Can Yorkies Run Long Distances? [Owner’s Guide]

Can yorkies run long distances?

Looking for a good exercise buddy to motivate you and push you forward? Look no further than your furry friend! But it’s important to have a good understanding of your dog’s limitations, which is why many dog lovers are curious to know if Yorkies can run long distances. Let’s dive into this topic and explore other relevant points.

So, can Yorkies run long distances? Unfortunately, most Yorkies cannot run for more than 20 minutes, which means they can’t handle long distances. However, some may be able to last 3-4kms with proper training and socialization, positive reinforcement techniques, and basic obedience training.

It’s crucial to ensure that your dog doesn’t overwork themselves. Understanding their limitations is key to keeping them healthy and happy. While it’s great to encourage each other to improve, be careful not to run or walk too far, as it could lead to health and psychological problems. So, let’s figure out what you should do to keep your furry friend healthy, happy, and motivated!

Is it possible to turn my Yorkie into a long-distance runner?

Yorkshire Terrier is also known as Yorkies, was initially bred for catching rats in mines. They were also used for hunting Badgers and Foxes. These dogs have a little bit higher prey drive.

Since they were used to chase after foxes and hunt them, the Yorkies have a bit of running ability.

But you need to understand that every individual dog has their own personality, different kinds of limits and needs depending on its genetics, health concerns, and how they were raised. But you don’t wanna overwork him.

When we think about their exercise needs, the duration of walking or running could depend on the dog. While some Yorkies need around 35 minutes of running, most Yorkies can satisfy with 15-20 minutes of running.

So, I would like to stick with 15-20 minutes of running for Yorkies for a good rule of thumb. But you gotta be always run at a slow pace. Or we can define it as jogging sessions.

Suppose you have given your Yorkie a 15-20 minute running. Check if the dog exhibits signs of fatigue (Which we are gonna discuss under the next subtitle), if he doesn’t seem like fatigued at all, it would probably be safe for running another 5 minutes or so.

Important: You gotta stop running if he exhibits the signs of exhaustion.

so, Is it possible to turn my Yorkie into a long-distance runner? Usually, long-distance running means running at least 3KMs. A 20-minute jogging session can cover only about 2 km. Since most Yorkies can run only 20 minutes, most of them cannot turn into long-distance runners.

In fact, there is one crucial thing you should always keep in mind. Never ever try to keep pushing your dog if he is unable to keep running with you.

As we all know, dogs much love to play and explore outdoors. You will see its enthusiasm on his face when it’s exercise time. As soon as they do not get exhausted, your Yorkie will enjoy running and playing with you.

By the way, read this to understand whether Yorkies are good for first-time dog owners.

How to understand if you are overworking your Yorkie?

All right, guys, This is a really critical thing you should know as a responsible dog owner. Your Yorkie would exhibit several signs if he exhausted. If you figure out that, you probably wanna stop running and go back home.

If those signs seem unusual, you gotta consult a veterinarian immediately.

If your Yorkie is fatigued while running, he will show the following signs.

  • Sluggishness
  • Frequent stopping
  • Limping
  • Heavy Panting
  • Dehydration or excessive thirst
  • Sweating
  • He will be unable to keep ruining with you

Remember, you got to look at the dog every 5 minutes while running just to make sure he is okay. You shouldn’t wait to see these signs after exercising.

Injuries or possible illnesses can be occurred in your dog due to over-working him. In fact, there is a considerable risk of straining their muscles or even caused to joint problems.

Of course, many other problems could arise because of overworking your Yorkie. So, you got to be very mindful while exercising.

How to train your Yorkie to run?

I mentioned above that usually, Yorkies can run around 15-20 minutes. But, it doesn’t mean that every Yorkie can run that much of time in the first place.

Usually running basics and everything works the same for Yorkies. Just like humans, Yorkies cannot go directly to running just after coaching. So, Yorkies should train to get at least some kind of a running level.

There is a crucial fact you need to be aware of. Your Yorkie should be at least 18 months old before the dog starts running with you. This is because it takes 18 months for the full development of muscles, bones, joints.

But, bear in mind that this mentioned age is just for an average Yorkie. So, this age could vary due to loads of reasons. It’s better to have a veterinary checkup before start running.

So, it’s time to train your Yorkie to run.

1. Consult a veterinarian in the first place.

This is the very first thing you need to do!

Why should you do this? This is because you need to figure out there are no health issues, bone issues or other medical problems.

If there are any kind of problems with your Yorkie’s front legs or hind legs that need to be fixed, the vet will handle that.

After a complete checkup, your vet will recommend the amount of exercise you should provide, particularly for your Yorkie. In fact, you gotta ask him the amount of nutrition he needs when he starts running. Possibly, you may wanna change your diet completely.

2. It’s better to start with walks.

You may already take your dog for walks. If so, this is a better starting point to train him. When it comes to walking, it won’t be of much significance for your dog as it’s doesn’t eat up much energy.

Probably, your Yorkie will last a long time with walking. When you give him an excellent daily walk for about 7 days, he will probably get used to that.

3. Gradually turn the walk into jogging.

Now your dog is completely trained to have good walking sessions. So, it’s time to train the Yorkie for jogging or slow pace running.

From here you should start walking a little faster than you used to do. So, stay consistent with this for 3-4 days. After that, switch this walking into brisk walking. Practice this for another 3-4 days.

When your Yorkie is completely familiar with brisk walking, you can start low pace running or simply jogging. Of course, you got to bear in mind not to speed up too much in order to keep the dog safe.

How to keep your Yorkie safe on the run?

Now your Yorkie is very comfortable with jogging at r slow pace running. Actually, you don’t wanna increase that speed drastically. Because they are not a high-energy dog breed.

So, now is time to consider your Yorkie’s safety while running. One of the most important factors you wanna consider for your dog’s safety while running is the weather.

Just like humans, extreme weather makes it difficult to run.

Hot weather

Even though we can walk outdoors with some protection during hot weather, dogs don’t have the protection we do in the heat.

In fact, their paws can easily get burned during hot days.

So, you should have a clear idea of which temperatures are good for your Yorkie. If you take him for running during 60-80 F temperatures, the dog will be completely fine.

If you walk your dog more than 80 F temperature, there is a risk of getting heatstroke and heat stress. If the dog gets one of them, it is a life-threatening problem. So, you should take the necessary precautions before it happens.

Sometimes they will exhibit several warning signs before it happens.

  • Excessive panting
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Fast Heartbeat
  • Red gums
  • Glazed eyes
  • Excessive thirst

If you figured out one of these signs, you gotta stop running right away and consult a veterinarian immediately.

Cold weather

If you are a dog lover who likes to walk or run during the winter, there is a good rule of thumb for temperatures that you should go outside with your Yorkie.

If the temperature is over 45 F, your dog gonna be completely okay. If the temperature is 35-45 F, probably putting a jacket on your Yorkie helps run with you.

But any temperature below 35 F is really dangerous for your dog, and you possibly get hypothermia or frostbite. If the dog starts to show the following signs, it’s time to return home and warm the dog up.

  • Unusual whining.
  • The dog is looking around for a warm place.
  • Some anxiousness.
  • The movements become slow.
  • Shivering

Besides the above main problems, there are few other things also you wanna consider in order to keep your Yorkie safe during running.

  • Warm up the dog before running.
  • Always use trials.
  • Always keep your Yorkie on the leash.
  • Cool him down after the running session.
  • Always observe its body language. –
  • Carry a water bottle.

If you follow the guidelines above, your dog will go perfectly fine.

What should you bring when you run with your Yorkie?

I hope now you are well prepared to take your Yorkie for running sessions. But, there are few things you cannot forget to bring on your run.

  • Water bottle: You should bring a water bottle with you. Usually, dogs find it very hard to drink from water bottles. There are two solutions for that. Either you can use your hand to help him drink water or carry a small water bowl if it’s possible.
  • Treats: This is really important. You can use treats to encourage the dog to walk if he is stubborn. In fact, You can use treats to train the dog for off leash walking. I mean, it’s possible to turn this running session off into a leash walking training session. If you wanna get some idea about this, please read “Can corgis be off leash?
  • Poop bags: It doesn’t matter how hard you train your Yorkie to go to the bathroom before running sessions. Some dogs tend to do this even during running. So, poop bags is crucial.
  • Hands-free dog leash: You cannot use a regular leash for running sessions. If you use that, you may wanna keep a consistent distance between both of you all the time. But, it is not possible. So, having a little bit longer leash would make your life easier.
  • Reflective gear:  If you used to run with your Yorkie in the early morning, This is really important for both of you’s safety. This is something most dog owners forget to do. Reflective gear is essential to show you and the dog vehicles and pedestrians. In fact, I also recommend you to wear a reflective t-shirt.

Things to be aware of

Now you have a proper understanding if Yorkies can run long distances. In fact, you know how to train them to run with you. But, this is not sufficient. You gotta be aware of several other things too. Let’s figure out what they are.

  • Give proper obedience training.
  • Always be consistent with the training.
  • Never use harsh punishments.
  • Observe your Yorkie after running.
  • You wanna give special care for tick protection. If you go into the woods to give your Yorkie the running session, there is a high chance of ticks getting into the dog’s coat.
  • Consult a veterinarian and prepare a healthy diet.
  • Never ever give treats immediately after running.
  • Check the dog’s paws after the running session. If there any dirt in its paws, clean it.


All right. Now you have an excellent awareness if Yorkies can run long distances. In fact, we have discussed their exercise limitations, how to train them to run, how to keep them safe during the run, what should you bring for a running session? And other relevant points. I hope you found this helpful. Have a nice day!

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