Do Dogs Chew More When In Heat? [Reasons + Solutions]

dog chewing

Ah, the heating period! This is an important time for your female dog because her body is getting ready to conceive. During this season, your furry friend may experience some changes in behavior. But don’t worry, my friend, we’re here to guide you through it all!

So, during the heating period, many things happen inside your female dog’s body. Specifically, her hormone levels are going to boost. So, yes, some weird manners can be shown at that time by your bitch. And chewing is a good example of that. Dogs indeed chew more when in heat, but there’s no need to worry.

This is a vital season for your female dog, so your support is necessary. We can take both pros and cons according to this issue, and let’s learn more about it in detail. With proper care and attention, your furry friend will be able to go through the heating period with ease and comfort!

Is it true that dogs chew more when in heat?

The heating cycle starts when she turns 6 months old. But it changes according to the breed. Small breed dogs have their heating period earlier than large breed dogs.

That’s how it is. It’ll be a huge turning point if this is your dog’s first experience. Various changes can happen inside your dog’s body. As a result, she might show some weird behavioral patterns.

It will confuse both you and your beautiful girly do too. It will become very complicated if you cannot understand your dog well because this is an extremely sensitive point that cannot be involved with anyone.

It’s a well-known fact that Chewing is a very common thing among every dog but is it true that dogs chew more when in heat? This is the point we are talking about here.

To tell you in brief, YES, dogs chew more when in heat. I agree with the above statement without further delay. Because there are so many reasons to prove it.

I’m not gonna say it here, so keep reading this article to satisfy your curiosity. If you are new to adopting a female dog, this article is very important to you because you are not good at understanding a dog’s heating cycle.

But you should not be embarrassed because we are always here to help you.

So my first advice is to keep an eye on your dog’s daily routine when she turns six months old. Consider how she loves chewing stuff. You will learn her changes one by one when she starts her heat cycle.

If you are a good and caring owner, you will get very silly things. You should not be stressed out from this. Things will be challenging for the first time.

But trust me, you will learn all of them after this season. What you have to do is keep a good companionship with your lovely girl dog. As a result, everything will be fine.

Before you find a cure, you have to find out why it hap ned. Same theory for ere. Let’s figure out why dogs chew more when in heat.

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Why do dogs chew more when in heat?

Like I said before, if we find a cure for something, we should know the reasons why it happened. That’s how we can find an exact solution.

Can you imagine why dogs chew more when in heat? Is that a really important thing to consider? When you adopt a dog, even small things become very important.

You cannot throw anything away. Because they can’t speak and tell what they want and what happens inside of the body. They’re not able to express their inner feelings.

You are the person who has responsibility for your dog, and that’s why you should keep an eye on your dog. So this is time to discuss the reasons why dogs chew more in heat. Let’s go to find out.

Your girly dog chews more in heat because of the stress, nervousness, and alienation (if it happens for the first t me). Not only that but also your dog chews more in heat because of anger, fatigue, and such.

Most girly dogs are not ready to become a mom during their first cycle; therefore, the best thing is to keep your little girl safe. So let’s discuss these reasons one by one in de ail. It will be really impressive. let’s start

1. Stress.

Like I said before, this is a significantly important thing for a female dog, and this is her turning point. If she faces it for the first time, it will be really hard for her.

In this season, her body pushed her to find a partner and mate. That is the only thing going around her head. So this circumstance will become extremely stressful for her.

As a result, she will try to chew more than she did before. Because Chewing can reduce stress quickly.

2. Nervousness

What will happen to you if your body starts to change all of a sudden. You will become very nervous and excited because this is very new to you.

So dogs are very smart because they know they can forget those weird things and take a break when they chew something. So that’s why they chew more in the heat.

3. Alienation.

The heating cycle doesn’t happen throughout her lifetime. It happens from six months to six months. While she stays very free, her body takes a U-turn.

Suddenly everything starts to change. When the heating period starts, the dog cannot tolerate it all of a sudden. So this feeling became a very uncommon t ing. (especially when it happens for the first time).

At that time, she starts to chew to reduce the alienation.

4. Anger.

Because of hormones, her normal routine can be changed. Therefore, your girly dog can become violent and aggressive. So what do they do when he feels angry?

Yes, they bite anything. So that’s how girly dogs chew more in heat.

5. Fatigue.

Because her hormone level is changing, sometimes she feels third all day. So they refuse to be active. What they want to do is stay away from everything and rest.

While they rest, they chew whatever they find. Because they are very lazy and lonely now, and also they want to do something without much fat gue. So chewing is the easiest thing they can do with less attempt.

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How to avoid your dog’s chewing when she is in heat?

If your female dog starts to chew everything when she is in heat, that will be very harmful to both her and your valuable goods.

Especially you have to protect your lovely doggie. Because she is your best friend, protector, guardian, entertainer, and happy maker.

Whatever it may be, you have to find a way to avoid your Chewing when she is in heat. Let’s start to talk about it without delay.

You can avoid your dog’s Chewing when she is in heat by following various strategies. So what are they? First, you should understand your dog.

And then again, you can give dog toys, do enough exercise, be vigilant, teach what she can chew or not, you have to adapt to the situation, put away valuable goods from your dog.

Those are the possible solutions you can find to avoid your dog’s Chewing when she is in heat. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. You should understand your loving dog.

Before you take action, please get to know about your dog. Most probably, your dog cannot understand why her body is going to change.

The body pushes your dog to find a partner and mate. So as her best friend you should help her. You have to understand why she tries to chew more those days.

2. Give dog toys.

Most of the time during their heating period they try to chew anything they find. It will be very harmful to your valuable goods.

So give her toys. When you buy toys for her, be careful not to be harmful to the dog.

3. You have to adapt to the situation.

You already know your dog is in her heating period and she chews more. So be prepared for the condition.

4. You can take away valuable goods from your dog.

Don’t be ready to blame your dog all of the time. You know the issues, right. So be a genius and do what you have to do. It is not good blaming your dog after the damage.

You are the person who should take care of these things. Dogs cannot realize what is good and what is bad.

5. Be vigilant.

Keep your eye on your dog. Always watch what she is doing. It is good for both you and your female dog. Because this is her heating period.

When you see her chewing something, you can command and stop it. You have trained her to obey commands, haven’t you?

6. Enough exercise

Does your dog get enough exercise? If she gets it, she will not gonna chew things anymore because she has got enough exercise already.

So exercising is an extreme thing when your dog is in a heating period. So allocate a few hours for your dog and take her to do exercise. As a result, she will get enough workouts, and also she will be able to release her energy.

7. Teach them what should chew or not.

At this time, bitches become so wild and violent because they are under pressure. So without an examination, they try to chew what they want.

So that will be very harmful to your dog. Please teach her what she should eat and what she shouldn’t eat.

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Things to be aware of.

  • Don’t let your dog chew toxic things.
  • When you go outside, keep your dog in a crate or a secure room.
  • Punishments don’t work at all.
  • Try to hang out with your dog more than on other days.
  • Keep your valuable goods far away from your dog unless she will destroy them.
  • show your love and affection more during this season.
  • When you give toys to chew your dog, wash them using hot water. (it will destroy dangerous stuff such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and such.)
  • try to calm down your dog.
  • You can meet the vet and take more advice.
  • And also if you want you can hire someone professional for taking care of your dog during this time.
  • Spend time with your dog and you will be able to understand your dog’s needs.


Today’s title is kind of a serious one because it is an extremely important situation for a female dog. So I have discussed the truth of the matter and the reason why this is happening and also what are the hindrance and finally solutions as well.

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