Red Border Collie Dogs [7 Things You Should Know]

Red border collie

Are you looking for information about red border collie puppies? Well, you are in the right place. We are going to share seven fascinating facts about these puppies, one of the most popular and responsive dog breeds. I hope you guys keep reading.

1) What is the difference between the border collies and red border collies?

There are not many differences; a lot of border collies have the red version of melanin.

2) They are the most intelligent dogs in the world

Have you ever heard that border collie puppies are the smartest dogs in the world? These dogs are also one of them. It derives from studies by the famous psychologist Stanly Coren author at 1994 book the intelligence of dogs, which lists the smartest dog breeds in the world.

This book is a standard for millions of people. The most incredible case is probably that of Chess, a border collie that was able to identify a mind boggling total of 1,022 different toys!

3) Red border collies need a lot of exercise

These dogs are an especially active dog. When not providing walks and physical activity can lead to various behavioral problems. Before-mentioned as destructiveness, hyperactivity, anxiety, or even excessive vocalization.

The idea is to offer run for daily walks, which combine walking exercise, socialization, and encouraging sniffing behavior. Likewise, we must not forget the importance of mental stimulation through the audience and games.

4) Red border collies are excellent herding dogs

So these have many qualities, including the ability to herd, which stands out as excellent working as a sheepdog was one of the first functions given to this breed. Thanks to this, the animal no longer attacked the herd. But they guided controlled and monitored as much as the human shepherd.

While they have an instinct to guide hardiness, a technique that must be developed through education and training, we should never let these dogs hurt sheep if you have no experience as they might unintentionally harm the animals.

5) Red border collies as a watchdogs

It is worth highlighting the active and alert nature of red border Collies. For this reason, they make fantastic guard dogs. We don’t mean they should attack or even defend, but they can warn you of the presence of a stranger or other potential danger.

6) This breed is very faithful

Red border collies have the distinction of being incredibly faithful to their family.

They are close to their guardians because they definitely understand what they feel and will quickly return the love their owners provide.

This also means they can show quite a bit of reserve around strangers, something which depends on their socialization.

7) This dog is the perfect dog for children

This characteristic follows from the previous one. The red border collie breed is very faithful and intelligent. So they are ideal for children. Additionally, they are obediently organized and tireless dog.

This is why it’s perfect for energetic and non-sedentary children who can interact appropriately. The border collie puppies are only ideal for families of the time.

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