Are Mini Schnauzers Good Off the Leash? [Vet Advice]

Are you ready to learn about the delightful Mini Schnauzer? These intelligent, friendly, and well-mannered pups are sure to steal your heart with their fun-loving personalities and playful nature. But what about off-leash walking? Can your Mini Schnauzer handle it?

While most Mini Schnauzers may struggle with off-leash walking due to their quick excitement, activeness, and stubbornness, fear not! With proper training from a young age, basic obedience training, recall training, positive reinforcement techniques, proper socialization, and consistency, your Mini Schnauzer can become a pro at off-leash walking.

Of course, there are both benefits and drawbacks to off-leash walking your Mini Schnauzer. But with the right approach and training, the benefits can far outweigh any potential drawbacks. So why not give it a try and see how your Mini Schnauzer thrives off-leash?

Can you trust your miniature schnauzer to go off leash?

Do you have a miniature schnauzer as your pet? Are you wondering if you can let him off-leash? Actually, you cannot always trust your miniature schnauzer to go off-leash.

Here are some critical facts that you need to know about your miniature schnauzer characteristics before you off the leash.

  1. Schnauzers are a little stubborn.
  2. They get excited easily.
  3. They are smart.
  4. They are curious & alert.
  5. They are active.

1. Schnauzers are a little stubborn

They will tend to ignore your commands. So keep your schnauzer with a leash unless he is well trained and good at listening to your command and recall.

2. They get excited easily

They could run off if they see little animals like birds, squirrels and cats. I am not saying all mini schnauzers will run away when they see little creatures, but most of them would.

3. They are smart

These cute little schnauzers are highly intelligent and smart too. They are able to learn something easily. If you want to teach or practice him to walk without a leash, he will learn that within a short period.

4. They are curious & alert

Most of the time, their curiosity gets them into trouble. Because they are more likely to chase something that is not familiar to them.

5. They are active

These cute miniature schnauzers are highly active when they are off leash.  Doggy can freely move, run, and play games. Also, he is very pleasurable when he is off leash.

But, you should never let your miniature schnauzer off leash in a busy area. They could get more dangers from vehicles, road accidents, humans as well as aggressive animals.

It is imperative your schnauzer understands and reacts to the recall or “come” command before letting him off leash.

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Why is off leash walking good for your miniature schnauzer?

As a veterinary medical student, I recommend miniature schnauzer dog owners let their dogs walk off leash every day in a safe place. They love going on hikes, runs, and really good off leash because they are highly active.  

There are so many benefits for your miniature schnauzer while walking off leash.

  1. Mainly he can enjoy his freedom.
  2. He has become a healthy dog.
  3. He has become socially with other dogs and people.
  4. He gets to play and run around with other dogs.
  5. He can run fast.
  6. He has become confident with its own self.
  7. Can burn their excess energy

1. Mainly he can enjoy his freedom

The biggest advantage to having your schnauzer off leash is going to be more relaxed.  This tends to curd his freedom and does not allow him to get mental problems such as depression, aggression, and disruptive behaviors.

2. He has become a healthy dog

He gets exercises from physical activities such as running and playing games. This reduces health problems and helps to stay physically active.

3. He has become social with other dogs and people

Dogs who are social can interact with other dogs naturally, express their natural behavior and feelings.

4. He can run fast

This is especially important for a schnauzer that naturally loves to run. 

5. He has become confident

It provides essential mental status and prevents some behavior problems.

6. Can burn their excess energy

It is more important for physical health because it prevents problems such as obesity. As same as your pet will gain more health benefits such as ensuring a long and happy life.

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Reasons why you shouldn’t let your miniature schnauzer off leash?

I don’t want to scare you. But there are some dangers of keeping your mini schnauzer off leash.

  1. Risk of being hit by a vehicle/ road accidents.
  2. Risk of meeting aggressive dogs.
  3. Risk of eating something toxic.
  4. Risk of learning bad habits.
  5. Risk of chasing other animals.
  6. Risk of dogs’ thieves.

1. Risk of being hit by a vehicle/ road accident

Most dog owners have this extremely sad experience when they are hit by a car right in front of their eyes. This most happens in urban areas because they become excitable and will not be aware of the dangers of road traffic.

So don’t think your schnauzer is “street smart” or that drivers will avoid your dog. Never walk with your schnauzer without a leash on a busy road with regular traffic.

2. Risk of meeting aggressive dogs

Maybe your dog is friendly, but other dogs are not. A dog fight can be made, and your mini schnauzer may be easily stressed and maybe bitten by another dog.

3. Risk of eating something toxic

Schnauzers are very curious to find new things. If your schnauzer is off leash at a distance from you, it may decide to eat things he finds on the ground. That will be potentially toxic and harmful. So it’s better to keep your eye on your dog.

4. Risk of learning bad habits

An off leash schnauzer is more likely to be learned several bad habits easily. An example ignores your recall and keeps playing. Then the dog is tough to catch again.

5. Risk of chasing other animals

Miniature schnauzers are really excitable for little creatures. They are instinctive to chase squirrels, cats, and birds when off leash. The sight of these animals can make your schnauzer chase them off.

Here is why some dogs are obsessed with birds.

6. Risk of dogs’ thieves

Your mini schnauzer could be stolen if he is off leash, at a distance, and out of your sight. So you should be extra cautious and keep a close eye on your mini schnauzer.

Let’s talk about how to train your miniature schnauzer to be off leash.

How to train your miniature schnauzer to be off leash?

If you want to train your miniature schnauzer to be off leash, there are several steps and methods to do. They are smart and a little stubborn but easily trained.

I would recommend some basic training tips for your miniature schnauzer. Then we will look into the step-by-step guide of training a mini schnauzer.

Step 01: Select a suitable location

This is the most crucial part that you have to consider. Pay attention to where you let off the leash of your schnauzer, especially at the first time. There should be a safe & secure area.

Select a closed area like a backyard, personal garden, or ground. Always keep your dog on a leash around buys roads and streets.

Step 02: Train your miniature schnauzer to come back when you recall the name

How to train mini schnauzer to recall step by step

  • Sit your schnauzer down: Get your schnauzer to sit and stay. Then maintain eye contact with him and slowly walk backwards a few paces.
  • Crouch down on the floor & say the “come” command: After you have stepped a few paces back, then crouch down on the floor and say come command or doggy’s name. This is used to attract your schnauzer attention. The way you use your body language and your tone of voice is the most essential key in this step.
  • Repeat and be consistent with the process and extend the leash length: Repeatedly do this 4,5 times in a session. If he doesn’t come, pull on the leash a little but don’t drag.
  • Keep the recall training session short: I would recommend you to try this 4 or 5 times each day; otherwise, they will get bored and not respond well to recall. 
  • Be consistent with your “come” command: Make sure that you use the same tone when you say come command. It will make a quicker and successful training.
  • Test their recall off the leash: If you are confident that your miniature schnauzer comes back when you call him, it is the best time to go to a test in a secure area.

Here there are some tips for practicing recall.

Take some yummy rewards with you because this is the most motivator to come back when you recall. By practicing this, he will often come by himself because he gets treats. As same as you can use some helpful pet toys such as playing balls, playing fetch with your Miniature schnauzer.

Step 03: Take your schnauzer out using a long leash

After you are confident enough that your schnauzer responds to your command,  go to a secure area with a long leash. You can go for a test run with a long leash.  

This will let your miniature schnauzer be free and feel like it is off the leash. This method will also give you peace of mind that you will not lose your schnauzer. 

Step 04: Practice an off the leash walk in an enclosed area.

This is the final in the process. It is better to choose an enclosed area with fencing around it. Off the leash and wait a few seconds, and recall the dog.

Don’t let your canine friend off the sight and recall when your schnauzer moves too far away from you. Keep practicing in a safe area, then let your dog enjoy his freedom.

Things to be aware of

What happens if your mini dog refuses to come back to you? I know at least you don’t like that thought also. Mainly you should know where you remove the leash from the dog. I talked about that in the topic above. If he refuses to come,

Do not run after them…

As I told you, mini dogs are a little stubborn. He will think this is a game and run away from you. Then you will get into more trouble.

Let him be calm…

Mini dogs get excited easily for small circumstances. If you also get excited, the situation will be worse. Calm him by recalling his name smoothly.

Use a dog harness…

By using a harness, it can make it much easier to control and manage your dog.  The miniature schnauzer is a tiny dog, so it can be prone to injury from tugging on the leash.

Usually, a harness can prevent him from getting tangled up in the leash. The harness disperses the pressure over a large area of his body by reducing the pressure on his neck.

Use a reflecting dog gear/ High visibility dog gear…

Would you like to go for a nice walk with your miniature schnauzer off leash at night time or very early morning?  If you want your schnauzer to be visible in the dark, you might use this high safety method for your dog. Reflective dog gear allows people to see your dog and avoid being knocked down by vehicles.

Be patient with your dog…

I think this is a must. Please be kind enough to have more patience with your dog because they are innocent animals. You should never hit them. Otherwise, they feel uncomfortable and anxious.

Keep in mind we do all these things for safety and make a more comfortable daily life for our lovely doggy.   


As a veterinary medicine undergraduate student, my opinion is miniature schnauzers are good off leash because an active mini schnauzer is a happy & healthy dog.

It’s adorable to see your mini schnauzers play with other dogs or running around you freely. Also, we prefer to see our puppy is happy and playful. Don’t we? How could a dog be happy or free if we keep him tied on a leash?

Not only schnauzers but also all dogs are allowed to move freely. I have mentioned how to train your dog off leash, and be aware of that you should know. I think this article will help you better care for your dog in a proper way.   

Good luck & stay safe!