Best Dog Breeders in Ottawa (2024) – Top 8 Picks

Best Dog Breeders in Ottawa

Looking for a reputable dog breeder in Ottawa? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best dog breeders in the Ottawa, based on customer reviews and our own personal experience. From German Shepherds to Goldendoodles, we have you covered.

Dog breeding is a serious business, and it is important to do your research before choosing a breeder. All of the breeders on our list are licensed and insured, and they pride themselves on providing high-quality dogs to their customers. So whether you are looking for a family pet or an elite show dog, these breeders will not disappoint!

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The Best Dog Breeders in Ottawa List:

Dog Breeders List

  • 1. Red Dog Canine
  • 2. Canadian Doodle Puppies
  • 3. Pets in the Country
  • 4. Von Tighe Haus
  • 5. Little Cups
  • 6. Dragonluck
  • 7. Mooselake Labradors
  • 8. Mooselake Labradors

1. Red Dog Canine

The first on our list of dog breeders in Ottawa is Red Dog Canine. They breed Goldendoodle and Sheepadoodle. The idea to start a business as a dog breeder came to them in 2000. They have a dream estate for dogs where they can play and run freely.

The dogs are cared for, loved, and pampered. Moreover, they have a 2-acre private park, luxury suites, and interior play areas. They also have hired employees for taking care of the dogs.

Red Dog Canine specializes in Irishdoodle, Sheepadoodle, and hypoallergenic Goldendoodle. They have waitlists therefore you have to wait for some time before getting your puppy. So, if you are looking for any one of these dog breeds, you can contact Red Dog Canine.

Dog Breeder Info:
Location:3635 Sarsfield Rd Ottawa Ontario K0A 3M0
Email:[email protected]
Website: Red Dog Canine

2. Canadian Doodle Puppies

This dog breeder is also located in Ottawa and they specialize in Australian Labradoodle. They are a family breeder and 2 acres rural part of the city that is fully fenced. Moreover, they started breeding in the year 2007.

Several active and retired breeding dogs are still living with them. Most of the dogs live in guardian homes and the guardian families provide support and love to the breeding dogs. They do this to ensure that the dogs are in the best mental and physical health.

An important thing about this breeder is that they have full vet techs and vets that can help in ensuring the health of the dog.

The puppies are born in a puppy nursery in a clean and warm environment that is safe and dog friendly. They start socializing with the puppies when they are 6 to 7 weeks old. This is important because they can easily adjust when adopted by the families.

Their main focus is breeding well-tempered and healthy dogs and this is the reason that they pay great attention while choosing the dogs for breeding.

Canadian Doodle Puppies is a member of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association and is also a volunteer in the organization. Also, they have been selected as an Avidog Associate and Premium Breeder.

Dog Breeder Info:
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Email:[email protected]
Website: Canadian Doodle Puppies

3. Pets in the Country

One of the popular dog breeders in Ottawa is Pets in the Country. They are located 10km north of Hamilton in Ontario Canada. There is a 64-acre land farm that is used for the dogs and it enables them to enjoy plays and long walks.

They provide puppies to those families that can handle dogs preciously and are loving. Cockapoo puppies, Comfort Retrievers, and both mini and medium Goldendoodles are part of the Pets in the Country Kennel.

These breeders have proved themselves time and again for the personality, temperament, and characters of dogs that are best suited to families with or without children. Pets in the Country breeders provide free and natural environments in which their dogs are raised. They are provided unconditional love and care. So, if you are located in this area, you can contact them to get your favorite puppy.

Dog Breeder Ottawa Info:
Location: Millgrove, Ontario L0R 1V0
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 905-807-7902
Website: Pets In The Country
Facebook: Pets In The Country Fb Page

4. Von Tighe Haus

This is a small dog breeder that specializes in breeding German Shepherd Dogs. Breeding is their hobby and they are fully passionate about it. The dogs are bred by SV standards. Moreover, all the breeding dogs are also fully health tested before breeding.

These breeders are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club for breeding German Shepherd dogs. They have 25 acres of land near Ottawa and they breed West German Working Line German Shepherds dogs.

The important thing about these dog breeders is that they have excellent knowledge about this dog breed. They have spent 15 years with this breed before actually starting the breeding. You can rely on them if you are looking for a German shepherd dog.

Dog Breeder Info:
Location:Ontario Canada near Ottawa
Email:[email protected]
Website: Von Tighe Haus

5. Little Cups

Little Cups is another dog breeder located in Ottawa, if you are looking for a cute dog breed Maltipoo, you should contact this dog breeder. They specialize in Maltese, Poodle, Pomeranian and Maltipoo and these are all in teacup toy size.

The dog breeder is located in Richmond Hill Ontario. An important thing about this dog breeder is that they allow you to see their puppies in person before you take them home. Moreover, they also provide shipping service by air within Canada to ensure that the travel time is short for puppies. Till now, these breeders have sold over 100 puppies in different parts of Canada such as Oakville, Edmonton, Scotia, Nova etc.

Another thing why you should consider this dog breeder is because they provide a 1-year genetic health guarantee for puppies. Moreover, you can text them any time if you need any kind of support.

You can always contact this dog breeder if you need any kind of help. The parent of Poodle puppies weigh between 5 to 7lb and the weight of Maltese parents is between 4 to 6lb. These dogs have a teddy bear-like look which means that they are snout, shorter and have big rounded heads. The reason why you should consider this dog breed is because of 1-year congenital result for death guarantee.

You also get a replacement for a puppy of the same breed and equal value will be provided to the buyer. They do not provide a guarantee for puppy weight and size because both of these can vary depending upon the diet given to the dog.

Dog Breeder Info:
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Email: [email protected]
Website: Little Cups

6. Dragonluck

Among the different dog breeders in Ottawa, Dragonluck is one of the breeders that are known best for providing healthy and happy puppies. These breeders provide a fun and healthy environment to dogs.

The dogs are walked off-leash and are taken for walks twice a day. They are also taken for outdoor water fun so they have their proper exercise. These breeders also have 3 large play yards where dogs can play each day.

They raise the dogs as part of their family member and their individual needs are fulfilled. Each dog at Dragonluck receives proper love and attention and they have hired staff as well for taking care of the dogs.

These breeders hire only those people having a strong passion for pets and who love working with dogs. Moreover, the staff members also have different training programs such as dog training, vet assistant, and pet first aid.

The dogs by this breeder have won many titles such as Obedience titles, canine good neighbour titles, Conformation Championships, and Field titles as well.

Dog Breeder Ottawa Info:
Location:Ottawa, Ontario
Email:[email protected]
Website: Dragonluck

7. Mooselake Labradors

Mooselake Labradors is another dog breeder that produce top-quality therapy and champion dogs is Mooselake Labradors. The dog breeder was established in 1996. They produce titled competitive obedience dogs and hunting dogs.

These dogs are usually known as titled agility dogs and serve as great family pets. Mooselake has been the home of 53 Canadian Champions over the past years. They focus on producing healthy and quality Labrador Retrievers that have structural soundness, and exemplary breed type and temperament. They have Labrador Retrievers in all colours; black, yellow and chocolate.

These dogs are raised in homes till the age of 8 weeks and all their puppies are registered with Canadian Kennel Club. They complete a strict deworming cycle, microchip identification and the first set of vaccinations.

Each family is provided with a written health guarantee of the puppy with a comprehensive package that contains helpful information and 6 weeks of free pet health insurance. The reason why you can rely on these puppies is that the Labradors selected for breeding programs first go through health clearances and intensive health certifications including eyes, heart, elbows and hips.

Moreover, DNA testing is also performed on these dogs to check for any genetic disease. After all these tests, only the best Labradoodles are selected for breeding programs and are placed in local foster homes.
All these tests ensure that you will get a healthy and happy puppy that will spend a quality life with you.

Dog Breeder Info:
Location:20 Constance Lake Rd, Kanata, ON K2K 1X7
Email:[email protected]
Website: Mooselake Labradors

8. Mooselake Labradors

These dog breeders registered their kennel name Gatehouse in the year 2002 and they received a permanent registration from the Canadian Kennel Club. Their dogs have passed the temperament tests and have the best working Aptitude Evaluation.

The dogs are fully tested before breeding and the testing is also kept up to date on their website. This testing ensures the health of dogs but that does not mean that they will not have any health problems in life. They provide a written health guarantee for each puppy.

Dog Breeder Info:
Location:south of Owen Sound, Ontario
Email: [email protected]
Website: Gatehouse Dobermans

Choosing the best dog breeder in Ottawa:

Good breeders always spend enough time taking care of the dogs. If you are planning to buy a dog from a breeder, you must find a caring and responsible breeder.

If you don’t find a good dog breeder there are likely chances that your dog will suffer from different health conditions or behavioural problems. For this reason, it is important to spend time finding a good dog breeder and complete your research.

1. Check they are Members of Regional or Local Club:To find a good dog breeder, you must check the regional or national breed kennel club. The clubs usually have a code of ethics and the breeders are only registered when they fulfil the club requirements.

2. Visit the Breeder:Visiting the breeder place is one of the most important things. This is because in this way you can check if the breeder has a proper place where the dogs are being raised. Also, you can check if the breeder has all the facilities for proper breeding and caring of dogs.

3. Enough Knowledge About Breed:Dog breeding is a big responsibility and it also requires a lot of knowledge. Therefore, the dog breeder you are considering should have enough knowledge about the dog breed. You can llso ask different questions to the breeder regarding the breed.

4. Health Test:A good breeder always performs several tests on dogs before breeding. Only the best dogs are then chosen for breeding. Therefore, you must ask the breeder to show you all the health test records so that the health of the puppy can be assured.

The dogs should be properly screened for genetic disorders, properly checked by vets, and should be registered as well.

Do You Recommend any Good Dog Breeder in Ottawa?

If you know any great Dog breeder who lives in Ottawa, please let us know in the comments below. So we can add it to our list.

What is the Breeder Name? Where are they located in Ottawa?

It really helps others who are looking for a Dog puppies in Ottawa. if they can read honest reviews from buyers like yourself.

Conclusion For Dog Breeder in Ottawa:

Hope you Like this post, so these are the best dog Breeders in Ottawa that we have added to our list. and we believe there are many but we will thoroughly review and close check the breeder before adding it to our list. If your friend and relative looking for a dog Puppies in Ottawa, you can share this post with them. If you are looking for the best dog Breeders in Ottawa, you can consider one of these breeders.

Before you bring a dog from a breeder in Ottawa, Watch “Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy” below

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