedy; therefore, keep in touch and understand whether it is normal or abnormal such as malnutrition.

What should you do if your puppy’s head is smaller compared to its body?

It is kinda weird if your dog’s head grows slower than the body. Although it is extremely normal, we look forward to finding a solution to overcome this simple issue.

No wonder. Here I’m telling you what you should do if your puppy’s head is smaller than its body. I know you are fond of knowing what solutions we can use for this issue. Let’s do it without further delay.

1. Change the meal.

What your dog needs are a healthy meal. If you don’t want to give your dog malnutrition, you must change the food you currently give to your dog.

Because it is not effective for your dog. Puppies need a lot of protein, iron, omega 3 ext… You must provide them to your dog on time. If you don’t see any difference in your dog, please take your first step by changing foods.

And also, a puppy starts to feed during the period of his/her mother’s pregnancy. The foods which their mother takes affect the puppies.

So don’t forget to provide healthy and nutritious meals during the mother’s pregnancy. It also influences the puppy’s physical health.

2. Do exercise.

Only adult dogs but also puppies need good exercise for their physical strength. So don’t forget to give them proper exercises

3. Change their activities

Don’t let them do the same physical activities every day. Change them according to their capacity.

4. Meet your vet.

How long does your little pooch meet his/her vet? After you, the best person for your dog is the veterinarian. Because he/she identifies exactly identifies what the problem is.

So if you see any physical issues such as the above one, you can meet and let him/her observe your puppy. If your puppy has a growth problem, his/her vet may give some medical solutions. In time to come, everything will be fine.

5. Give medicines on time.

Your responsibility is to give your puppy medicine on time unless you cannot get a good result soon. Your dog doesn’t know what medicines are and how to use them. Please help your puppy. Not only medicine but also you have to provide good food. Because puppies need fat food, high protein, and such.

Can you make your puppy’s head bigger?

It is kinda difficult to remake your puppy artificially. But my advice is to give them more time and be kind to them until they mature. Like I said before, everything will be fine in the future.

Growing the puppy’s head slower than his/her body is common among puppies. Please be kind to try the above facts to make your puppy’s head bigger.

I have clearly explained how it happens and the consequences of the above problem very briefly. What you have to do is follow the advice.

Things to be aware of.

  • Don’t switch food too quickly because they take time to adapt to a new meal, and we don’t know how a puppy’s body accepts new food and nutrition. As a result, his/her stomach is upset.
  • When you choose new foods, exercise methods, or objects for your dog, please check the consequences.
  • Be pleasant. You are a human, and you know, understand, and can think about how to behave well, especially when you have a problem to unravel. If you are a good person, puppies can feel it. So don’t be rude to your innocent puppy when his head grows slower than the body. And please wait a few times to become your dog mature.
  • Hire a trainer

If you don’t know how to deal with your dog when his/she head grows slower than the body. Basically, this is not a big deal. And also, it is not rocket science to learn how to deal with this problem.

However, if you don’t know how to feed them, train them and handle them, please hire someone to take care of your dog.

  • Don’t too much panic

If your dog’s head grows slower than its body, you must first control your feelings. Punishing, rehoming, and disappointing are your enemies.

You have a beautiful little puppy, which is a gift from God. Don’t be excited if you see your dog’s head grow slower than the body, and don’t give your dog various medicines without your dog’s vet’s involvement.

You know what time can change many things, and I’m sure you will find the proper solution for your innocent little hound.


I think today’s topic is extremely important to the dog owner and those willing to become dog parents. Most of the time, we see this issue among puppies. Some puppies’ heads grow slower than their body. In this article, I have discussed why it happens, what we can do about it, and

the solutions. I hope you will get vital details about this issue. And I wish you a remarkable journey with your sweet loving pooch.


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