Here’s Why Some People Have an Urge To Hit Their Dogs

Do you feel like you want to hit your doggy fellow whenever you see him? Well, perhaps, you might. Wanna know the reason behind your urge? Come, let’s solve this.

You might urge to hit your dog due to his behavioral issues or perhaps your issues such as anxiety, stress, unbearable pressure, anger issues, and their cuteness. You can control and manage your anger, stress, and fear to avoid hitting. For dogs, try positive reinforcement.

Anyway, the urge to hit your poor doggy does not seem reasonable to either you or your dog. So, let’s see what should you try to keep him safe.

Why do you have the urge to hit your dog?

Before getting on with the topic, it is better to determine the reasons or what motivates you to hit your doggy. Probably, you haven’t thought about this problem before. Frankly, why do you have the urge to hit your dog?

Let’s find answers to all the questions that keep rotting you regarding this issue.

As mentioned above, there can be two significant umbrellas of reasons to have the urge to hit your doggy. One is your doggy’s rascal behavior pattern, which is beyond your control. The other might be an issue with your personality or your behavior.

It is so excellent and appreciative that you have openly reached out about the issue. However, it is a ‘hard-to-admit’ fact.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Behavioral pattern of the dog.

Well, this can be identified as the primary reason for having an urge to hit your doggy fellow since their actions during the particular time are beyond your control. 

It is normal to have such an urge in such instances, and I am sure you do not think twice about giving a little slap over the back to say, ‘just stop.’

It is totally only to control them and not to make them hurt.

Chewing your new sofa or the mattress, running all over your home breaking two or three statues, barking at the road for no reason, and trying to bite strangers or neighbors when taken out for a walk are some of the uncontrollable and nasty behavioral actions of dogs which make an urge to hit them.

2. Your anxiety.

This reason is a little complex, and your doggy has nothing to do in this regard. First of all, remember that.

Suppose you are an anxious person and often suffer from any anxiety condition. In that case, you might automatically urge to hit your little doggy even if they have not done anything to be punished.

In such instances, you might hit your doggy for no reason whenever you see him. You are stressed out for an extended period and feel like a dog is an unnecessary burden.

This is a condition where you must get treatments, and if not, your poor doggy might pay for it.

By the way, here is what to do if you yelled at your dog and now feel bad.

3. Pressure of the day.

When you return home after a long and hectic day, you are done for the day. But, it is the start of the day for your little doggy as he waits till you come home to spend time with you.

In such instances, when they try to play or stay stuck to you, you might have the urge to hit them and chase them.

So, your pressure can be a reason for you to have an urge to hit your doggy.

4. Anger issues.

Your unlimited anger issues can be why you have an urge to hit your dog. This is really a dangerous situation if not controlled.

Because when you get angry, you do not care for anyone near you. So, since dogs are going around you all the time, there is a greater possibility of getting hurt.

Trust me, this is completely dangerous and risky if you do not control your anger.

5. Stress.

The stress you have at the end of a day or at any time of the day can be identified as one of the primary reasons to generate an urge to hit your little doggy.

Dogs are not human beings, and they only know to wander around you and be petted. They do not understand whether you are stressed or tired.

So, when they try to cuddle with you or when they are clingy, you might have the urge to hit them, and those poor little fellows might suffer a lot from your action.

6. ‘Omg! They are so freaking CUTE!’

Even Though it seems like a little joke kinda reason, it is true. You might have the urge to hit them (not so complicated) when they are overflowing with cuteness.

This is a scientifically proven condition which is called ‘cute aggression. Under such conditions, you might feel like squeezing your doggy or hitting him due to seeing them freaking cute.

How to control yourself if you have the urge to hit your dog?

First, let me appreciate that you have openly reached out to the issue and found solutions if you urge to hit your dog where your little doggy has nothing to do with it. It is great that you have considerable awareness of the issue.

If you do not, well, then do not worry. We’ll guide you.

You should keep in your mind that dogs are not human and only know to be clingy and love you whenever and wherever they can.

Even though they show immense love and adore you a lot, they have no idea that they are disturbing or driving you nuts by doing things you ask them not to do. That’s typically their nature.

But, if the issue is with you and you have the urge to hit them because of your personal matters, you must follow the solutions. DO NOT even let your poor doggy suffer from your anger or whatever it is.

So, let’s find out how to control yourself if you have the urge to hit your dog while they are so innocent and behaving well.

1. Control your anger.

Anger management is crucial anywhere regarding your doggy. It is pretty natural to get angry because of a frustrating situation or at the end of a hectic day.

But, your doggy cannot understand that you are not in a mood to play clingy with them, and they try to be loving.

So, in such situations, if you cannot control your anger by yourself, the best solution is to consult a counselor or a physician. Do not hesitate or become shy to seek help in such situations as it can directly affect your mental wellbeing.

2. Manage your stress.

Obviously, we are so stressed at the end of the day, and it continues after we return home.

Under such circumstances, you might have urges to hit your dog when they try to come near you.

Try your best to chase your stress away and have a little ‘me time before going home.

3. Get rid of anxiety.

Anxious conditions cannot be cured at the first shot, but treat your nervous disease well and get through it.

Treating your anxiety can lead to happy times with your doggy without the urge to hit him.

Doggos are not responsible or should pay for your issues. That is why you have to get treated and control your emotions to better your relationship with them.

Do not ever let your doggy be the prey of your anger or stress.

What to do if you have such an issue due to the dog’s behavior?

Sometimes things can be vice versa. You might get the feeling or urge to hit your dog because of their behavior and not something wrong with you.

Well, this is very common among dog parents. Naturally, we feel like giving a little hit and controlling them, which is unacceptable.

In such instances, you can follow the below-mentioned methods to avoid the urge to hit your dog no matter how beasty they behave.

1. Train them well.

As we all know, doggies need very good and effective training in everything. Consider starting training them from the beginning if you want to chase away the urge to hit them.

Meet a dog trainer if you can’t plan it by yourself and get on with the procedure of making your doggy obedient.

2. Do not promote wrong behaviors.

Remember not to promote any wrong and unacceptable behavior and do not let them feel that you are angry towards them.

Because sometimes they tend to do the same thing you do not permit them to do just to see you are angry. Doing against can be with the dogs as well.

3. Neglect the feeling.

Whenever you urge to hit them because of a nasty thing they do, try your best to neglect and make them understand in some other way by stopping their treats.

Things to be aware of.

Be attentive when training them.

Be patient and try your best to control yourself when you urge to hit them.

Be kind towards them when training.

Do not do anything which damages their mental health.

If the situation is going beyond your control, ask for the help of your relations, neighbors, or friends.


As well as human beings, doggies are also going through Post-Traumatic Stress. That is why you should immediately take action to stop the urge to hit your little doggy fellow.

I think you have a clear idea of what to do when you get the urge to hit your dog, no matter if it is because of their behavior or your uncontrollable emotions.

Attend to them kindly with love and be very careful about their safety. Punishing is not the solution at all.

Cheers until next time!

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