Why Does Your Puppy Sleep Under Your Chair? [Do These 4 Things]

‘Under your chair’ is the usual place for your puppy to spend his time. But have you ever thought WHY under your chair? Irrespective of age; they just want to squeeze under your chair.

A puppy sleeps under your chair when he loves to be with you, waiting for food and treats, due to a change in the surroundings, or perhaps the reason may be psychological. Separation anxiety, stress, and fear make him sleep under your chair. Give him some treats to get him out.

No matter how crazy it seems, there are some hidden reasons for them to sleep under your chair. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Why does your puppy sleep under your chair?

Literally, your puppy sleeping under your chair might be just a thing to you. Yes, it is quite a simple behavioral pattern if you are sure about his behaviors and health condition.

As mentioned above, puppies sleep under the owner’s chair without complex reasons. Even so, have you ever doubted it?

Sometimes, your puppy does not even bother about his size; all he wants is to scrawl under your chair and sleep, regardless of the size.

Now, let’s discover why your puppy sleeps under your chair.

1. Loves to stay with you.

A puppy ball is a great companion to you and vice versa for him. So obviously, he loves very much to stay as close to you when you are home.

This is the most common cause for almost all puppies to sleep just under your chair, no matter how narrow the space is. He loves to feel that you are around him all the time, proving the point that dogs and humans have been inseparable since the dawn of evolution.

It is one of the ways your puppy shows affection towards you; if so, you do not have to worry about his comfy sleep under your chair.

2. A change in the surrounding.

Puppies are highly sensitive to the changes that take place around them. If you have brought home a new puppy ball, he might try to sleep under your chair as you are the only familiar person to him in the house.

Until he gets accustomed to the new environment and totally new sounds, your puppy tends to sleep under your chair for no other reason.

Give him time and be on alert.

3. Waiting for food.

Sometimes, when your pup comes and sleeps under the chair you’re sitting, it’s all because of food or treats. This can be commonly seen when you are having your meal or having some snacks.

Your puppy knows you can’t eat without giving some brunch to you. He is super confident about it.

Perhaps, he might sleep calmly until you finish your dish and walk to the kitchen with you for his food bowl.

4. Separation anxiety.

My Brunza always sleeps under my chair or beside my bed when I’m home after a trip of two-three days. So, little puppy balls can feel your absence more than anyone in your home.

Separation anxiety is a mental condition that is not easy for us. So then think about puppies. They are naturally hyper-sensitive creatures.

So, the state of separation anxiety of your puppy ball automatically leads him to sleep under your chair or stay as close to you as you are about to leave.

5. Stress.

When your pup is stressed because of any particular incident or awkward sounds and neighbors, he might tend to sleep under your chair.

In such situations, under your chair might be the only relaxing place for him until he gains an energy boost.

But, this is not a condition to wait and watch. It would be better if you could take him to the vet before he is overstressed.

6. Scared.

One of the most common reasons your puppy comes running and sleeps under your chair is getting scared of something. It could be a person, another rowdy dog, or an unbearable noise.

But, your pup might have his own reasons, which are entirely different from other dogs. So, the reasons often depend. In such situations, the puppy thinks the space under your chair is the most suitable place to hide.

7. Injured or sick.

When your little puppy is sick or injured, he calmly scrawls and sleeps under your chair without making a single noise. So be very attentive whether he is seriously injured or hurt.

Always just have a check. If the condition is critical, take him to the vet as soon as possible, which would be the best thing to do.

8. ‘This is my spot.’

Well, perhaps your brave little puppy bag might think that under your chair is the safest and most comfortable place to sleep. Not only puppies but old doggies also have their private place, which they prefer more than anywhere else. It is naturally taking place.

Dogs love secret den-like places, and the narrow little space under your chair might be the first place on their list.

So, your puppy might love to chew your ankle or just a leg bone while comfortably staying under your chair. Eventually, they will fall asleep as well. My one is doing it as a habit.

Out of the above-explained reasons, the most critical reasons are separation anxiety, fear, and stress, which are psychological reasons because all these are directly related to your pup’s mental health.

Getting sick or injured can be cured with your keen attention and caretaking. I do not say that it is an easy task. But, things will turn more serious when your puppy suffers from psychological problems like anxiety or stress.

So, be careful and very attentive towards their behaviors, and most importantly, don’t panic if he is sleeping under your chair without any symptoms of critical conditions.

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Why shouldn’t your puppy always sleep under your chair?

You may wonder why your puppy shouldn’t always sleep under your chair. Is it that bad? Are there any negative outcomes from that kind of behavior?

To be frank, there’s no issue regarding the habit of your puppy sleeping under your chair if everything is okay at home. But, sometimes, your puppy sleeps under your chair when they are physically or mentally ill.

In such instances, the issue of letting your pup sleep under your chair is not visible to you. Now, let’s discover some of the reasons why your puppy shouldn’t always sleep under your chair.

1. Becomes weak.

If your pup is suffering from an anxiety condition and not coming out even to gobble his favorite bowl of food, he gets weak within a few days.

This is not good for his mental and physical health.

2. Lose confidence.

When your pup sleeps under your chair when he gets scared or stressed, he loses his confidence to face the challenges.

Eventually, it will affect his normal day-to-day life, and he will not get socialized. Then loneliness will swallow your little pup without letting him enjoy his life.

3. Become aggressive.

Just letting your puppy stay and sleep under your chair for the whole day can make him a bit aggressive.

It is not towards you but for other neighbors, and outsiders. Of course, a doggy is a little aggressive by nature. But over-aggressive behaviors are not safe.

How to keep your puppy from sleeping under your chair?

If you notice that your little puppy sleeps and spend too much time under your chair, you should carefully attend to their problem, if there are any.

But, remember, you do not have to worry unnecessarily if it is quite fine with your little pup. All you should do at first is observe him carefully and identify the reason for him sleeping under your chair too often.

Then if you catch any terrible symptoms, you can follow some steps mentioned below.

1. Talk.

When your puppy is sleeping under your chair because of an illness or some anxious condition, the best solution is to talk to him.

Try to take him out for a walk or to play a little.

2. Try treats.

You can try some of your puppy’s favorite treats and call him to wake up and come out.

Then take him to the vet if needed.

3. Train to sit on a chair.

If you want to keep your puppy from sleeping under your chair, you can try giving him a new comfy chair.

Then practice him sitting or sleeping on it rather than sleeping under it.

4. Take to the vet.

This is the best solution you can have if your puppy is sleeping under your chair as a result of separation anxiety or stress or any fear.

Take him to the vet and follow the vet’s advice to keep your puppy’s mind balanced.

Things to be aware of.

  • Be alert to your puppy’s mental condition when treating it.
  • Be careful when engaging in training activities, and do not let your puppy get injured.
  • Do not pressure your pup into anything.
  • Be kind and patiently attend to his problems.


Puppies are little play machines, and they love doing some awkward things. But we have to ensure that there are no critical reasons for some of their behaviors. If he loves to sleep under your chair, just let him, as it is quite a normal habit. But be attentive and considerate if he has mental or physical issues to sleep under your chair. Then carefully attend to those without hurting them.

Cheers until next time!

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