Does Your Puppy Wake Up Every Hour/Two hours? [Do These 5 Things]

It’s a Saturday, and you might have gone to bed to have a well-deserved sleep after a hustling week of work. And in the mid of such a calming and deep sleep, your blossom buddy gets on to you at midnight. Why your puppy wakes up every hour or two.

Simply, your puppy might be waking up due to various reasons such as being afraid of something, needing to pee, separation anxiety, loud noises, hungry, illness, zoomies, and many other reasons. A proper pee schedule, diet plan, exercise, and medical treatments can prevent this.

Let’s get deep into why your puppy wakes up every hour or two.

Why does your puppy wake up every hour or two at night?

Here are a few reasons that your puppy wakes up every hour or two:

1. “I need to pee, mama.”

At times your toddler might wake you up in the middle of the night with loud cries. And here you go with the reason for them needing to pee. And here you go, help with the potty with your blurry eyes.

The same thing goes for your puppy. He just jumps upon you while you are asleep in the middle of the night. Specifically, if he needs to go outside and do his thing, your blossom buddy will need your help to open the doors for him!

Since he is still a “junior puppy,” he might just be unable to control his bladder, and your blossom buddy might wake you up every hour or two.

2. “Did you hear that, mama.”

Unusual noises, which probably are not something that can be heard at night, can scare your little fur creature to death. The poor one had enough hiding inside the blankie, and he just came up to you waking up as he no more did not want the blankie but you.

It might be the sound of thundering, or it might even be the sound of geckos in the middle of the night that might have scared him.

The other most important reason to be considered is “noise anxiety.” It is a phobia that comes with the extreme fear of loud noises. As I mentioned, it might be thundering, fireworks, and such.

If your blossom buddy is dealing with noise anxiety, other than waking up at night, he might show the following symptoms,

  • shaking  and trembling
  • Barking, whining excessively
  • Hiding all alone
  • Hugging onto you
  • Panting
  • Chewing, digging, or scratching

3. “I feel alone, mama.”

Did you newly adopt your puppy from another family or a dog shelter? If the puppy has been separated due to reasons, he might, of course, not understand those reasons.

Still, all he might remember is the love he got from his previous home. If you are in a new location with your puppy, that might also affect you.

Moving on, during his sleep, he might not be really sleeping. He might be feeling isolated in every way. At this time, he will wake up every hour or two and come and cling to you so that your blossom buddy will feel loved and feel your warmth.

Here are a few symptoms your puppy might be having separation anxiety,

  • Urinating excessively
  • Defaecating excessively
  • Barking and howling
  • Chewing,digging,destruction
  • Overeating or not eating at all
  • Excessive drooling

4. “I am hungry, mama.”

Adult humans or children could wake up in the middle of the night and peep into the kitchen to have a midnight snack and feel their stomachs. So do our blossom buddies. They can get hungry, too, in the middle of the night.

This is more possible to occur when your puppy’s dietary plan has been changed recently. He might get hungry at unusual times, even for an hour or every two hours. Your pooch is creating a trouble bubble in your sleep cause he is starving!

5. “I need attention, mama.”

When your puppy woke up every hour or two at unusual times in the mid of the night, did you give so much more attention than any other day during the first days? Then, that might be quite the case.

Your puppy knows that when he wakes up in this manner, he gains more attention from you and maybe even more puppy cuddles. Therefore, your naughty, adorable fur creature continues to do this more often, bumping into you in the mid of your deep sleep!

6. “I still got energy, mama.”

Proper exercise and at least one hour of walking during the day are required for your puppy. As

they are growing up buddies, and they will always need both mental and physical stimulation.

If your blossom buddy has not got the required amount of exercise, he still has much energy stored for another day before he goes to deep sleep.

As a result, your puppy would try to be playful and play with you waking up for specific time schedules, which will cause trouble for your sleep just as your puppy’s.

7. “I am in pain, mama.”

Last but not least, your blossom buddy might be trying to sleep, but he might wake up every hour or two as he is in some kind of physical or mental pain.

He might have been injured, or he might be undergoing an illness inside his body, making him uncomfortable to have a good nap.

Is it normal for puppies to wake up frequently at night?

If your puppy is just adopted, your puppy might be seeking “mama’s love,” which might be waking him up frequently. During the first weeks of adoption, it might be normal for your puppy to wake up.

After that onwards, if it is a routine after sleeping well and this unusual habit of your puppy comes along, then it is not normal.

Your puppy needs around 8-10 hours of good sound sleep for healthy growth!

How to get your puppy to sleep all night?

Here you can learn some tips to make your puppy sleep all night:

1. “Proper schedule pee schedule.”

Make sure your puppy has a “proper pee schedule” according to age. You can try to potty train him, just a toddler. Note down the times the puppy wanted to pee at first and make the times accordingly, even though they might not be the same. Ensure your puppy has time to pee a few minutes before sleep.

Whenever he goes to pee before he sleeps, at the start of the training, you can make him know that you will give him treats and praises if he does it right!

2. “Proper diet plan”

Sometimes food can be the course that your puppy cannot sleep for the whole night and instead keep waking up every hour or two. At this point, make sure you plan him a proper diet plan. If you are unsure how it works, it would be great to consult your pet nutritionist.

3. “Proper exercise.”

Proper exercise is vital for our puppies. You must spend time with your puppy, at least walking for one hour daily. Making him engage in activities stimulating his mental and physical health is important.

You can try it out by doing all dogs’ all-time favorite fetch game!

Moreover, make your dog a bit tired with games before he goes to sleep so that you and your blossom buddy will surely have a good night’s sleep!

4. “Stop unwanted attention.”

If you feel your puppy just does this to seek your attention, try not to give more of it. The more you give your excessive puppy attention when he does not sleep properly at night just to seek your attention, it will only make him repeat that!

Your puppy just wants to be a naughty little one!

5. “Medical attention.”

If you feel your puppy is in pain, immediately seek consultation with a veterinarian. This will help in sorting out things much easier.

Things to be aware of.

1. “Root cause.”

Attempting to find out the root cause of why your puppy is waking up during unusual times at night is vital as the first step. You will have to return to the first day your puppy began to do this.

Then during the next days, note down the periods in your notebook when he wakes up and bumps onto you. Note whether he wakes up every hour or two or once during sleep.

This will not only save you time,  but it will help to help with the issue of your puppy more easily. Make sure you note down his changes!!

2. “Check-up.”

Again,note-down time! Note down how his behavior has changed. If he had a good night’s sleep before and now not, check on the difference between him when he gets up in the early morning.

If there are drastic changes, you must consult a veterinarian. If your puppy has no behavioral changes, he might be just trying to get your attention.

3. “No punishments.”

Punishments are definitely a big “NO.”Your puppy is still growing up, and punishments would only make him scared of you, and if it is too much for your little one to take in, he might even be traumatized.

So, if he frequently wakes up, the best thing to do is check up and help him in the kindest way you can! He needs more love!


I hope this article enhanced your knowledge, and now you know why your puppy wakes up every hour.

Stay tuned with us to learn more about your adorable dogs more!.

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