How To Make Real Meat Dog Treats [7 Steps]

How To Make Real Meat Dog Treats

Looking for a method to make real meat dog treats that your dog would love?

Let’s find out the way we can make it by using easy seven steps.

There are few frequently asked questions as well related to this. Such as

  •  How do you dehydrate meat for dog treats?
  • How do you dehydrate chicken breast for dog treats?

Yes, you may also have these problems. I hope I can give the best solutions for these things too.

Things required:

  • Here we are using chicken breast. But you can use any meat that your dog would like such as
    • duck breast
    • Fish
    • beef
  • If you want, you can use seasonings too if your dog likes to make real meat dog treats. But this is optional. You may use
    • Oregano leaves
    • Mixed herbs
    • parsley flakes
    • Garlic powder
    • Ginger ground
  • Dehydrator or an oven that can have temperatures set as low as 50 to 60 C
  • Tissue papers


Step1: take off moisture (let’s start to make real meat dog treats)

So the first thing you are going to get some tissue papers and take off as much moisture as you can off your piece of meat. The more moisture in your piece of meat, the longer it will take in the oven or dehydrator to make real meat dog treats.

Step2: cut off the fats

Next, you will also want to cut off any fat or see you off your meat.

Step3: Cut the meats to make real meat dog treats

Next, cut your meat into thin slices and using some tissue paper just taking off any more moisture that you can off the piece of meat.

Try and cut the piece of meat as thin as you can because thicker the pieces are the longer it will take in the dehydrator or the oven.

Step4: put seasonings

Next part is optional. But you can also use some dog-friendly seasonings such as Oregano leaves, parsley flakes, Ginger ground or Garlic powder. If your dog is allergic to anything, you can leave it out. You can leave out seasoning altogether if you want to.

So if you decide to use seasoning like use as mentioned earlier your hands to give it a little mix so you can coat the seasoning on all the pieces of meat. 

Step5: put meats on trays

In this step, put your pieces of meat on some trays. Try and make sure none of your pieces of meats is overlapped or touching. Do leave a little bit of a gap between each of the pieces of meat.

Step6: setup the dehydrator or oven

Next setup the dehydrator or oven and set the temperature to 60C. This process will get at about 8 to 12 hours depending on what type of meat you use, how big, or how thick the pieces are.

You will know it’s completely ready when it’s scorched, and you can’t feel or see any moisture in the part of the meat.

Step7: get the Real meat dog treats

So once they are done, please put it in a bowl or a plate and let it completely cool. So after they are thoroughly cooling, you will have to store it in an airtight container or ziplock bags.

Since there are no preservatives, you will have to keep it in the fridge or the freezer. So you can keep it in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks to a month. Or you can keep it in the freezer for many many months.

So when using ziplock bags and airtight containers try and fill them as much you can. When using the ziplock bags work and take as much of the air as you can out of the ziplock bags.

The more air that you have in the airtight container or the zip lock bag can cause moisture, and when there is a lot of moisture, it can be reabsorbed by the meat that you have dried.

Now go and do the taste test with your puppy. so guys please share with us your experience with this.

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