Did Your Dog Eat Its Bed? [Why & What To Do]

dog laying on the bed

What’s bothering your mind? I know your dog eats its bed. Let’s see why he eats the bed. This article will help you to prevent your dog from eating the bed.

Well, here is a quick and short answer.

Dogs eat beds because of anxiety, loneliness, lack of exercise, and hunger. Small dogs eat their bed for fun, which can also be a symptom of a health issue. With chew toys or a chew-proof bed, Deterrent spray, positive reinforcement techniques, adequate exercise can keep them from chewing the bed.

Dogs typically bite their beds. So get it simple. But try to understand your dog’s purpose in biting the bed. It will help you when you are finding solutions.

Why do dogs eat their beds?

There are several reasons.

1. Anxiety and loneliness.

We are busy with our work. So we don’t have time to be with our dog. So dogs become alienated.

This alienation can develop into anxiety. When they have nothing to do, they begin to chew their beds. This is the way they express their displeasure.

If your dog doesn’t receive an occasion to be social, he will cope with loneliness by chewing the bed. So don’t make your dog upset. Let him be with you.

2. Dogs use mouths to explore their immediate surrounding.

Observe a baby. You will notice babies always try to chew toys. They examine those toys through chewing. Similarly, your dog does the same.

He chews everything he finds. Especially, puppies do this. Not only puppies but also big dogs do this as they handle everything with their mouth more than with paws.

This is normal but destructive. Chewing is hereditary to dogs.

But, do you know why does your dog chew on your wife’s shoes?

3. Health issues.

Always don’t get this simple. As I have already stated earlier, you have to understand the purpose of chewing.

Sometimes it can be a health issue. If your dog has a disease related to the bowel and intestine, this can be a symptom. So be attentive.

Your attention means a lot. If you suspect it is a health issue, immediately get help from a veterinarian.

4. To express hunger.

Some dogs express their hunger by chewing toys and beds. They show you that they want something to eat.

So you should understand the message he tries to give you through actions. Simply they show their hunger by chewing something. It indicates the need for food.

Again you ought to observe him well. Observation and understanding can find solutions for your dog’s problem.

5. To express anger.

Dogs can’t talk. So they use different gestures snd actions to communicate with you. If they are angry, they will chew the bed violently.

They will groan at you when you try to stop them. They can destroy the whole bed by chewing when they are angry. It is a simple way of expressing anger.

6. Playfulness.

Playful dogs do lots of mischievous acts. They do all these stubborn destructive things just for fun. No motives but for fun. Some children tear books.

They do it just because it is their happiness. But we won’t allow them to do it. Similarly, you can’t allow your dog to destroy things.

Do this if your dog ate his bed.

Beds are made up of polyester stuffing. If a dog swallows this polyester stuffing, you have to immediately take him to the veterinarian.

Don’t get it simple. Don’t force him to vomit the stuff. It can intensify the pain. In some cases, polyester stuffing blocks the intestines of the dog.

Then you need to arrange surgery for your dog to remove the blockage. Stuffings can’t kill your dog. But if you neglect it, it can cause death. Long-time blockage of the intestine can kill them little by little.

Don’t shout at your dog when he is in pain. Some dogs cough. If the dog is coughing, take him immediately to the nearest veterinary clinic.

Maybe he coughs as he can’t breathe. This happens when stuffing blocks the respiratory tract of your dog.

How to prevent your dog from eating his bed in the future.

1. Buy him some chewing toys.

Your dog chews the bed as he needs to chew something. When you let him try chewing toys, he will not bite the bed.

Chewing toys are rubbery and safe to use. You can choose them from various sizes. If your dog tends to swallow everything, choose a big teething toy for him.

Teething toys can sharpen their teeth. So it is an added advantage.

2. There are chew-proof beds.

Chew-proof dog couches are safe. Even though the dog tries to eat the bed, the bed will not tear. These beds are durable and easy to use.

There are no stuffings inside. So your dog won’t try to destroy it. The rubbery nature of the bed is comfortable for your dog’s teeth.

You can find them in online stores easily. If you don’t have sufficient time to monitor your dog, you should buy this.

To be honest, these beds are more expensive than other beds. But worthy, as you are not supposed to worry about your dog’s health.

3. Deterrent spray.

What are deterrent sprays? Simply these are dog repellent sprays. You can spray it on the bed. Apple cider vinegar is really effective as a deterrent spray.

Then your dog will stop chewing the bed, as the smell is unbearable. Spray the chosen deterrent spray daily for two to three weeks.

Then your dog will understand chewing bed is unpleasant, like tasting apple cider vinegar.

By the way, here is one of the great articles that explain if Hot sauce can stop your dog from chewing.

4. Turn on the radio, tv.

Before you leave the house, consider turning on your tv for the puppy. When he hears the TV sound, he will lose interest in chewing the bed.

He will try to listen to the tv. Turning on music is also very effective, as dogs are sensitive to rhythmic sounds. This will help you to control your dog.

This is only to distract your dog’s attention. So this is not a permanent solution.

5. Give him an adequate amount of exercise.

When the dog lacks exercise, he begins to play indoors. As a result of that, he will destroy his bed. To avoid this, you can take him for a walk.

It would be a good exercise for your dog. Dogs are very active, and they need exercise daily. So you can try this to prevent chewing the bed.

6. Positive reinforcement.

Appreciate your dog when he is not chewing the bed. When he chews the bed, neglect him as long as you can.

Then he will understand that you praise him for not biting the bed. This will help you to control his behavior without hurting him.

Things to be aware of.

1. Health risks related to stuffings.

Stuffings can block the respiratory tract, throat, and intestines of a dog. Don’t neglect this. Once your dog eats stuffing, there is a risk of blocking them in the above areas of your dog’s body.

Here are some symptoms of intestine blockage.

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Coughing
  • Dehydration
  • Some times diarrhea
  • Breathing disorders.

If you notice any of theese symptoms, immediately get the help of a veterinarian.

2. Don’t punish when your dog is chewing the bed.

Maybe your dog chews it out of fear and tension. If you punish him in such a moment, his stress and pressure will increase. Your punishment at the wrong time can worsen the problem.

3. Understanding your dog’s needs is very important.

First, you should find for what reason he bites the bed. Then you can choose the best solution out of these solutions. So this is very important.

By knowing your dog’s needs, you can quickly fulfill them. If not, it would be hard to deal with your pet.


This is what I wanted to tell you with this article. This will help you to clarify all the doubts related to this topic. Go and prevent your dog from chewing bed. Intelligent owners can understand their dog’s needs.

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