Best Dog Rescues in Alberta (2023) – Top 8 Picks

Best Dog Rescues in Alberta

Looking for a specific breed of dog, but your budget is tight? Or maybe you’re looking to rescue a dog and give it a loving home? Check out our list of best dog rescues in Alberta! From Goldendoodles to German Shepherds, these rescues have purebred dogs of all kinds up for adoption. So whether you’re looking to add a new furry member to your family or just want to help out needy dogs, these rescues are the best place to start.

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How to Find Reputable Dog Rescues Centre in Alberta?

If you are looking for a dog or puppy to adopt, then it is important to find a reputable rescue center. There are more than a hundred animal rescue centers across Alberta. It can often be hard to select the right one. To help you on your quest, we have compiled a list of the Best Dog Rescue Centers in Alberta that will help you to find your new furry friend.

Note: There are a wide variety of dog breeds available for adoption, but the rescue we have put together isn’t exclusively specific breed rescue centers. In fact, many dogs who need homes end up at general animal shelters. If you’re looking to adopt a specific breed of dog, it’s important to contact breed-specific rescues as well as your local animal shelter to see if they have any dogs in need of homes.

The Best Dog Rescues & Adoptions in Alberta:

Dog Rescues List

  • 1. Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue
  • 2. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society
  • 3. Rocky Organization for Animal Rescue
  • 4. Second Chance Animal Rescue Society
  • 5. Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation
  • 6. Calgary Animal Rescue Society
  • 7. The CAWS – Companion Animal Welfare Society
  • 8. Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue Association

1. Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue

Among the different dog rescuers in Alberta, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue is the top on our list. It is a non-profit organization and a team of dedicated volunteers run this organization.

They rescue dogs and keep them in foster homes that are located throughout Alberta and sometimes in Ontario as well. If you want to adopt a dog, you can send the adoption application or you can also send an email for inquiries.

The major focus of Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue is to rescue the dogs and rehabilitate them with matching adapters. In this way, the dogs will have the perfect lifestyle that they deserve.

Apart from dogs, the organization also rescue homeless puppies, cats, and kittens from places within California, Mexico, Canada and other places. Abandoned cats and dogs usually suffer from a lack of companionship, starvation, and are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Therefore, the purpose of this organization is to save as many dogs as possible.

This organization also works hard to save the lives of animals whenever there is a natural disaster. It actively participates in Natural Disaster rescue and relief to reunite cats and dogs with loving families.

The team provide temporary care to animals with victims of natural disaster and keep them in foster homes until they find a family for them. Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue also provides behavioural support and help for families who are adopting dogs. The rescue team specialize in rehoming and rehabilitating aggressive dogs.

The rescued dogs are provided proper training by a professional dog trainer and behaviorist so they can behave well and can easily adjust with families.

Dog Rescue Info:
Location: Mountain House, Alberta, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 587-215-6400
Website: Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue
Facebook: Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue FB Page

2. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

Dog Rescue Info:
Location: Alberta, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 403-250-7377
Website: Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society
Facebook: Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society FB Page

3. Rocky Organization for Animal Rescue

Just like the other dog rescue organizations, Rocky Organization for Animal rescue is also a non-profit organization. The team working here is dedicated to rescuing unwanted and stray animals.

They rescue animals in Clearwater Country and Rocky Mountain House. Moreover, this organization also provides kenneling services having a partnership with Rocky Mountain House Animal Control.

This society aims at reducing the use of euthanasia on homeless animals rather it striving to save their lives. The only time when euthanasia is used is when the quality of a dog’s life is diminished.

It can either be due to a serious disease, behavioral problem, or due to injury that can put the life of an animal in danger.

Anyone working in this organization does not receive any compensation or salary but they work voluntarily. The people working here volunteer their effort and time to keep the organization running.

You can also participate in the organization as a volunteer as there are several jobs such as office work, building projects, animal care, fostering, fundraisers, etc.

People who can no longer take care of their pets and are unable to find a new home for them can contact this society.

Dog Rescue Alberta Info:
Location: Mountain House, Alberta, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 403-844-6024
Website: Rocky Organization for Animal Rescue
Facebook: Rocky Organization for Animal Rescue FB Page

4. Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society is one of the popular dog rescues in Alberta as they take care of all the standards while taking care of the dogs.

They aim at promoting humane care for dogs and to prevent them from suffering and cruelty. The team rescues dogs and provides them facilities according to the resources available.

Each pet that they take in is neutered or spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated and is provided with everything that is required. On average, this society provides loving homes to over 2000 dogs in a year.

It is a registered charity and non-profit society and relies on money that is raised through sponsorships, donations, memberships or other efforts of fundraising.

Society is helping the community by saving unwanted dogs. Mostly they rescue dogs from remote area vet clinics or dog pounds and also abandoned or stray pets.

Most of these dogs are usually sick or injured and need immediate medical care. Every animal in this society is provided with a behavioral and veterinary assessment or rehabilitation that the dog requires.

Another important thing that this society is working on is to prevent pet overpopulation. For this purpose, they are actively working with Metis communities within Northern Alberta for providing affordable pet services.

This society does not accept owner-surrendered animals but accepts them if they are from their targeted communities. You can adopt animals from them. Also, if you are facing some problem and want to return the pet, they will simply take it back without asking any questions.

You can help this society by donating supplies, fostering rescued animals, or doing volunteer work for them.

Dog Rescue Info:
Location: Athabasca, Alberta, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-466-7227
Website: Second Chance Animal Rescue Society
Facebook: Second Chance Animal Rescue Society FB Page

5. Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation

Another well-known dog rescue Alberta is Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation that is working successfully to save the lives of animals. This foundation was started by two individuals.

Both of them successfully saved around 50 dogs from Mexico and found permanent loving homes for them. The foundation continued growing with more local Mexican volunteers.

With the help of these volunteers, the foundation started implementing a spay and neuter program and also provided help in responsible ownership. The foundation got successfully registered in May 2012.

Mainly, this foundation saves the lives of cats and dogs suffering from life-threatening conditions in the United States, Canada, Thailand and Mexico. The foundation can also help owner surrenders case by case.

There is no discrimination by location, size, age or breed. The foundation is ready to help all the animals. The people working here believe that every animal deserves a second chance to live a happy life.

It does not matter where an animal is coming from, it should be provided proper care.

The animals coming over can either be placed at a private shelter or can be directly placed in foster homes. It all depends on the circumstances. The services and expertise of behavior consultants, trainers and veterinarian is available for all the rescued dogs. Moreover, veterinary care and all supplies are also provided to animals in foster care.

It is a registered non-profit organization that is working with many other organizations in different areas to rescue and save the lives of cats and dogs.

Dog Rescue Info:
Location: Calgary, Alberta
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 403-452-2485
Website: Pawsitive Match Rescue Foundation

6. Calgary Animal Rescue Society

This society is based on volunteers who are dedicated and work actively to save the lives of animals. Some volunteer as foster parents, some work at fundraisers, and some participate in adoption events.

Society is working throughout Alberta to rescue cats and dogs and find forever-loving homes for them. It also partners with organizations in other countries to bring over dogs that do not find permanent homes.

Apart from the rescue efforts, this society is also working to raise awareness. For this purpose, they visit schools and inform, educate and answer the questions for promoting the importance of compassion volunteer, foster or adopt.

There is a proper rescue team that works voluntarily day and night tirelessly to help animals in need. You can always contact them if you want to adopt an animal or simply fill out the adoption application.

Dog Rescue Alberta Info:
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 403-816-0759
Website: Calgary Animal Rescue Society

7. The CAWS – Companion Animal Welfare Society

It’s all about the love for animals that keeps people motivated to work for them and provide them with the better life that they deserve. The CAWS also has a passionate team that is working mainly to save the lives of animals.

The team is working hard to make a difference in the welfare and health of pets and therefore provide love and care to pets in need.

They provide temporary homes to pets until they can be reunited with families that can provide love and care to them. All these processes are done through Guardian Angel Program.

The rescued animals have constant access to diet and freshwater as it is important for maintaining full vigor and health. Moreover, they provide a comfortable resting area and an appropriate environment.

Any injury, pain, or disease is properly cured because rapid diagnosis, prevention, and treatment are provided to all the animals.

All these things are done so that the rescued animals have the happy, healt,hy and comfortable life that they deserve.

Dog Rescue Info:
Location: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 587-983-4086
Website: The CAWS – Companion Animal Welfare Society
Facebook: The CAWS – Companion Animal Welfare Society FB Page

8. Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue Association

This is the last dog rescue in Alberta that we are going to discuss. It is a registered non-profit charitable organization located in Grande Prairies AB. Moreover, it is run by volunteers who work for making a difference in society.

The main focus of this association is to help homeless, abandoned, and injured animals. Apart from this they also help animals find loving and permanent homes.

They help animals mostly cats and dogs of their community, and also in northern Alberta and its surrounding areas.

The organization does not receive any funding from the government but relies merely on fundraising efforts and public donations. Mostly, the rescued animals are in foster care.

Moreover, the team also works hard to encourage positive interaction between humans and animals.

This is also done so that they can promote responsible ownership including microchipping, vaccinating, spaying, or neutering.

Dog Rescue Info:
Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-380-7297
Website: Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue Association
Facebook: Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue Association FB Page

Rescue Dog Or Puppy?

You might be wondering if you should adopt a rescue dog or buy a puppy. Some people say that the best thing to do is to adopt an older dog, but others will say that it’s better to start with a pup. We’re going to discuss both options and let you know what some of the pros and cons are for each one so that you can make a good decision for yourself.

Puppies: No one can deny that raising a puppy is not an easy task, just like raising children. The thing about getting a puppy is that they’re not easy to train because they’re still young.

Puppies also require much hard work than adult dogs and can’t be left alone for long periods of time without needing any care. However, puppies need lots of attention and socialization when they first come home so it’s important to take the time with them so they grow up well adjusted.

Rescue Dogs: The best thing about rescue dogs is that you’re helping out your favorite furry friends by giving them a second chance at life. Many rescue dogs come with basic training so you don’t have to spend more time on training.

How to Choose Reputable Dog Rescue Centre in the Alberta?

When looking to adopt a dog, it’s important to do your research and find a reputable dog rescue center. There are many of these centers in Alberta, but not all of them are created equal. So how do you choose the right one for you and your furry friend? Here are some tips when it comes to finding a reputable Dog rescue center in Alberta.

Research: Do some research online and ask other people in the area about their experience with different rescues. This will give you an idea of what kind of services they provide and how responsive they are when contacted.

Reviews: Check out reviews before making any donations or signing agreements with them – even if they seem like the perfect match! Rescues often go through financial hardships so be sure to check their website often to see if there has been any change in contact information or hours of operation.

Vaccinations: Make sure you check the vaccinations of any dog before rehoming them, and if they will not be vaccinated it’s best to find another shelter.

Dogs Safe for Rehoming: Rescue dogs are amazing, but they come with some challenges. It can be hard to find a good re-homing center that tests the temperament of their animals before letting them go into homes or foster care.

Reputable centers work hard to ensure that all of the prospective pets they receive have been temperament tested before adoption, providing you with detailed information about each dog as to how it will affect your home environment if you adopt them in as well as any specific requirements needed from owners who adopt these dogs.

Home Checking: All reputable rescue centers will perform a home check before they let you take on any dog. This is because it’s important to make sure your place of residence can accommodate the dog you want to adopt that may be living there. Most rescue centers will expect potential adopters like you who live inside with at least one securely enclosed outdoor area where pets can play without running off too far every day.

Consultation & Support: Some of the best re-homing centers will offer you advice and support throughout your pet adoption process. If you don’t have any experience with adopting dogs, for example – then when taking on a new furry friend home there are certain things that might go wrong in which case you may get any types of help you need.

Thing you should know when Choosing a Rescue Dog:

If you’re thinking about adopting a rescue dog, there are quite a few aspects that need to be considered. The difference between buying a puppy and adopting one is different, so before jumping into anything make sure before that, you should be fully prepared and research the rescue center from which you want to adopt your new dog.

Don’t forget – adoptions don’t come without commitment they take time and patience as well as financial resources, but if all these things fit your needs- adopt today! The dogs rescued from shelters are generally older and have dealt with a lot in their lives. You’ll have to be a little more patient, loving, and understanding with them if they struggle. Being prepared for any situation is the most effective way to make sure that you are able to handle it effectively.

The most important thing is that you should know that most rescue dogs have been mistreated by their previous owners. They might have come from puppy mills where they were mistreated or not properly cared. It is possible that they came from homes where there are too many animals and they are not being properly cared for which they need It’s not easy being adopted.

Some dogs have been abused or neglected by their former owners, but luckily there are caring people out there to save them! These dogs may be angry with humans at first because they’ve had a hard time in the past.

Don’t be deterred by these doodle dogs’ sad pasts, but over time, when you give lots of love and attention to these beautiful dogs. You will become their favorite person and they’ll learn to trust humans again – but it doesn’t happen right away!

Do you Recommend Any Good Dog Rescues in Alberta?

If you’re a dog lover, you know that there are many dogs out there who need a good home. That’s why we’re asking for your help! Do you know of any great dog rescues in Alberta?

If so, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

We want to make sure that our list is as comprehensive as possible, it really helps others who are looking to adopt a Dog or puppies in Alberta.

Conclusion for Dog Rescues in Alberta:

We hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful in finding a good dog rescue in British Alberta. If you know a friend or relative who is looking for a good rescue center, please share this post with them. Their search will be a lot easier.

Please watch “How to Prep for a Rescue Dog” below before adopting a dog from a rescue shelter in Alberta.

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