Can Rottweilers Have Cropped Ears? [Vet Advice | 5 Pros + 9 Cons]

Can Rottweilers Have Cropped Ears

Many dogs lovers are curious to know if Rottweilers can have cropped ears. Is it really that essential? Let’s observe the pros, cons, and other crucial facts through this article.

Although Rottweilers can have cropped ears, that’s totally unnecessary. Giving a good appearance, improving hearing, reducing ear infections are the main benefits. Heavy blood loss, pain, loss of trust, waste of money, present ear infection risk, behavioral issues, and discomfort are the main cons.

Well, Does anyone ever have their Rottweiler’s ears cropping? Then why do you want to crop your Rotts ears & what are the advantages and drawbacks of cropping ears in Rottweilers. Let’s together find out answers to these questions.

Why Aren’t Rottweiler Ears Cropped?

Firstly let’s see what is meant by ear cropping in Rottweiler dog? It is a surgical process of remove either part of the flappy part of the external ear at 3-5 weeks of your Rotts puppy; also, this is called ear tapping. 

Why do the rottweilers never have their ears cropped? Rotts have adorable soft ears; it would be a crime to crop.

This is one of the most criminal processes some dogs breeds face nowadays. Ear cropping is painful and utterly unnecessary surgery on an animal.

Despite what some breeders will claim, cropping a dog’s ears does not benefit them in any way. It can be detrimental to their health, behavior, and welfare in the short-term and long term.

Rottweilers have heavy ear leathers. The probability is very high that even if cropped, those ears are not going to stand. Cropping of Rotts ears is a waste of money since the ear leathers are so thick and heavy. 

Ear cropping in Dobermans is somewhat famous, and it is done for them to make upright standing ears because their ears are much longer and floppy than other breeds. But Rottweiler’s ears are not much longer than Dobermans. So there is no benefit to doing ear cropping in Rotts.

Some breeds are supposed to have cropped ears for some reason, but Rotts can not be supposed to have cropped ears. Moreover, if you just look at how purebred Rottweilers are looked like, It is entirely unnecessary to think of cutting off their ears.

If you are a Rottweiler dogs’  lover, you must have wondered can Rottweilers have cropped ears. My answer is ABSOLUTELY it is NOT. This is done without doing anesthesia to the dog. It extremely hurts your Rottweiler puppy.

Says Dr. Vindy

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Why do some people crop rottweilers’ ears?

This is somewhat questionable. People crop rottweilers ears for many reasons, but none of the reasons has not any benefits to dog life; among them, most are unnecessary.

1. To get a good appearance to Rottweiler.

Mainly, people crop rottweilers’ ears simply to make them look a certain way. It is like a fashion or tradition.

They do this to maintain breed standards and to get an excellent appearance for their Rottweiler pets.

2. Prevent from being torn in dogs’ fights.

This is the original reason for cropping ears in dogs in the past to prevent wounds in dog fights.

Though dog fights are illegal nowadays, there is no reason for this outdated process to perform cropping ears in Rotts.

3. To make straight ears in Rotts.

Some want their Rottwilers’ ears to stand up & straight. So they think this is a safe method often uses to correct the cartilage of the dog ear.

4. To better hearing.

Some people think cropping ears improve Rotts hearing. Rotts also have smaller ears, so the point is somewhat believable; the dogs with close sitting ears may be hearing better.

5. To reduce ear infections.

People think the probability of getting ear infections from ticks & mites will be reduced. I am really sorry because I don’t know much about ist this reason is true or not.

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Drawbacks of cropping Rottweiler ears

Although there are a handful of advantages of cropping rottweiler’s ears, the disadvantages side are much heavier. So, dog parents must be aware of them as responsible owners.

1. Heavy blood loss.

The external ear of a dog is vascularized by branches of the superficial carotid artery, and there are many blood vessels near ear flaps.

So the ear-flaps in a Rottweiler are exceedingly vascular, and the blood supply to the ears is forceful.

Blood loss from the pup may be heavy while doing this procedure. So my kind request is to regret the ear cropping if you really love your Rottweiler.

2. Immense pain.

This procedure is obviously painful, and many dogs are not given sufficient & complete pain control. The dog ear has many sensitive nerves endings.

Cutting off a piece of the ear can cause ears to become sensitive, extremely painful, and the dog will have a greater pain memory in his lifetime.  

As same as they dislike to touch their ears for life after this procedure.

3. Lead to less love to owner.

If you had done this crime to your Rott when he was a puppy, then there is a chance that he is traumatized by the event and may lead to less love/connection between you and your pet. 

Also, he could be angry with the person/owner who was involved in this.

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4. Wasting of money for unnecessary event.

How do you think after reading the benefits? Is it worth it to do so?

Having a little slight upper hand during a fight, a modest improvement in hearing ability, reducing the risk of ear infections aren’t good enough reasons to cut off parts of their ears.

Why would I say something like that?

Forget about fights. Rottweilers have a keen sense of hearing even without cropping their ears. Maintaining the health of their ears is not a big deal.

So, what’s the point of cropping their ears? It’s just a waste of money plus loads of drawbacks.

5. Present risk from infections.

There is a high risk of infections while doing this surgery because this is done without doing anesthesia or any surgical procedure.

That’s not over. The dog must be protected for another several weeks with a considerable endeavor to ensure he isn’t catching ear infections.

6. Behavioral problems in Rottweiler puppies.

Ear cropping in Rottweilers is usually to be done the pup at 3-5 weeks. So after the surgery is done, dog ears have to be tapped for a specific time period.

This is so hard on puppies to have their ears tapped up because they are unable to play as they want.

7. Make discomfort.

Earflaps in dogs are very useful to them to remove flies, mosquitoes as well as dust, dirt &, etc. After you crop parts in ear flaps/pina, how do they react as normal? They become discomfort.

8. Loss of communicating method.

Actually, dogs use their ears to communicate with other dogs as well as humans. Cutting them off says they lose one type of communication tool.

Frankly, it is not a humane thing at all.

9. Horrible.

Not only for Rottweilers, but it is also a horrible thing to do to any kind of dog breed.   

Why Aren’t Rottweiler Ears Cropped?

Yeah, EXACTLY, it is cruel to cut Rottweiler’s ears. Anyone who does this shit becomes a person like a butcher who needlessly mutilates innocent animals.

Why are you considering doing this? It is excruciating for your Rottweiler puppy, and totally it is unnecessary. If you have already done ear cropping to your Rott, definitely you should be ashamed of yourself.

Moreover, The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) claims that “ear-cropping and tail-docking are not medically indicated nor of benefit to the patient. These procedures cause pain and distress to little puppies…

While doing the surgery, dogs suffer severely. In my opinion, people who like to do ear cropping in dogs must crop their ears first. Then they can feel how painful it is.

The dogs want overall body parts in their body. They do not get it cut off, not even part or piece of their body part. Humans do that to them because humans are shit.

After mutilating the ear,  you think it makes them look cute and advanced. That is just a silly & selfish thing. Isn’t it?

This intimidating process is entirely unnecessary because dogs do not have any benefit.

Overall for these reasons, there is no need for a dog to have its ears cropped; it really looks disgusting.

Things to be aware of.

If you need to crop the ears of your Rott, you should think twice before you do it.

  • Ear cropping is illegal in some European countries such as England, Wales. Ear cropping in animals directly affects animals’ rights.
  • Many vets are not trained in the practice of cropping dogs’ ears. This is an unethical procedure.
  • The most dangerous one is some are not vets who practicing & doing this crime.
  • Most breed associations say that ears need not be cropped for shows and breedings dogs to win championships.
  • If you already have cropped ears of Rottweiler doggy, you should be aware of the following things.
    • They need good post-treatment such as right pain killers, sufficient pain management.
    • Cropped ears should Keep clean & dry.
    • No bathing for at least 2 weeks.
    • Observe the behavior of the dog.
    • If it shows any kind of abnormality, you may take it to the vet suddenly.


How do you feeling about if someone removes a part of your ear without any purpose or advantage? So the same feeling to your Rottweiler too. He may think what a cruel and shameful owner he belongs to.

Rotts have lovely soft ears, though some Rotts are a little obstinate, they are cute & very affectionately too. Cropping ears of these dogs would be a crime. There are many reasons/excuses why people crop dogs’ ears. To me, that’s all are bullshit because if dogs are born with any type of ears, it’s their nature.

I believe that Rottweilers are supposed to have their natural ears to receive a present from gods and their parents.

As a veterinary medical student, I thoroughly shame on the vets who do this unwanted thing.  I recommend Rottweilers can NEVER have cropped ears.  Please reconsider & think again and again about if you are willing to crop ears of your Rottweiler.

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