Read This Before Leaving Your Dog With Your Parents

There are instances where you have to leave your doggy ball when business trips or vacations come in a list. Then, where to keep your fur friend? Is it okay if you go with your parents? Let’s analyze.

Is it okay to leave your dog with your parents? Well, the answer depends. If your doggy is more of a family dog, he will be fine with your parents. But, if he is only comfortable with you, it is a problem. It is also okay to leave your dog with your parents if they welcome him home.

I know you have many questions about leaving your doggy with your parents. Some of them are how to convince your parents to keep your doggy and how long you should keep him. No worries, as we have answers to all your questions. Start reading.

Is it okay to leave our dog with your parents?

As I mentioned earlier as well, the answer to this question depends. If your doggy is more home-oriented and family oriented, there will be no issue in leaving him with your parents.

But, if he is not much exposed to your parents and has problems with surrounding changes, he might face difficulties when you leave him with your parents.

Fact no #2 is the preference of your parents to keep your doggy in their place until you return. If they hesitate or don’t seem interested in keeping your doggy, things can be a bit difficult to handle.

In such an environment, your pooch is not happy, and he will get more depressed.

He might miss you a lot, and you will have to take him for mental boosts when you return home.

On the other hand, if your parents love to have your little fur baby with them, you can travel in peace. Then, he will be happy and safe till you return.

Other than that, if your doggy is suffering from any mental or physical illness, there will be an issue of leaving him to your parents.

Since you are the one who is aware of all his medications, your presence is a must. Of course, you can leave notes explaining how to give medicines with time.

Still, if your parents are busy with some other tasks, there might be the probability of missing his medicines. It is a big problem.

So, consider all the facts before leaving your doggy friend with your parents and choose what is best for him, not you.

How to leave your dog with your parents?

Leaving your doggy with your parents becomes a problem only if they hesitate to keep your doggy. In such instances, the best thing you can do is convince your parents. But before that, make sure your pooch is in good behaviour.

Always be specific with the point and ask your parents whether they like to keep your doggy with them. If their answer is a ‘yes’, you do not have to worry about convincing them.

If it is a ‘No’, try the following tips and tricks.

1. You can talk about your doggy pal’s recent good behavior.

Explaining your doggy pal’s behavior will work since it confirms that your doggy will not be a burden for your parents’ daily chorus.

2. Tell your parents they have to keep your doggy for several days.

Then they will help you with the doggy leaving problem.

3. ‘No worries, he is not picky.’

It is better if you can explain to your parents that your pooch is not a picky one, especially regarding food. ‘What are we gonna feed him?’ Is one of the most disturbing doubts your parents have when you leave your doggy with them.

4. Tell your parents that your doggy is well-potty trained.

Then ¾ of the issue will be solved as your parents do not have to bother cleaning. They will be happy to meet a well-trained puppy.

You can convince your parents to keep your little pooch by showing them how cute and adorable he is. Plus, how relaxing his playfulness is. Trust me, your mom and dad cannot say ‘No’ to such glittery eyes with so much pouring love.

After the convincing part, you must consider other facts when leaving your doggy pal with your parents.

5. Sticky note the meal times

Writing out the meal times will be helpful for your parents, and your doggy will have the meal on time.

6. Write out the medications routine (If any)

If your doggy is undergoing a medication routine, it is crucial to mention the relevant times on a sticky note. Remember to paste it on an often visible place for your mom or dad.

7. Make sure GPS units are charged

You must be tracking your little pooch with a GPS since you do not need him to face dangers. So, make sure his GPS unit is charged, and your parents do not have to bother about it.

8. Leave a T for his comfort

Do not think it sounds weird. Your little pooch might miss you a lot when you are not around him for several days. In such situations, you can keep one of your Ts to let him feel that you still love him.

Then he can snuggle it when you are away.

Even after you leave your pooch with your parents, make sure you talk to him daily and let him feel that you are with him after several days or hours when your work is done.

How long should you keep the dog with your parents?

Well, leaving your doggy with your parents for a long time is no good. Suppose you go to him for months or years since you have to travel far for a job, then you should try to take your poor buddy with you.

If you work several hours or are out for 2-3 days, you can keep your doggy pal with your parents without worrying much.

Leaving your doggy with your parents or a dog sitter should always be the last solution. You might not know how depressed your poor buddy will become when you are not around.

Therefore, even if you leave him with your parents, ensure it is not for days or weeks.

Things to be aware of.

Suppose you are only left with the option of leaving your doggy pal with your parents. In that case, you should be attentive to his meal times and daily routine.

Remember to carry dog emergency contacts when you are out since you can’t predict that your pooch will be safe and fine till you return.

Ensure your doggy is properly vaccinated because your dad might give him a walk, and your doggy might become a bit scared or uncomfortable in the new environment.

In such instances, he might scratch or bite the outsiders, so he should be properly vaccinated.


I know how stressful it is to leave your little pooch with your parents, even for a few hours. But, there are instances where you are out of any other options. So, you must be very careful when leaving him with your parents, and it should not disturb your parents and your pooch.

Therefore, try to follow the tips and tricks explained in this article, and if you have more doubts regarding the issue, let us know, and we will share some more.

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