When A Neighbor Is Harassing You About Your Dog [Do This]

When A Neighbor Is Harassing You About Your Dog

Although we love dogs, some people don’t tolerate pet dogs. If we have a pet dog and a neighbor who doesn’t tolerate dogs, some disputes can arise.

So we will have to face various harassment because of our dog. Let’s see how to deal with this matter.

If a neighbor is harassing you about your dog, listen attentively first. Then be kind and apologize. Consider asking for any ideas to solve the issue. But, If injustice occurs and the neighbor doesn’t seem to stop, file a complaint if you need to. Further, installing CCTV is good for your safety.

So, let’s see what we can do if your neighbor complains about our dog, why they are harassing us about our dog, and how to handle the situation without making the issue worse.

Why might your neighbor harass you about your dog?

If your dog is a real troublemaker, there is no doubt that your neighbors will harass you about your dog.

Although you have a wonderful dog in your apartment, your neighbors are constantly complaining about him.

The most difficult aspect of owning a dog is when your neighbors are bothered by it. Let’s see what kind of reasons are affecting these complaints about your dog.

1. If the dog pesters people: When the dog tries to pester the people on the street by chasing them, biting them, or chasing the passing cars while barking, it really is a menace to the people.

2. Dog attacks: Fatal dog attacks and dog bite injuries done by our dogs to other animals nearby or pets of neighbors by chasing them or trespassing onto their lands also create a critical situation as no one tolerates it when another dog attacks their pets.

3. Trespassing: Trespassing on private or public property is a serious offense too. Some people reject the entry of outside dogs into their yards to protect their own properties.

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4. Loudness: A dog that incessantly barks, whines, or howls at the sound of the most decibels is a source of tremendous discomfort for everyone around it, especially if it occurs late at night when most people are attempting to sleep.

5. Destroy fences: The dog keeps jumping on the adjoining fences, slamming and breaking them. As well as the dog digging under the fences, which will destroy fences.

Here’s what your neighbors may do if your dog destroys the fence.

6. Peeing and pooping habits of the dog: If we allow our dog to pee and poop everywhere, including in neighbors’ yards, we are liable for that, and neighbors will hate us too.

7: Messing up neighbor’s yard: If the dog keeps digging pits everywhere when we release him from the leash, it really matters. Sometimes the dog may have ended up in the gardens messed up by digging up everywhere.

Neighbors’ lawns and gardens can be dug up by our dog and ruin the flower beds and turf.

There are two sides to this incident. If the neighbor is somewhat weird or if the dog actually causes trouble, our neighbors can harass us about our dog. 

Dogs are playful by nature. But if he extends the limits, that can cause trouble for neighbors.

Once, if one of our neighbors complains to us about our dog, we have to listen to him and check to see if it's true that our dog is really making trouble or barking or whatever. 

If it is so, we have to take the necessary actions so that they are not embarrassed. Furthermore, it could not be harmful to our pets.

What to do if your neighbor complains about your dog?

It’s clearly your responsibility to take care of your pet dog and ensure that he or she gets adequate exercise on a daily basis. Then there is a little chance of being bothered by him.

But what if your neighbor keeps harassing you about your dog?

While it may be tough to see why someone would not be captivated by your puppy, it is critical not to allow things to spiral out of control. To diffuse the situation, let’s see what we can do.

1. It is possible to install a surveillance camera or a voice recorder.

If one of your neighbors keeps complaining to you about your dog frequently, it is better to install a surveillance camera or a voice recorder when you are not at home to check whether your dog is as freaky as the complainers accuse.

Sometimes they might even reveal their dislike of dogs through complaints. So, without proving that the complaints are true, don’t make any decision.

2. We have to listen attentively first.

When your neighbor makes a complaint about your dog, it’s important to listen to him/her attentively.

As you are living in your home or apartment, neighbors are very important to us. So, it is critical to be aware of your neighbor’s concerns.

Although your neighbor may be exaggerating about what your dog does while you’re at work, there’s a chance that some of what he or she says is true.

3. Instead of being defensive, we want to be kind and apologize.

If you know exactly what the complaint is and our pet dog is responsible for the case, it is not better to be defensive at the moment.

Instead, try to compromise kindly. After listening to him, we have to apologize. Sometimes, our dog may have harmed their private properties.

Then it is our duty to repair those things.

4. We want to consider all possibilities to prevent such a situation again.

If we get such a complaint about our pet dog from a neighbor or plenty of neighbors, it is our responsibility to consider the matter deeply.

As for the dog owner, we want to consider all possibilities to prevent such a situation again. If we ignore their verbal complaints and continue, the situation will become more serious.

5. Asking complainers for any ideas that you can try that would satisfy them is a good start.

So, as your neighbors are complaining to you about your dog, I’m sure you can find a proper way to work things out with him.

Make him a part of the solution by asking if he has any suggestions for things you may attempt that would please him.

If he has any kind of solution for issues arising because of our dog, we can also consider his suggestions.

6. Finally, you can file a complaint if there is any injustice.

Filing a complaint against your neighbors for their harassment should be the final step if you cannot tolerate the neighbors’ harassment of your dog.

I mentioned this as final because it is not good to prosecute neighbors.

But if the actions of your neighbors are not favorable towards you or your dog, then there is no alternative but a vocal agreement.

What if your neighbor tries to take legal action against your dog?

There are some laws associated with how animals can be kept in residential areas.

If a direct discussion with you fails, one of the first things your neighbors can do to resolve animal-related conflicts is learn about the laws.

Actually, you may have missed those complaints about several reasons. Not a deliberate disregard. But as a last resort, in these types of disagreements, they can file a lawsuit against you and your dog.

Let’s see what we can do when your neighbor tries to take legal action against your dog.

1. Apologize for what you have done in ignorance.

Initially, you have to apologize to your neighbors for ignoring their complaints.

Explain to them that you may have missed those complaints not on purpose but for these reasons.

Sometimes, neighbors will understand your situation and will not try to take legal action against you.

2. Directly resolve the issue with your neighbor and apologize for the inconvenience.

Sometimes, neighbors may try to take legal action against our dog due to his unbearable nuisance activities.

So the ultimate solution is to directly resolve the issue with your neighbor and apologize for the inconvenience. Especially, take the necessary steps to avoid creating the nuisance of our dog again.

3. Granting compensation for any damage caused by our dog.

Moreover, there can be damage to lawns, flower beds, fences, or whatever is owned by neighbors due to our dog’s actions.

It is better to pay reparations or repair damages as the dog owner. It will prevent neighbors from taking legal action against our dogs.

4. Don’t be proactive in an inimical way.

When a neighbor tries to take legal action against your dog, it is not to act in a rude manner. If so, that will complicate the matter and make the situation more serious.

So, in any case, don’t be proactive in an inimical way.

How to avoid such unwanted situations in the future?

When a neighbor complains about a dog barking, the natural reaction is to become defensive. “Are you talking about my pet?

“Are you the one who is causing the issue? “Do you have the audacity to say such a thing?”

It’s better to make the necessary adjustments to suit your neighbor while still protecting your dog without acting so.

As well, we must avoid such complaints from neighbors in the future too. Let’s see how we can prevent such situations in the future.

  1. We can train our dog to stop barking, whines, or howling too much and at inappropriate times. Your dog will eventually realize that “quiet” implies “No barking.”
  2. Or else, during the day, put an anti-bark collar on your dogs and provide the remote control to your neighbor if you are leaving for work.
  3. Instead of leaving them home alone, take them to a doggie daycare if they are bored or suffering from separation anxiety, as it leads to continuous barking, making unpleasant noises, and nuisance activities.
  4. If we are able, we can hire a doggy-daycare nanny to take care of our dog in the daytime when we leave for work. If you have a spare room, a college student or older person who can look after them and walk them (as well as discipline them if they bark) would be a suitable fit.
  5. If there is anywhere around our house where we can isolate the dogs by constructing a doggie run far enough away from the house that the neighbors would not be able to hear them.
  6. A strong fence or a wall will be enough to stop them from going out unnecessarily without the owner. So it can decrease the damage that the dog will cause to other public and private properties.
  7. While you’re out, try playing Canine Lullabies (best for calming down puppies) on repeat to calm the dog down.
  8. If you work, make sure he or she gets enough exercise in the mornings and evenings. However, if you are at home, make sure he or she gets enough exercise throughout the day.
  9. If you are going out for work during the day, call and speak to your dog to reassure him or her (you can try an answering machine set up for that) and keep enough toys to play with.

Things to be aware of.

I think now you know why your neighbors tend to harass you about your pet dog and how to respond to those complaints in a favorable manner.

But there could be a few things to be more concerned about. Let’s see what they are.

  1. Don’t allow your neighbors to punish your pet dog for his unfavorable behavior. Take steps to avoid your dog’s being destructive or troublesome.
  2. Never make the situation worse as it leads to physical harassment taking place.
  3. Don’t ignore complaints from neighbors as simple things. Sometimes your dog may be a terrible troublemaker.
  4. Don’t let this incident cause you to lose your friendliness with your neighbors.


Actually, if your dog causes a nuisance, it is normal for your neighbors to complain to you about it. But it is not ethical to harass you because of your dog. You must also respond to your neighbors’ complaints as soon as possible and keep them informed of your efforts to resolve their issues. Then this problem can be solved without going further. I think now you are more than aware of settling the situation if any of your neighbors harass you about your pet dog. I hope this article is more useful to you and we can meet again on another important matter like this.

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