Do Dobermans Pee A Lot? [Complete Guide]

Do Dobermans Pee A Lot

Owning a Doberman can be a challenging experience, especially during their puppy phase. One question that often arises is whether or not Dobermans pee
a lot. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about your Doberman’s peeing habits.

So, do Dobermans pee a lot a day?

The answer is that an average healthy Doberman tends to pee approximately 10-20 ml of urine for each pound of body weight per day and at least 3-5 times a day. There are various factors that can affect how much your Doberman pees, including aging, food, medication, seasonal effects, high water consumption, and certain health issues such as diabetes and kidney disease.

It’s important to note that both lack of peeing and excessive peeing can indicate abnormal circumstances. Therefore, it’s crucial to educate yourself on what is normal and what is abnormal when it comes to your Doberman’s peeing habits. This knowledge will help ensure that your Doberman stays happy and healthy.

How Often Should Dobermans Pee?

If you are not using pee pads, It’s so annoying to go outside whenever your Doberman needs to pee. When it comes to puppies, Doberman puppies tend to pee everywhere so many times a day around the home.

So, it’s better to be aware of the peeing frequency of a regular Doberman.

Here is a quick answer with a nice table!

Doberman agePeeing frequency (hours)
0 < 6 months1 – 3
6 months < 1 year2 – 6
1 < 7 years6 – 8
7 < 12 years4 – 6
12 years and above2 – 4

Doberman Puppies Tend To Pee A Lot!

The fact you need to figure out is that the smaller the dog, the smaller the bladder. So, if your Doberman is still a puppy, you will find pee all around the house.

This is basically because they can’t hold it.

It’s completely normal if your Doberman puppy pees every hour, but urination every 20-30 minutes is acceptable for puppies younger than two months old.

So, you don’t wanna worry too much if your little one goes to the potty more regularly.

But, when it comes to puppies around 12 weeks, they will naturally learn to hold the bladder up for a little longer.

Have you ever wondered why most dogs are able to hold the bladder as they grow up? Well, this is basically their brain and the bladder muscles getting stronger and developed enough to a point where it can hold the bladder for a longer time.

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Then What About Adult Dobermans?

Normally, when it comes to adult dogs, they can hold up the bladder for about 6-8 hours at a minimum. Some crate-trained Dobermans can even hold it for about 10 hours.

So, a healthy adult Doberman can be allowed to go outside 3-5 times a day.

Adult Or Senior Dobermans.

In general, an old dog can hold the bladder for about 4-6 hours while seniors cannot bear it for more than 4 hours as the bladder muscles getting weaker and due to several other reasons.

Why Do Some Dobermans Pee A Lot?

If you suspect your dog is peeing more than usual, it’s a good idea to educate yourself about possible causes for their frequent urination.

Here are the common reasons.

  • Aging effects
  • Food and medications.
  • Making behavior.
  • Seasonal changes.
  • Consuming a lot of water.
  • Medial issues.

Aging effects.

As we discussed earlier, aging effects is one of the main reasons that can cause frequent urination. Some dogs sufferer from urinary incontinence, and it can make them feel anxious and stress.

We can expect to begin this incontinence effect as the dog just turned to middle age, and it tends to last for your Dobie’s lifetime.

These dogs find it difficult to hold up the unexpected pee breaks, and in most cases, this can be diagnosed with the help of a veterinarian.

Food and medications.

Some Dobermans tend to pee quite often than they used to do as a result of medication. When it comes to foods, certain nutrients can cause to increase in the number of urination in your Dobie!

If you feed salty foods, it can increase the dog’s thirst, resulting drink more water and frequent urination. The same thing we can expect from dogs that eat high moisture foods like canned foods, vegetables, fruits, and raw meets.

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Making behavior.

If you noticed some sort of sudden increment in your Doberman’s urination, the reason could be the making behavior.

Consuming a lot of water.

If a dog drinks a lot of water, it will pee more and quite often! In general, dogs tend to drink a lot of water as a result of the following reasons.

  • Diabetes.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Dehydration.
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Infection.
  • Eating salty food.
  • Seasonal effects.
  • Mediation.

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Seasonal changes.

This fact is true not only for dogs but also for humans. As a dog parent, you should be aware of these kinds of small and obvious variants.

As we all know, painting is the process where dogs used to regulate the body temperature in a favorable condition. The more they pant, the more body-stored water is used, making them less likely to pee often.

On the flip side, we can see a significant increment of peeing frequency from your Dobie.

Medial issues.

If the reasons are mentioned earlier, you don’t want to worry too much as most of them are normal circumstances. But, certain medical issues can lead your Doberman to go outside more frequently.

Here are such medical issues.

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Spay incontinence
  • Kidney Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Some fort of increment of the thyroid hormone level.

Why Do Some Dobermans Pee Less?

This problem is often referred to as urinary retention.

Have you ever experienced that your Doberman is struggling to pee?

If you suspect that is the case, I recommend observing the following signs the next time the dog pees.

  • Nonexistent peeing.
  • Interrupted.
  • The stream seems to be weak.

If this is the situation, chances are your Doberman has urinary retention. Check if the dog exhibits symptoms like lack of appetite, vomiting, acting painful as they pee.

If you notice these symptoms from your beloved dobby, don’t waste any time and meet the vet right away.

Why Do Some Dobermans Pee In The House?

It’s totally understandable that accidents can happen from Doberman puppies. But, when your adult dog also peeing inside the house, it’s so annoying and frustrating.

Often, this condition is referred to as Inappropriate urination”. It’s better to solve this right away when you spotted the behavior.

The very first thing you wanna do is that figuring out the reason for this Inappropriate urination. Then possible remedies can be applied.

Here are the common reasons.

  • Fear or submissions.
  • Marking behavior
  • Improper house training
  • Medical issues
  • Overexcitement.
  • Overhydration

Fear or submissions: Urination due to fear or submission we can expect from pretty much in any age of Doberman. This problem is popular among puppies as they get frightened quite easily. This occurs when someone scolds the Doberman.

Marking behavior: EEven though this marking can happen due to various reasons, this also can be developed and get worse up to a behavioral issue. If you own another dog in the house, often your Doberman mark around the house. By the way, if you are curious whether Dobermans Live With Pitbull, Husky, G. Retriever, and Lab, simply click go through the link.

Improper house training: Your Dobie may start to pee everywhere in the house due to lack of house training or improper house training. So, that’s why having appropriate house training is so crucial.

Medical issues: This Inappropriate urination can also happen due to various medical issues like kidney disease, diabetes, bladder stones, urinary infections.

Overexcitement: This is obvious that most dogs tend to pee a little bit without intention as they get overexcitement. Actually, this is something you don’t wanna worry about too much. It is just a way of showing love and affection.

Overhydration: Even though we always talk about dehydration issues in dogs, it also possible for your Doberman to over-hydrate, resulting in making the dog pee quite often, including Inappropriate urination. This doesn’t necessarily mean a huge health concern, and what I wanted to mention here that your Dobie may drink water from a secret water source, and sometimes it may contain bacteria and all the other adverse constituents that can cause several health issues. So, keeping an eye on your dog is essential with regard to this kind of matter.

Seems like that’s pretty much it when it comes to the reasons why some Dobermans pee in the house. Next, we gonna look into how to train them to pee outside or at least train them to run outdoors whenever they feel like peeing!

How To Train Your Doberman To Pee Outside?

House training your dog is not an easy task. It takes time, patience, consistency, and commitment. If you follow these methods, there is a high chance of success within several weeks.

So, here’s how I succeeded with my Dobie.

  1. Take your Doberman puppy outdoors more frequently.
  2. Choose the same potty place in every potty break.
  3. Praise the behavior.
  4. Stick with a consistent feeding schedule.
  5. Remove the water bowl.

Take your Doberman outdoors more frequently.

It doesn’t really matter your Doberman is a puppy or an adult. If he/she suffers from Inappropriate urination, it really needs to take your dog outdoors at least every two hours.

When I deal with this issue with my Dobie, I found myself where I went outside every 1.5 hours on some occasions.

Here are suggested times to go outside.

  • Just after walking up.
  • During playing.
  • After a paying session.
  • After eating
  • After drinking.

Choose the same potty place in every potty break.

You gotta take the dog on a leash and choose the same spot whenever you go out for a potty break. It can make them feel this is the place where I am supposed to pee.

Praise the behavior.

If you found your Doberman go outside for peeing by itself without your involvement, that’s a situation the needs to be appreciated. Praise the dog whenever you spot this PLUS behavior. You can just use treats for this, maybe with nice verbal praising.

Stick with a consistent feeding schedule.

Dogs tend to fall in love with schedules as their internal clock is more precisely accurate than we imagine.

So, this problem can be avoided by sticking with a specific feeding schedule in the long run.

Remove the water bowl.

I need you to remove the water bowl of your Dobie friend about 2 hours prior to going to bed. By doing so, they are less likely to face Inappropriate urination during the night.

Things To Be Aware Of.

Here are several things you need to be aware of.

  • You should interrupt the behavior whenever you spot the dog peeing inside.
  • Since dogs prefer to pee in the same area, they did last several times or at least the areas that give them smell of urine, cleaning the place your Doberman has urinated previous time.
  • Stay away from punishing. Instead, work on the process we discussed earlier.
  • If you cannot solve this, or there is no progress at least after one-two weeks, consider seeking professional help.
  • Don’t forget the regular vet checkups.


Thanks for being a response with your Doberman! Throughout this article, we have discussed whether Dobermans pee a lot and several other common problems that most people have, including reasons for this issue, reasons for Inappropriate urination, and possible solutions. I hope this comprehensive article helped you to eliminate the confusion in your mind. Have a nice day!

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