Can American Bulldogs Have Long Hair? [Owner’s Guide]

Do you doubt whether American bulldogs have long hair or not? Have you seen American bulldogs with long hair? Canines can be different from each other, and they might have conflicts on their own.

We usually consider American bulldogs as a short-haired breed. But there are American- bulldogs with long hair. Usually, American bulldogs carry a gene that belongs to FGF5.

This gene controls the length of the coat. This gene especially belongs to long-coated dogs.

Everyone knows that the above details are not enough for your capacity. And also, the above details are not enough to find out about these incredible creatures. Let’s learn about them.

Can American bulldogs have long hair?

The brief and straightforward answer is YES. Although long-haired American bulldogs exist, they are not very frequent. From my point of view, they have an attractive look.

They keep our eye on them. As we all know, American bulldogs have short, fine hair, and it is very easy to allocate them from this short coat gang.

Although American bulldogs have long hair, the hair is not very long, unlike the Afghan Hound, Yorkshire Terrier, Lhasa Apso, and  Shih Tzu.

Basically, you can identify them clearly when they are with their gang. This long hair grows by the neck, chest, ears, and back. Some people may think they are not healthy, active, or aggressive like others.

So my advice is don’t worry. This long hair doesn’t change the American bulldog’s real vitality. They are also the same as short-haired American bulldogs. The only difference is their coat.

Most importantly, you should not bother adopting these American bulldog puppies. As I said, they also have a typical attitude like the short-haired American bulldogs.

Moreover, they are very attractive and can quickly become popular among dog people. Have you seen these types of American bulldog puppies on social media?

I’m sure you have seen them already. Can you imagine how cute they are? These beautiful but rare dogs also have a good understanding of the atmosphere.

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Why do some American Bulldogs have long hair?

Do you wonder why some American bulldogs have long hair? I know the answer is YES because I felt the same the first time I saw a long-haired American Bulldog.

These cute gangs have their own reasons for why they have long coats. They are really cute, aren’t they? Normally American bulldogs carry a gene that belongs to FGF5.

This gene controls the length of the coat. This gene especially belongs to long-coated dogs. So now you know why the American bulldogs have long hair. Yes, the reason is genes.

You can see the growth in the hair around their ears, back, head and chest. Occasionally these places can be changed. Most probably, they carry their long hair around the above places.

Are their parents the reason for this situation even though they aren’t long-coat dogs? Will see who it is going on.

Can short-haired American bulldogs produce long-haired puppies? What do you think about it? Lemme explain. The answer is yes. Yes, short-haired dog parents can produce long-haired American bulldog puppies.

Wait, what? How can they do this? There is a genetic problem involved with this ordinary situation. We are gonna go to figure it out now.

How can short-haired American bulldog parents produce long-haired American bulldog puppies? This is not rocket science. Understanding it is a piece of cake. Lemme explain.

It doesn’t matter whether the puppies’ parents are long coats. If they have sufficient requirements, their puppy can become a long coat.

What are these sufficient requirements? There aren’t many. The only thing they need is similar genetics.

For example, although the puppies’ mother and father are short-haired, if they have the genetic of FGF5 silently, their puppy can become a long-haired American bulldog.

On the other hand, we call it the L4 gene. This is the gene that takes care of the dog’s coat length. This is how this beautiful creature came to us. However, they are fully healthy as well as short-haired American bulldogs. These creatures are healthy with rare genes.

Are long-haired American Bulldogs rare?

Long-haired American bulldogs carry rare genes that affect their coat. They become very specific creatures thanks to their rare gene. Actually, they can become the head of the department.

It is crystal clear that long-haired American bulldogs are rare. Most of the time, you can see long-haired American bulldogs on social media. There are very popular dogs on social media, and Bernie is one of them.

Their medium size long hair keeps them high among other dogs. Obviously, they can get others’ attention among every dog.

Unfortunately, we cannot find them anywhere and anytime. That’s the specialty of the Long-haired American bulldog. If you wish to get one of them, it will be difficult because they are not everywhere.

It is a blessing if you have that kinda a cute little dog. They are rare, that’s why they are very attractive and adorable. Don’t worry. A miracle can happen anytime.

Are Long-Haired American Bulldogs Considered non-purebred dogs?

Can we identify long-haired American bulldogs as non-purebred dogs because of their genetic issue? Is that fair to think like that?

Although long-haired American bulldogs are different from others, we cannot consider them non-purebred dogs. Do you agree with me?

If you read the above details carefully, you will agree with me without further delay. Basically, non-purebred puppies can produce if both mother and father are of different breeds.

But here, the story is totally different. You know what, don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t jumble everything seeing their physical appearance. If you refuse to adopt a long-haired American bulldog because of this matter, you are such a fool.

The answer is NO. We cannot consider them non-purebred dogs. Because both their parents are of the same breed. The difference comes from their genes.

Maybe that gene comes from their grandparents. Who knows. My advice is you should not find their past. Who can refuse this cute buddy? No one.

Although they are kinda different, they are original and pure. They have the same energy, aggressiveness, inner feelings, and desires as other short-haired American bulldogs. So you should not worry about this useless issue.

Original American bulldog parents can also produce long-haired American bulldog puppies if they have that gene that carries the length of the coat we call FGF5. This is the main secret behind this situation, and it is a cute mistake.

 If we consider them as non-purebred, it is a crime. Nature gives us extraordinary gifts when we want. From my point of view, long-coat American bulldogs are a very good example of that statement.

We dog people don’t consider their breed, color, or abilities. Still, it is good to know the lifestyle of a long-haired American bulldog.

Things to be aware of.

Long-haired American bulldogs are lucky because everyone pays attention to them in any situation. That’s because of their special long coat, which is vital for their wellbeing.

There are a few special things to know about long-haired American bulldogs. Leggo to figure it out.

1. Grooming.

Grooming is kinda difficult if you have a long coat American bulldog. Normally bulldogs are short-coated, and it is very easy to maintain their hair every time.

When we consider long-haired American bulldogs, the story is different. We have to pay more attention to their hair. And you often clean it, groom it and look after it very carefully.

2. You should not isolate these dogs from others.

Because long-haired American bulldogs are different from others and vital, you must not keep them lonely. They also like to hang out with other dogs.

You have to give the freedom to the long-coat American bulldogs like others. Isolation is a crime in this case.

Let them have fun with other dogs, cats, or any pet if it is not harmful to that pet because bulldogs are kinda aggressive. Isolation makes it worse. So be careful when you deal with a bulldog. This is not a game.

3. Don’t consider their appearance as a sickness.

The genetic difference is not a physical issue. It is a very natural thing in the animal kingdom. They have rare genes with a fully healthy life. So you should not run to meet your veterinarian as soon as you identify this variation in your pooch.

4. Treat as an average dog.

Because your long-coat American bulldog is very different from others, you should not over-treat them. Because I already told you they are also normal creatures, over-treatment or protection may bother them.

So don’t make that mistake. It will damage their physical and mental stimulation.

5. Your long-haired American bulldog is not a celebrity.

Everyone has their own limitations. Although your rare and outstanding pooch is more popular than the others, it should not harm their ordinary life.

Yes, people like to see him, touch him and hang out with him, but you should not let it become a bother to your dog.

And the most important thing is if your dog doesn’t like to be famous, don’t make him do it. Privacy, freedom, and protection are the foremost vital things your dog needs.


Long-haired American bulldogs. Today’s topic is kinda rare and attractive. Because I know everyone loves to adopt an American bulldog like that.

That will be a new experience for you all. So this is the kind of curious title. First, I have stated why it happens and the true story behind this situation.

And also, they talked about why they are rare and any other information briefly. Not only me but also you too are very curious about these long-haired American bulldogs.

So today, I clarified all the issues you were dealing with. I’m sure it will be crystal clear for you, and you will get excellent and vital information about these long-haired American bulldogs. So let’s meet up with and new article until then


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