Are Dobermans Picky Eaters? [11 Tips To Cure a Fussy Dobie]

Are Dobermans Picky Eaters

Oh, having a picky eater for a furry friend can be frustrating! It’s tough to know if you’re feeding them enough food or if there are any underlying health issues. So, let’s dive into the topic of whether Dobermans are picky eaters and other related concerns.

Are Dobermans really picky eaters?

Unfortunately, most Dobermans are known for being sort of picky eaters. This can be due to anxiety, age, feeding too many treats, health concerns, bad memories with meals, not feeding on time, or offering human food. But fear not, Dobermans can overcome fussy eating with proper exercise, avoiding treats, and staying away from table scraps and human food.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why Dobermans can be such fussy eaters. We’ll also explore several simple approaches that can be used to avoid picky eating and keep your Doberman healthy and happy all day long.

Are Doberman Picky Eaters & The Reasons For That?

Some Dobermans are picky eaters. When your Doberman refuses to eat his meals, it can be a little annoying. Some Dobermans occasionally become picky due to some reasons, just leaving their stomach out for about two days in a row.

Actually, Dobermans are a little bit stubborn, so they tend to avoid having to eat meals that they don’t want to eat.

Think about that this way. Suppose you changed its diet because of a medical condition, and sometimes they may not prefer the meals available with the current diet plan.

But, anyhow, you need to make them eat under such kind of circumstances. Don’t worry. I have some tips to help increase your Doberman’s appetite for certain foods.

Here are common reasons why your Doberman becomes a picky eater.

  1. The dog may not food driven.
  2. Due to anxiety.
  3. Age and health concerns.
  4. Food brings up some bad memories.
  5. Not feeding on time.
  6. You share your food too much.
  7. Food seems boring.
  8. Feeding too many treats.
  9. Avoiding food is not a big deal.

The dog may not food driven.

Actually, This is something you should be aware of. You need to realize that not every Doberman is food-driven, and they don’t give any priority to their meals as an ultimate rewardable thing.

These types of Dobermans are most likely to give priority to their owner instead of just focusing on food, and what I mean by that they really want your praise and attendance.

If this is the case, the best method to solve this issue is to recommend that you don’t be in the visible place why The Dog eats.

By doing so, it can enjoy the food without being distracted by you.

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Due to anxiety.

If you look at this problem in terms of human behavior, you know it is difficult to consume your food under anxious circumstances.

When it comes to canines, there’s not much difference. This situation can occur due to thinking like fireworks, boredom, loneliness, or separation anxiety.

Age and health concerns.

The age and health concerns could be a reason why does your Doberman become fussy more frequently. We can expect some level of lacking their appetite as they get old.

It’s always better to consult a veterinarian as you figured out this issue.

Food brings up some bad memories.

Yeah, you read it correctly. Some foods can give your dog terrible memories, and due to that, they can occasionally show up to slightly picky behavior.

What I mean by that is some foods can leave your dog with an upset stomach. If the dog has such kind of bad memory, they are more likely to get rid of that food.

Note that this doesn’t exhibit symptoms of lack of appetite. It’s just an expression of dislike for a certain meal.

Not feeding on time.

Have you ever wondered that dogs have a very precise internal clock in their brain? Just like humans, canines also would love to stick with comfortable schedules on a daily basis.

So you gotta offer your Doberman meals is at the same time each day and try to stick with a specific routine.

You share your food too much.

It may seem obvious, but the effect on the dog’s appetite is by sharing your food frequently with your loving pooch.

By just allowing your dog to scrap throughout the day can make them full by mealtime. It seems like a bit of a bit at a time, but it’s a huge amount of food when you add together all of them.

Food seems boring.

Feeding your Doberman the same food regularly can make them feel boring with the meal. Let me ask you a question. What do you feel when you eat the same thing over and over again for an extended period of time?

The answer is obvious. Of course, you will get bored with the food. The meals should be changed.

We cannot see a huge difference when it comes to your Doberman. So, it is a good idea to make some changes. Maybe you can try a variety of foods, or you can add flavors on top of the dog’s meal that can increase the appetite.

In fact, check if the dog eats one kibble at a time. If the answer is “Yes”, It’s a very good indication that the dog is bored of his food.

Feeding too many treats.

It is a no-brainer that you have to provide them dog treats quite often throughout the day in order to behave correctly or for any other training purposes.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose or reason is. You need to always keep in mind that offering too much treat can definitely spoil up the Doberman’s appetite dramatically at mealtime.

Avoiding food is not a big deal.

To be honest, your dog may forget to consume the meal as they get excited about something for an extended period of time. Maybe the dog playing with some other dog or with your kid.

So, occasionally skipping a meal is not a huge deal.

Sometimes, the dog may get the food they want. Inspect with your family members whether they offered too much dog treat during the cuddle time or maybe your kid offer treats secretly.

By the way, here is why do some dogs not eat all of their food at once.

Risk Associated With Your Doberman’s Picky Eating.

Sometimes having a fussy Doberman can cause other problems, especially the dog has a lack of appetite and refuses to eat for several days.

Actually, this is so frustrating, and the dog will unknowingly become

  • malnourished
  • fatigued
  • may prone to several health issues.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the risks involved with your Doberman’s fussy eating behavior.

  • Anxiety, lethargy, depression.
  • Constipation, diarrhea.
  • Issues with coat, skin, and dental.
  • Aggressive and hyperactive behavior.
  • Because of the heat of your female Doberman.

Anxiety, lethargy, depression.

These all issues may arise if your Doberman doesn’t take the appropriate amount of Nutrition.

When your dog is being picky on foods that you are giving, the dog will be weak, anxious, and even suffer from conditions like depression, lethargy.

It’s always better to consult a veterinarian as soon as you figure out this issue.

Constipation, diarrhea.

Constipation, diarrhea, and sometimes changes in stools are some of the additional problems that your Doberman may face if he doesn’t get the sufficient minerals and vitamins he needs.

So, you cannot wait until everything get worsen. Maybe the problem is with the diet. Chat with your vet and make sure everything is fine with the diet.

If you let your Doberman chew on store-bought bones or any kind of unappropriated bones, circumstances like diarrhea can arise.

Issues with coat, skin, and dental.

These mentioned issues may encounter due to the lack of appetite in your dog. If a dog doesn’t receive the essential fatty acids crucial for healthy skin, coat, and teeth, the dog is more likely prone to these issues.

Aggressive and hyperactive behavior.

It is obvious that Dobermans are incredibly active and energetic dogs. Can you imagine what will happen if this huge and muscular dog becomes aggressive and hyperactive?

There is a good relationship between your dog’s aggressiveness and the quality, ingredients of food.

Because of the heat of your female Doberman.

In general, a female Doberman may go off her food up to some extent during the first week of her heat cycle. If you really wanna educate yourself regarding female Doberman and their heat, simply click the link.

How To Get Your Picky Doberman To Eat?

There are a few different things that you can do to help fussy eating in your Doberman. So. Here are 11 of my top tips that will definitely help you cure your dog.

  1. Limit the mealtime to 20 minutes.
  2. Sufficient exercises are a must.
  3. Try different types of food.
  4. Avoid dog treats and snacks.
  5. Think about the quality of the food.
  6. Having a proper feeding schedule is a must.
  7. Watch out for allergies.
  8. Feed your Doberman the correct quantity of food.
  9. Avoid table scraps
  10. Go Wet.
  11. Consult your vet.

Limit the mealtime to 20 minutes.

The purpose of doing this is to Indicate to the dog that it has only a short time to eat. What you have to do is get the food bowl exactly after 20 minutes, and don’t mind whether the dog has eaten the food or not. Just get it.

Perhaps this may seem so mean, but you gotta wait until the next mealtime to offer the food. And repeat the 20 minutes rule. Don’t give cookies or dog treats in between mealtimes whatsoever.

Doing so will cause the dog to feel hungry, then he will definitely finish up all of them right away when you give the next meal.

Note that, This should only be done if the dog does not have any health problems.

Sufficient exercises are a must.

It is a no-brainer that exercising is a great way to built up an appetite in your Doberman. If your Doberman is kind of a picky dog, one of the best things to do is provide sufficient exercises on a daily basis.

This is especially true for high energetic dogs. Since the Dobermans also belong to the same boat, exercise them with an appropriate schedule is one of the easiest ways to increase the appetite and cure fussy eating.

Try different types of food.

As we discussed earlier, dogs can get bored of foods by eating the same thing over and over again. If always better to consult with your veterinarian and come up with a variety of food options to offer your loving pooch.

So, when you feel something like that the dog is refusing to eat, you can give them a different kind of meal next time. Hopefully, this will help them increase their appetite and prevent the risks of being a picky eater.

Avoid dog treats and snacks.

If your Doberman is refusing to eat or, in other words, becomes a fussy eater, one of the first things you need to do is skip the treats.

Of course, offering too many treats can ruin the appetite of your dog.

If the dog not exhibiting symptoms of illness or any kind of health-related issue, avoiding treats will definitely help.

Think about the quality of the food.

You should always have a guarantee that these foods are fresh and of high quality.

Having a proper feeding schedule is a must.

As we discussed earlier, almost all canines have a very accurate internal clock, and they expect to do things on time on a daily basis. This may seem odd, but that’s nature.

Consistent is key to maintaining your dog’s appetite in a favorable condition.

So, Make sure you feed the dog on time. Then your Doberman won’t become fussy.

Watch out for allergies.

Figure out whether your Doberman has loose stools, allergies, gas, and an upset tummy. If the answer is yes, that is the reason why does your dog doesn’t have any preference to eat food.

Sadly, the dogs that eat kibble on a regular basis have irritated stomachs.

Chat with your vet and figure out whether your dog has a sensitive stomach, and choose food wisely and responsibly.

Feed your Doberman the correct quantity of food.

Overfeeding is also one of the main reasons why does your dog has lost appetite. Suppose your friend eats a huge food bowl for the morning. Undoubtedly the dog will show up some level of fussiness during lunch.

On the other hand, if your Doberman doesn’t have sufficient food, he will definitely be worried and looking forward to begging for food from the family members and small handouts.

The wise is to get an idea of the amount of food your Doberman needs.

Avoid table scraps

Never ever attempt to share your dinner with your dog if you really wanna a happy and healthy dog because dog foods are usually, or at least in most cases, a little bit dry.

So you will face a difficult time when convincing your Doberman to eat his dry food.

Go wet.

Eating dry foods regularly is kind of frustrating; just think about that. Perhaps this is the reason why your Doberman becomes picky in some cases.

If you can add some wet food or just sprinkle dog healthy flavors on the food, he will accept that.

Consult your vet.

If you feel like this loss of appetite is due to some kind of health concern, then you definitely meet the vet, as this can happen because of common medical issues that possibly lead to fussy eating.

So, here are the common medical conditions.

  • Parasites
  • Side effects of vaccination
  • Arthritis or spine
  • Dental disease
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Swallowed something they aren’t supposed to eat.
  • Allergies
  • Infection

Things To Be Aware OF.

Now that you have a good understanding of whether Dobermans are fussy eaters. But, there are still important things you need to know regarding this topic.

  • Note that some dogs become picky because of the uncomfortableness of the food bowl.
  • Make sure to clean the food bowl regularly.
  • Supervise the dog to drink a sufficient amount of water. If you wanna know how much water should a Doberman drink per day, just click on the link.


It doesn’t matter what the reason is; having a picky Doberman is kind of annoying and frustrating. You need to have a good awareness of possible risks associated with fussy eating. If you properly understand these risks, you don’t need more reasons to cure your loving Dobie of that abnormal circumstance. So this whole article is totally dedicated to addressing that problem, and I hope you find this helpful.

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