When Your Dog Likes To Play With Cats, But Cats Refuse To Play

cat and dog play

Are you curious when your dog tries to play with your cat? Yes, of course, we all do. It might be harmful, but on the other hand, it might help. I’mma clarify all the issues you are dealing with.

Your dog may want to play with your cat due to loneliness, for entertaining, and for getting to know each other. But the cat may refuse to play with the dog due to fear, past bad memories, and they are natural antagonists. But they can live in peace with a good introduction, & enough together time.

But there are more to consider when we adopt both cats and dogs. Is that true? Yes, of course. Having both cats and dogs is not an easy thing anyway. Let’s see what the consequences are.

Why does your dog want to play with your cat?

Playing with cats is a typical incident. There are so many causes that occur based on this topic. Normally when a cat and a dog are raised at the same place, they usually become friends.

Not only everyone but also some kind of pets that are not very friendly with each other. Anyway, let’s see why your dog wants to play with your cat.

1. Loneliness

Dogs feel loneliness as well as us. They get used to playing with something or someone at a time like that.

If he/she has a partner in a home like a cat, he/she tries to enjoy it with that little buddy. This is kinda progress because it helps to keep socialization.

2. For entertaining

Seriously, do they want to entertain themselves? Yes, why not. Look, even when you are at home, your dog tries to play with the cat.

If that means he/she is not alone already, then why does your lovely pooch try to play with your cat/kitten even when you are at home? The answer is entertainment.

They feel happy after having a little fun.

3. Communication

What do you feel? How do you feel when your dog keeps companionship with your cat? For me, I am happy because it is a chance to get to know each other.

I don’t wonder when my dog tries to communicate with my little cat. We also can enjoy that moment happily.

4. Breaking boundaries

Newly pets take time to make their partnership. If we let them play with each other and take a meal together, it will not be difficult.

Typically dogs are very close to cats. That’s why they try to hang out with cats. They want to break barriers. To stay free.

5. For getting to know each other

Dogs are inquisitive when they meet a cat for the very first time. They are very keen to get to know that new little buddy.

For that, the best thing is to involve the cat to play with him/her. Then they will be able to know their desire.

For a strong bond, it is indispensable. Playing is the only chance your dogs have.

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Why does your cat not like to play with your dog?

Although your dog wants to play with your cat, sometimes the cat rejects it. Do you wonder why your cat acts like this and wanna figure it out?

Yes, in this part, I’m gonna tell you why your cat does not like to play with your dog.

It is because they come from very different species, and also, some kittens are terrified of dogs.

On the other hand, your cat might have bad experiences with dogs. The most important thing is that they see each other as potential victims, and also, they are natural antagonists.

So these are some reasons why your cat doesn’t want to play with your dog.

1. Fear

Most cats are very afraid of being with dogs because dogs are larger than them, high energetic, and playful. So because of this behavior, cats can be hurt. As a result, they may try to stay away from dogs.

2. Natural antagonist

Cats and dogs have no very good history. They have not been close to each other in the past.

So we can allocate them as natural enemies, but at present, there are so many domestic cats and dogs living together. Occasionally it can happen.

3. Previous bad experience

The cat might have horrible experiences with dogs. At a time like that, your cat tries to call off the partnership with your dog.

That is not an abnormal thing; it comes from the experiences your cat has.

4. different species

Actually, cats and dogs come from completely different species. This is the most important reason your cat does not like to play with your dog.

They have different thoughts and different desires. They come from their genetics.

5. They see each other as victims

Have you seen dogs run away after cats? It is because they see each other as potential victims. As soon as the cat sees a dog, she/he runs.

It encourages dogs. Because of this incident, cats don’t like to play with dogs.

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Will your dog hurt your cat?

There are some kinda dogs, and they are okay with cats. At present, I have seen my girly golden retriever buddy very friendly with my little kitten.

But when we talk about the others, I cannot confirm that they are friendly with cats. We have seen some dogs bite cats not only that but also kill them.

So as a good pet owner, you have to be careful when you try to combine both your cat and dogs. How can you know whether your dog tries to harm your cat or not?

Look at your dog’s body language. When a dog tries to hurt a cat, it can commonly recognize studying their body language.

When they try to hurt the cat, they become so calm. And then they clearly focus on the cat. You can recognize them very easily through facial expressions.

They look at the cat as a victim. If your dog behaves like that, that is very dangerous. Take away your little cat from the dog.

It depends on dogs to dogs that’s why we cannot give an exact answer. However, keep your eye on them until they become close friends.

Should you let your dog play with your cat?

Do you wanna let your dog play with your cat? Yes, of course, we all love to watch how our both pets have fun together.

But can you let your dog play with your cat without a doubt? Ask yourself. You are the owner, and only you know about your lovely pooch.

So, in this case, you know about your dog better than me. But when I speak commonly, the answer depends.

1. Why you should

Typically letting your dog play with your cat is very good. Why? It helps to break loneliness, stress, depression, separation anxiety, etc.… Having a friend affects your pets both mentally and physically.

If your dog is a cat-friendly one, it will benefit you because they protect the cat in any situation.

You will be able to see adorable moments. It will improve your pets’ mental stimulation as well as physical.

2.Why you shouldn’t do

Because there is a risk of sudden attacks. Even cats attack dogs at once. They attack dogs using their nails. They shoot the dog’s eyes.

Omg, that is very horrible. Not only cats but also dogs can attack cats. Why? Dogs are very energetic and active. Dogs are bigger than cats, so cats can be easily attacked, hurt by dogs. Sometimes your Kitty will die.

Unfortunately, one of my Kitty died because of a dog attack. Cats are very tiny, and they can’t bear up against it. And also some kinda diseases can be spread.

Before you introduce your cats to your dog, check whether they can become friends or not. It can easily be identified from their very first behavior.

How to keep your dog from playing with your cat?

Cats and dogs are quite different from everything. So sometimes you face a lot of stress because of this issue. Keeping the peace between your cat and dog is very important as a responsible owner.

Letting them play is a good solution, and what would you do if your dog rejects your cat? And how to keep your dog from playing with your cat?

1. you have to introduce your cat to the dog carefully

Let your dog refer to your cat when he/she is in the crate. It will help get to know each other, and no one gets harmed.

2. give enough time

Getting to know each other is not a sudden thing. It will take time to know each other, a day? Week? Or a month? We cannot guess it. It depends on their behavior.

Typically puppies and kittens become friends very easily. You have to wait until they trust each other.

3. Make a play area

You can create an area for playing them. Keep their favorite toys, foods, and such.

4. Dog treat

When your dog behaves well with your cat, you can give treats to him/her. Do this again and again when your dog keeps playing with your cat.

5. Join them

Why should you do that? When you try to involve them, your dog becomes motivated. But don’t do that whenever you see them play.

Things to be aware of.

If you want to let your dog play with your cat, the facts below are vital to know.

  1. Don’t do it without your pets willing. compelling is not a sustainable thing.
  2. Remember to keep an eye on them until they make a strong bond.
  3. Allocate a separation area if your cat and dog are not friendly.
  4. Take advice from your vet
  5. You can train your cat and dog to stay friendly.
  6. Don’t over-treat or highlight one of them
  7. Don’t disturb while they are playing
  8. If your dog or cat is not harmful, let them eat, sleep together.
  9. Don’t let them feel jealousy with each other.


If you are a nice pet parent who likes both cats and dogs, I’m sure this article is for you. Because I have talked about a huge dilemma, you have. Yes, having both a cat and a dog is kinda challenging. And I have overcome the problems you have been suffering from. I hope you get a clear idea about today’s titles. Anyway, have an incredible journey with your lovely cat and dog.


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