Does Your Neighbor Leave Dog Poop On Your Doorstep? [Do This]

Does The Neighbor Leaves Dog Poop On The Doorstep

Discovering dog feces in your doorway can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have a dog or your dog isn’t the culprit. If you suspect that one of your neighbors is leaving dog poop on your doorstep, it’s important to take action to prevent this from happening again.

What can you do if your neighbor leaves dog poop on your doorstep?

First, consider talking calmly and directly with your neighbor to address the issue. If this doesn’t work, you can try putting up a signboard, distributing flyers, or keeping a dog waste bin on the corner of the sidewalk.

If these tactics don’t work, you may need to take more drastic action, such as installing security cameras to catch the culprit in the act. You can also hand over a citation to the owner or warn them about the consequences of their actions.

In our upcoming discussion, we’ll explore all the possible solutions to this frustrating problem, including how to handle neighbors who continue to leave dog poop on your doorstep even after being notified. Don’t miss out on this informative conversation that can help you keep your doorstep clean and your yard healthy.

Why might your neighbor possible leave dog poop at your doorstep?

Whatever the reason is, it is a very bad thing to leave one’s dog’s poop on another doorstep. But it is happening in somewhere the world at the moment which you read this too.

Some people are so lazy to clean their own land, house, everything and dispose of the wastes in a proper way. If the dog poops, they just throw it at a neighbor’s land. So selfish!

Some people have little regard for other people’s property, and if we make improvements to our yard or home, we are subjected to their vandalized activities.

Maybe smearing dog poop on the yard or the doorstep. As well, there is a type of person who doesn’t like pet dogs. They want to convince us that our dog is trouble.

So it is possible that this is being done. Further, one reason your neighbor might leave dog feces in your yard is that they forgot or didn’t bring enough “doggy bags” on their stroll while going for walks.

Sometimes, one of your neighbors could be seeking revenge for some incident, too, by leaving dog poop like this in your yard.

Dogs poop everywhere as they have no sense of selecting the right place to remove their waste. This is not the thing. 

You discovered dog feces on your doorstep, lawn, yard, or wherever you found it, and if it appears to have been left on purpose, that is extremely important.
Dog poop stinks and is not good for your health either. 

If someone leaves it back when you try to remove and clean your place, it is a menace for you. This is a mandatory question to solve.

Usually, a few dog owners prefer to leave their pet’s feces behind on purpose. Sometimes it is possible that your neighbor had a bad day or was disappointed for any reason.

They will be less prone to dropping excrement in your yard if you can empathize with them.

Maybe there’s someone who has a mental defect living in your neighborhood, and he or she has dropped those dog poos without knowing it. In such an instance, we have to identify the situation.

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What to do if your neighbor leaves dog poop on your doorstep?

If you face this instance, where a neighbor leaves dog poop on your doorstep, it is a nuisance. As ordinary people, we cannot wait to see this continue, as this is so bad for the health of living people.

So let’s see what we can put into action if your neighbor leaves dog poop on your doorstep.

1. Can talk with neighbor calmly.

If you are calm enough to talk to your neighbor about the problem, have a friendly conversation with your next-door neighbor.

Prepare to listen to them while explaining your inconvenience. If they understood your situation and the depth of their fault, definitely they will apologize to you and won’t do so again.

But please be careful about their mentality before talking about such a matter.

2. Put up a signboard.

You can set up a signboard in your yard near the road or sidewalk if you don’t know which neighbor is the problem or if you’d prefer not to face them personally.

Many homeowners know that simply displaying signage is sufficient to deter neighbors from entering their yard.

The efficiency of this strategy will, of course, be determined by your neighbor’s personality.

3. Distribute flyers and send out notices.

Establishing standards for cleaning up pet excrement is a good idea if numerous others in your community are experiencing the same problem as you.

After that, distribute fliers and send notices to ensure that everyone in the community is aware of the regulations.

If some neighbors breach the regulations, the others can gather evidence to support your claim, and you can file a complaint with animal control.

4. Keep a dog shit bin on the corner of the sidewalk.

This is also a good idea to stop neighbors from leaving dog poop on your doorstep. You can place an eco-friendly dog shit bin on the corner of the sidewalk.

Then, even the lazy people can throw their dogs’ shit into that bin instead of leaving it in everyone’s yards, as there is no harm in using a shit bin for this purpose.

5. A small plastic bag dispenser can be installed. (doggy bags)

Some people just leave dog poop in someone’s yard because they have nothing other than a bare hand to pick up if their dog poops while walking.

You can be a good neighbor by installing a tiny plastic bag dispenser similar to those used in dog parks to encourage your neighbors to pick up after their dogs.

Place the dispenser near the road in a prominent location. This is a friendly approach for you to assist your neighbor.

6. Installing security cameras.

When you install security cameras, you might collect evidence that your neighbor is leaving dog poo on your doorstep when you’re not at home.

As a result, they are unable to deny it. If you need to make a complaint with animal control or take legal action, video proof will be useful.

In addition, visible security cameras and “under observation” signs are a significant deterrent to them leaving dog shit in your yard.

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What if the neighbor still does so after being notified?

There’re a few people who don’t become sympathetic to others’ issues but only for their own will. In this matter, it is the same.

Despite our warnings, signboards, and other efforts, they continue to leave dog poop on our doorstep. seriously, what should we do if we find ourselves in the same situation?

Let’s see what we can do if the neighbor still does so after being notified.

1. Can force them not to do so.

If one of our neighbors leaves dog poop on the doorstep, we have done a friendly inform or a reminder as to the first step.

If he/she continues doing so, ignoring you, you cannot wait to tolerate this.

If they are not listening to friendly reminders, then you can force them to stop leaving dog poop on your doorstep.

2. Build a high wall or a fence.

This is a good solution to this matter. If the neighbor is a nuisance to you and he keeps leaving dog poop in your yard, you can upgrade your fence to a high, strong fence or to a high wall with a strong gate.

Outsiders will be unable to throw anything at your yard.

3. Hand over the dog owner a citation.

If your neighbor still leaves dog feces in your yard after being informed, you can hand over to him a citation that has been issued by the animal control unit in your area.

So, as the citation is a kind of legal document, the dog owner can respond to you well after that and stop leaving the dog’s poop at the doorstep.

4. Warn them.

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work, the only thing you can do is warn them that you’re going to take legal action or going to sue them for leaving the dog’s poop at the doorstep, as it is a nuisance for you.

Actually, if they are not properly responding to you and your inconvenience is because of them, frankly, there is no other thing to do than take legal action.

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Can you take legal action if your neighbor leaves dog feces at your door?

Cleaning up your own dog’s feces is difficult enough, let alone picking up someone else’s. As well, dog feces are so bad for human and animal health too.

If your neighbor’s dog leaves droppings in your yard and doesn’t seem to mind, even though informed, warned, or anything else, there is no other solution than to take legal action against them.

If this is a huge nuisance to you, you may have even more legal options. You have to collect shreds of evidence to sue your neighbor.

A security camera is more than enough to do this. As there is no other solution and you cannot bear this anymore, my suggestion is that you take legal action to stop this.

Things to be aware of.

I believe you are now much more aware of the need to act wisely when a problem such as “neighbor leaves dog poop on the doorstep” arises.

Although we have discussed so many alternatives, there are a few things to be concerned about more. So, let’s discuss those things that are to be aware of.

  1. Don’t let physical conflicts come between you and your respective neighbors, as fights can damage more people than we think.
  2. Never try to throw or replace the dog poop in your yard again on the neighbor’s doorstep. It can damage our reputation, as well as, if it is not the guilty person, you may be embarrassed.
  3. Don’t punish the dog of the neighbor for the fault of the man.
  4. Never try to irritate your neighbors, except at the worst possible time.


Not only is dog excrement disgusting, but it’s also difficult to remove from your shoes when stepped on. As well as Millions of bacteria may be present in dog feces, many of which are harmful to both animal and human health. So, as previously mentioned, it is a very despicable act if any person leaves his dog’s poop on another person’s doorstep or in their yard. But if you face such a problem in your lifetime, now you know how to handle the situation. I think this article would give you a lot of ideas on how to act wisely and solve the problem if one of your neighbors continues to leave dog poop on your doorstep. So let’s meet on another important issue like this!

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