Do Goldendoodles Have Webbed Feet? [The hidden truth]

Do goldendoodles have webbed feet?

Have you ever wondered if Goldendoodles have webbed feet? Since many people have this problem, I decided to do some research on it. Here is what I found.

Do Goldendoodles have webbed feet? Yes, Since they are one of the water breeds, Purebred Goldendoodles have fully grown webbed feet. It’s much helpful for running, walking, swimming, digging, and maintaining stability. In fact, It’s extremely beneficial during the winter for Goldendoodles.

Look, Goldendoodles have loads of benefits form webbed paws. So as a responsible owner, you should be aware of that.

Goldendoodles’ webbed feet are Extremely beneficial for walking and running.

Goldendoodles were first bred by crossing the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. That is how their name came to be.

My aunt has two years old male black Goldendoodle. He is a wonderful dog, and I love spending time with him.

They are very playful as the mother nature gives to dogs. So Goldendoodles love to run and wander wherever they want.

When walk or run over various types of surfaces

So my aunties’ Cooper ( The Goldendoodle that I mentioned before) used to play in the backyard throughout the day with the little son.

But he is so talented to go over muddy or slippery areas.

Since Goldendoodles have fully grown webbed feet, they can run or walk over muddy or slippery surfaces without falling or sinking.

Goldendoodles have webbed feet

How? Well, when they walk over those surfaces their paw pads become broader. Meanwhile, the webbing between toes acts as a firm grip.

In fact, this ability is much greater than dogs who have tiny webbed feet.

We went on to beach trips a couple of times. Then I saw that Cooper was walking on the sand very quickly.

So you can understand how useful Goldendoodles’ webbed feet are for them.

Goldendoodles’ webbed feet are much helpful during the winter.

I know you may be thinking now, “what does it mean?”. But first, let me ask a small question.

Can you walk through the snow without wearing snow boots? I mean, it’s not about the coldness.

Your legs most likely drown in the snow, and it will be so difficult to navigate.

So the same theory we can apply here as well. Unless Goldendoodles don’t have webbed toes, they cannot navigate through the snow.

As we discussed above, the same thing happens here. But I wanna tell you something especial.

If you go out with your Goldendoodle during the winter, don’t forget to clean their paws once you return home.

Why? There might have stuck snow inside their webbing. Believe me, it’s so painful for them.

So once you return, get your dogs paws and widen the toes apart. Then clean the inside thoroughly.

How to get rid of this problem? Yeah, It can be kind of annoying when you always have to do. So I suggest you to buy Dog snow boots, it will be so comfortable for them.

Goldendoodles’ webbed feet are very useful for swimming.

Are Goldendoodles good swimmers? Yes, they do. Since Goldendoodles have an excellent body structure with webbed feet and thick coatsthey can swim like Olympic swimmers.

Since they are one of the water breeds in the canine world, these dogs are good at water-related activities.

So our Cooper also can swim well, I have checked that their feet work exactly like the oars of a boat.

They can push backward a large area of water while swimming and which makes them float forward straightforwardly.

But there is a sad story I want to share with you guys. I have a nice friend (One of my school friends) who owns another male 1.5 years old Goldendoodle.

1.5 years means he is somewhat mature, isn’t it? But believe me, he cannot swim.

The whole mistake is my friend’s. Because he didn’t train him to swim. It was so much hard o train him.

See, how Goldendoodles swim.

Now you may feel like ” If they are one of the water breeds, why he cannot swim?”

Well, the easy answer is ” it’s like you have a Lamborghini in your house and you don’t know how to drive”

In fact, understand this. Every dog has to swim at some point in their life. So training them to swim at an early age is crucial.

Based on my experience goes, Goldendoodles can start to swim once they turn at least 12 weeks old.

So if you own a mature Goldendoodle who doesn’t know how to swim, don’t worry. They also can learn.

Sometimes it will take a little longer than what a puppy takes. But it’s an entirely doable thing.

But there is one obstacle they have to overcome before training sessions, Which is the fear of water.

How can they overcome the fear of water?

Well, there is one simple, handy trick that I personally love, which is absolutely practical.

How do you give exercise to your dog? Anyhow it doesn’t matter, I suggest you go for a long walk or hike.

Then find a shallow water body.

Remember: The depth of the water body must be less than one-third of your Goldendoodle.

So, then you have to cross the water body without giving any help to your dog.

Then All you have to do is talk to him nicely from the other side. Then immediately, he will find a suitable path to reach you.

After that, go to the other side and do the same thing. Do this again and again Until you feel that he has successfully overcome the problem.

Well done! now he can start swimming training sessions.

But how to train your Goldendoodle to swim?

Before starting, I want to tell you something. Don’t ever think your Goldendoodle as a looser.

They can train well with positive reinforcement, perseverance, consistency, and proper training.

If you can buy Dog life jacket, it will be so straightforward to train him.

In fact, if you have a swimming pool, that would be great. Anyhow take him with you wherever you going to swim.

But don’t throw him out into the water suddenly. Take him slowly and gently. Then let them feel the water.

In the meantime, give small weight upward through his belly. So they may feel kind of confident.

At this point, Goldendoodles will most likely begin to paddle their webbed feet and start to float. Help him to keep the head above the water level.

Then gradually decrease the weight that you have given so far. When you have some confidence in it, let him swim freely.

But remember you must always be with him. So do this daily basis. Because consistency is the key.

Goldendoodles’ webbed feet much helpful for digging

Actually, this is not a massive advantage for them. But this trait has existed since their ancient time.

In my case, our Bella used to dig holes throughout my backyard. Then she loves to lay on it and sleep for long hours.

We know that Goldendoodles have a thick coat which makes them feel burning during the hot days.

As a result, most dogs getting mutations. So make sure to check if the purebred dog Goldendoodle. In fact, check if Goldendoodles’ have webbed feet or not.

What if Goldendoodles don’t have webbed feet.

It can be a big problem if your Goldendoodles don’t have webbed feet. Because the Goldendoodles are one of the water breeds. So they should have webbed feet.

Anyway, If they are always in your home, there is no need to worry about their feet.

Furthermore, they will not be able to swim as other Goldendoodles. If your dog also doesn’t have webbed feet, be careful with the water.

Goldendoodles have webbed feet

But how can they lose their webbing between their toes? Well, there is a possible answer to that. Most people tend to breed dogs without any knowledge or expert advice.

We need to use the same breed for breeding. It’s essential to get breeding advice from a professional breeder.

As a result, most dogs getting mutations. So make sure to check if the dog purebred Goldendoodle. In fact, check if Goldendoodles’ have webbed feet or not.

How to identify purebred Goldendoodles?

There is a lot of stuff you need to consider before buying a new dog. Because most dogs are not purebred.

Male weight65-75 pounds
Female weight55-65 pounds
Male height23-24 inches
Female height21.5-22.5 inches
Feet Goldendoodles have webbed feet
Coat colorblack, red, chocolate, cream, Apricot
Eye colorbrown
Coat typesflat, straight, curly, wavy
Coat length2-3 inches


Most Goldendoodle lovers love to find a lot of information about them. So they have a common problem. That is, “ Do Goldendoodles have webbed feet? “. So this article depth review of it. Below you will find a quick overview of this article.

  • Introduction
  • Goldendoodles’ webbed paws are Extremely beneficial for walking and running.
  • Goldendoodles’ webbed toes are very useful for swimming.
  • Their webbed feet much helpful for digging
  • What if Goldendoodles don’t have webbed feet. 
  • How to identify purebred Goldendoodles?

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