Do Miniature Schnauzers Like to Play Fetch? [Owner’s Guide]

Do miniature schnauzers like to play fetch?

Are you wondering if your Miniature Schnauzer loves to play fetch and how to train them? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll clarify all the matters you need to know about playing fetch with your furry friend.

Most Miniature Schnauzers love to play fetch as they are friendly and playful by nature. To train your Schnauzer to play fetch, you can use their favorite toys, proper training techniques, rewarding and praising them, creating a comfortable play area, obedience training, proper socialization, positive reinforcement, and consistency.

While it may seem overwhelming to do all of these things at once, it’s important to take things step by step. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to train your Miniature Schnauzer to play fetch. By following the right approach and taking the necessary precautions, you can ensure that your furry friend has a happy and healthy life filled with plenty of playtime and exercise.

So, stay with us and let’s dive into the world of Miniature Schnauzers and playing fetch!

Can miniature schnauzers play fetch? In-depth answer.

What do you think about the above title? The answer is YES. The majority of Schnauzers love to play fetch. Not only Schnauzers but also other breeds love it too.

Although Schnauzers are a tiny dog breed, they are very active, fearless, intelligent, and friendly. Schnauzer buddies are good at obeying new commands and are highly playful.

Playing fetch is very substituted for your less aggressive Schnauzer buddy. Wait! What? Less aggressive? Yes, of course, the good thing is this breed is never over-aggressive and easy to train.

They are quick learners. Apart from that, you should not be off-leash when you and your puppy are outside. We consider them as watchdogs. According to my mind, playing fetch is a very healthy game for our Schnauzer ally.

Furthermore, most Schnauzers love to play fetch during their boring time because they are very competitive.

They have enough mental and physical stamina for playing fetch. Yes, dude, they are little but incredible. Having a Miniature Schnauzer is a blessing.

Why do some Miniature Schnauzers don’t like to play fetch?

That depends. When I thought about why Miniature Schnauzers don’t like to play fetch, I got some common information from myself and other owners.

After that, I compared them one by one. Schnauzers are very intelligent because you cannot cheat them. When you train or teach them, be careful and wise. I attached here some of the mutual matters for your knowing.

  1. Not enough comfortable need
  2. When they become the sick
  3. When you fail to give a proper train
  4. Yelling or punishing
  5. Metal disorders

1. Not enough comfortable needs

How thoughtful you are. Please don’t blame your Schnauzer for not playing fetch without reasonable investigation. The problem might be you or something else.

Do you provide every comfortable need for your Schnauzer buddy? When they lose their favorite needs, they become lazy and aggressive.

Firstly check your buddy’s area. Is he/she like the things around him/her? Is your backyard comfortable enough for your Schnauzer buddy?

If you don’t know how to make your area for your puppy, read my previous article. You will get some ideas. Give him/her favorite toys, and you have to motivate your Schnauzer buddy for playing fetch.

2. When they become sick

Is your Schnauzer buddy not good at playing fetch? Maybe his/her interest in playing fetch has reduced even if you trained your Schnauzer buddy well.

Why is that? Every now and then, your priority is your puppy’s health. Take him/her to the veterinarian because it might be a dental disorder, vision problem, hearing matter, or an injury.

During a pain period, your puppy is not focused on anything. So visiting his/her veterinarian is very important. Keep an eye on your Schnauzer puppy well.

3. When you fail to give a proper training

Training your puppy is not a simple case. If you’re busy with your daily work or cannot manage time for your puppy, you will not be able to maintain your Schnauzer puppy well.

As a result, your Miniature Schnauzer buddy will not focus on playing fetch. You have to make a daily training routine. You have to keep it without any difficulty if you fail to train on time it is useless.

4. Yelling or punishing

Puppies are very emotional and sensitive with their master. That’s why you have to be sympathetic when you train or play with your puppy.

If they are disappointed with you, Schnauzer will not play fetch anymore. After they become sad, it is complicated to console again. Be careful when you talk to your lovely innocent puppy.

5. Mental disorders

As a responsible Schnauzer owner, your job is to keep your puppy healthy both mentally and physically. We cannot judge our puppy by considering physical fitness. In my previous articles, we discussed that.

So please be careful when you deal With your puppy. Because of this, your Schnauzer buddy will not join you to play fetch. Do not get excited and start one by one slowly. Your puppy will get it soon.

How to train your Miniature Schnauzer to play fetch?

This is the essential part of this article, and now I’mma clarifies how to train your Miniature Schnauzer to play fetch.

Playing fetch is an enjoyable thing to do with your schnauzer buddy. Basically, it saves your energy without considerable trouble.

You just throw the ball, and your puppy brings it back to you. Fetch is very simple to teach your love schnauzer and imma explain 3 steps to very easily train your poochy

When we try to teach fetch to your schnauzer buddy, we have to face two problems.

  1. When you throw the ball, he/she catches it and doesn’t come back to you.
  2. After your puppy coming back to you, he/she won’t discharge the ball

First step

Let’s turn it into the first step. It is extremely important to begin the training in a small place like a room, corner of a room or near a wall. And then start to show the ball to your schnauzer buddy.

For this game, you are allowed to use a tennis ball. Don’t use a tiny one or a big one because it will be difficult to use for your puppy. After the comforts with the ball, you can throw it towards your puppy.

That’s how you start to fetch games with your schnauzer buddy. Do not throw it too far from your dog because we need to maintain the space. When you stay too far from your puppy his/, her concentrations come towards you.

You know your puppy’s attention should go toward the ball. In this fetch game, your Schnauzer’s attention is very vital.  And then repeat this activity several times. You are still training him/her to get comfortable with the ball.

Read this to understand how high can a Miniature schnauzer jump.

Second step

And here we go to the next step. Now your schnauzer buddy knows about the fetch game a little bit.  After practicing the above methods now your puppy allows going to the ground or the backyard.

This will be the most challenging step for you. Because when your puppy goes outside, he/she tries to go here and there. Before coming back to the outside, train him/her to be off-leash and obey the commands.

Do you remember the two problems you face when you train a fetch game for your Miniature Schnauzer buddy? During this step, we are gonna solve those two problems.

When you throw the ball, he/she catches it and doesn’t come back to you.

How to unravel this matter? You have to teach COME command firmly and be vocal and exciting. After your dog catches the ball, call her/his name and ask them to come. After his/her coming, take the ball and run away.

Why are you doing this thing? It is for taking your dog’s attention. While you run away from your dog, call his/her name or do whatever you want to grab your puppy’s attention.

After your puppy coming back to you, he/she won’t discharge the ball

What you have to do is centralize with, out/drop it a command. It is straightforward to do because Schnauzer buddies are good at learning new things. After he/she releases the ball, say out and give him/her treats.

Now repeat this method over and over until your puppy gets it. Finally, your puppy will come to the right track. This is how you train your Schnauzer to play fetch games.

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Third step

There is a final step to teach your lovely pooch. That is REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT.  When you repeat those steps again and, your Schnauzer buddy will understand the procedure, and then you can spend a funny and lovely time with your Schnauzer busy playing fetch games.

You can use different places and different powers. The most important thing here is

  • Come command
  • Go command
  • Out command

How long should miniature Schnauzer play fetch?

Everything has a limit and boundaries. Is your miniature buddy has a period for play fetch? Yes, of course. The recommended time is at least 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

It is very pleasurable when you go outside such as a park, ground, or the back yard.  It all depends on

  • Breeds
  • Age
  • Health
  • Energy

Puppies cannot bear it for a long time. When they are done, they will stop and try to stay calm. But adults are more energetic than puppies. They can tolerate their energy and power.

Because adults have more power to release than puppies. Considering the above four reasons you have to change time maybe more. That’s how we manage the time when we play fetch with our schnauzer buddy

By the way, read this to understand whether Miniature schnauzers can be protective.

Pros and cons of playing fetch?

Have you got something important from the above points? Ok, let’s figure out the possible pros and cons of playing fetch for your schnauzer buddy

Build a firm bond between the dog and you.Sometimes carry toxic germs
Give exerciseExpand hyperactivity
Improve your puppy’s behaviorHarmful devices
You can play it any time of the day


1. Build a firm bond between the dog and you.

How is your companionship between you and your dog? If you are a busy person with your daily office work, you will keep a good relationship with your puppy.

Playing fetch with your Schnauzer buddy will rectify your connection. It is suitable for both your and your puppy’s mental stimulation.

2. Give exercise

Exercise is a very vital thing for your lovely, spirited puppy. When your schnauzer buddy play fetch, it will help to

  • reduce cholesterol level
  • manage blood pressure
  • manage triglycerides level
  • reduce loneliness
  • be socialize

3. Improve your puppy’s behavior

Playing fetch will burn your Schnauzer’s energy. When they are getting exhausted, they try to find out a way to release their stress.

As a result, they start barking every time. This bad habit will stop when your Schnauzer plays fetch with you. Because they have a way to release their stress.

4. You can play it any time of the day

If you are engaged with your own business, it is tough to find time to play fetch games with your schnauzer buddy. Don’t worry about that.

You are enabled to play fetch games any time of the day. It is very pleasing to both you and your puppy


1. Sometimes carry toxic germs

Most of the germs are affected because of outside activities. We don’t know how to avoid germs and toxins. It is very dangerous playing fetch outside with your schnauzer buddy.

He/she will be able to become sick.

2. Expand hyperactivity

Playing fetch games with your schnauzer buddy is a motivation to be hyper. They will think this is the way to take his/her owner’s attention, and your schnauzer puppy will probably begin to always play fetch games.

3. Harmful devices

After your lovely miniatures buddy gets used to playing fetch, he/she will play fetch with things it sees without a choice. Some devices will become harmful and toxic. It is a threat to your dog’s life.

Things to be aware of

Yelling at your puppy

The understanding level depends on each other. Although Schnauzer is good at learning, it will change because, for some reason, at that time, what you have to do is tolerate and try again.

It’s a well-known fact that training to fetch games for your schnauzer buddy is not tricky, patience is the key to everything

Hire a dog trainer

If you don’t have sufficient confidence in doing these things at once, you can get help from a dog trainer. It is better than teaching wrong things to your dogs. After practicing well, you can do it yourself.


Being violent is not suitable for every occasion. Specifically, when you deal with a dog, the only thing you should assert is love.

If you try to punish your Schnauzer during the training fetch period, he/she will become aggressive. Be careful and use some strategies when you are training your puppy. Being harsh is not working at that time.


In this article, I have expressed all the matters you deal with when you try to play fetch with your miniature schnauzer buddy. The dogs are very innocent.

The only thing canines expect from you is love, affection, attention, and care. We all are not perfect, but we can become perfect. When you deal with your puppy, be patient and kind.

I hope that you get the things I try to convey.


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