Do Bull Mastiffs Have Webbed Feet? [The Hidden Truth]

bullmastiffs have webbed feet

Have you ever wondered if bullmastiffs have webbed feet? I also had the same problem a few months ago. So I decided to do tiny research on it.

Do bullmastiffs have webbed feet? Yes, Bullmastiffs have webbed feet. But it seems like a tiny webbing when compared to other average dogs. The webbed feet are extremely beneficial when walking above various surfaces, swimming, digging, during winter, and to maintain the stability.

Since the Bullmastiffs have a vast amount of advantages from webbed paws, it’s crucial to be aware of that for a responsible Bullmastiff owner.

Bullmastiffs’ webbed feet much beneficial for walking

We know that bullmastiffs are not lazy dogs. They love to roaming, running, and do exercises.

In fact, the original purpose of Bullmastiff was guard dog as well as a watchdog. So, this type of dog has to run fast, chase the thieves, etc. sometimes, he protects farms as well.

When they walk above different kinds of surfaces.

See, this breed has had many responsibilities since its inception. So they usually walk through a variety of surfaces throughout the day while doing their jobs.

In most cases, bullmastiffs have to walk through muddy or slippery surfaces. Unless they have webbed feet even up to some degree, bullmastiffs won’t able to walk without sinking or falling.

So, what happens here is, their paw pads getting wider by expanding the toes apart. So overall, they receive more comprehensive four pads which work as a grip.

bullmastiffs webbed feet

In fact, the webbing between their toes act as net. So they can walk and run above such surfaces without falling or sinking.

I mean that’s a huge advantage for them even though we don’t care too much on it.

But don’t be mistaken. These abilities are slightly worst when compared to water breeds such as Labrador retrievers, Portuguese water dogs, etc.

Bullmastiffs’ webbed feet are much helpful during the winter.

The webbed feet are so helpful for bullmastiffs during the winter. Their webbing between the toes acts exactly like our snow boots.

Which means unless they have such webbing, they will face many difficulties when navigating through the snow.

Although they have tiny webbing between their toes, it helps much to maintain the stability of their huge body.

In fact, As I mentioned above subtopic, the same process happens here as well.

But be mindful, If you ever go out with your bullmastiff during the winter, don’t forget to clean inside their paws once you return home.


When they walk outside during the winter, there is a some possibility to stuck the snow between their toes. Believe me it’s so painful for them. So, separate their toes apart and clean once you return.

If you feel something like annoying to do this whenever you go outside, Just buy Dog snow boots. It will be so comfortable for them as well as you.

Bullmastiffs’ webbed feet very useful for swimming.

Are bullmastiffs good swimmers? no, they don’t. Because their huge body and body shape slightly affect their swimming ability.

But don’t be mistaken. It doesn’t mean that they cannot swim. A well trained Bullmastiffs can swim just like other average dog breeds.

So, Bullmastiffs’ webbed feet help much to accomplish that. They use their webbed paws to paddle and navigate through the water. Those webbed feet works exactly like oars.

See bullmastiffs can swim well

But keep in mind that many of Bullmastiffs cannot swim well, and sometimes many of them have had some water-related accidents.

So it’s crucial to train them to swim since their puppyhood. But if you have a grown Bullmastiff who doesn’t know to swim, don’t worry. He also can learn to swim. But it will take somewhat longer than what a puppy would take.

So how to train your bullmastiff to swim?

So in order to train bullmastiffs to swim, consistency, patience, perseverance are a must. Because Bullmastiffs have a little bit worse webbed feet than other average dogs.

Therefore it might take some time and too much effort.

In order to train bullmastiffs to swim, consistency, patience, perseverance are a must.

Dog Breeds Experts

If you want to train them to swim, first they have to overcome their fear of water. It’s crucial factor to become a good swimmer.

Many bulldogs that I have examined had a fear of water. (Anyhow, now they are great swimmers)

You can overcome their fear of water with an easy trick. The bullmastiffs are high energetic dogs and they require strenuous exercises. So go for long walks and hikes.

Then find a shallow water body which is depth one third of your dog. Next you have to cross the water body without giving a hand to your Bullmastiff. Obviously He will find a suitable way to reach you.

Do that couple of more times, and eventually they will able to overcome the fear of water.

Now you are about to train them to swim.

I suggest you buy a dog swimming pool, and your dog will love that. Because he can play with water whenever he needs. Otherwise, take him with you whenever you are going to swim.

But remember don’t put him into the water suddenly. You have to do it slowly and gently.

Give a small weight upward through his/her middle of abdomen, and here you will see bullmastiffs start to paddle by using their webbed feet.

Help him/her to keep their head above the water surface, and gradually decrease the weight you are giving the upwards.

So, eventually, they will start to swim independently. I suggest you buy a dog life jacket for him during his first swimming training sessions.

keep in mind the consistency is the key to success.

Consistency is the key to success.

Dog Breeds Experts

The webbed feet help to bullmastiffs to dig

Probably you have such funny experiences with your dog. My dog usually digs some cold places in the backyard and sleep their for hours.

Normally Bullmastiffs also tend to dig several places in the backyard and sleep there during the summer. But unless Bullmastiffs don’t have webbed feet, they cannot dig such holes.

Actually this is not a fair good advantage. But It’s a dog’s favorite habit.

What if Bullmastiffs don’t have webbed feet?

If your Bullmastiff doesn’t have webbed feet, don’t worry. That’s nature. The only thing is you should consider his purpose.

If he stays in your home or apartment as an only home pet, don’t worry too much. Because a lot of time the apartment dog has nothing to do with their webbed feet.

If you keep him in this breed’s original purpose, that job can a little bit hard for him. That’s why we need to consider about his feet.

Because it can be a little bit tricky work to go above muddy and slippy areas.

Finally, don’t worry about too much. If you want, you can meet a vet and check whether everything is okay or not. 

A little bit more about Bullmastiffs

The bullmastiff dog breed was developed by crossing the English bulldog with an English mastiff.

As a result, a strong, muscular, and noble dog was born. So, both parents have webbed feet. Therefore, we can see some kind of webbing between Bullmastiff’s toes.

The history of the Bullmastiff begins in Britain at the end of the 19th century. At this time, Rangers used bulldog or mastiff dogs to protect themselves from poachers and other criminals.

However, they wanted to develop a more capable dog with specific attributes for the purpose.

From crossing these two dogs, a stealthy and robust breed with a sharp nose was born. In fact, there may presence was enough to keep criminals at bay.

It’s popularity spread and became commonplace on farms and estates across Britain.

As you can understand, getting a guard dog was the goal. So, when we consider guard dogs, actually bullmastiffs need webbed feet.

But he no needs too much as water breeds such as Newfoundlands, labrador retriever, or another kind of water breeds.


As a bullmastiff lover, it’s fair to have a problem like “Do bullmastiffs have webbed feet? “. So, in this article, I have covered everything with the following things.   

  • Bullmastiffs’ webbed feet much beneficial for walking
  • Bullmastiffs’ webbed paws are very useful for swimming.
  • The webbed toes help to bullmastiffs to dig
  • What if Bullmastiffs don’t have webbed feet?
  • A little bit more about Bullmastiffs

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