Are Dog Strollers Ridiculous? [With Pros & Cons]

Morning walk with your toddler while you take the little one down through gardens and parks in the stroller? Yes, I am going to talk about our blossom buddies and mamas who would plan to take their dog on a stroller ride.

Simply it can be either “yes” or “no,” depending on why you use it. You can use strollers; if your dog has burnt its paw or he has anxiety. Disabled dogs and dogs with diseases can wear strollers. Lack of exercise and socialization are some disadvantages of strollers.

Let’s talk deeply about “dog strollers are ridiculous.”

Are dog strollers ridiculous?

If I give you the answer, it can be both a “yes and a “no.”Let me not make you confused and entangle the little tangle.

Using a dog stroller without any reason can be pretty ridiculous at times. For example, imagine taking your “good health puppy” for a walk in the park in your area.

Do you think the little one would love to be “seated” inside the stroller? Our pooches are explorative and love to run around. Dogs have a sneak peek at the surroundings, so we might be taking out their freedom if we use a dog stroller on them.

Moreover, if a person uses dog strollers to manage an aggressive dog so that he won’t be able to escape the stroller while in the grocery or a public place.

He would not learn “not to be aggressive”; instead, he would be barking to show that he is indeed aggressive, which may cause great trouble to everyone around. So using a stroller at an instance like this is pretty ridiculous too.

The other question you might be having is why I mentioned “no.”Dog strollers can be useful if your pooch has a disease or has surgery.

The poor doggy cannot walk on his four legs, so he might need support. So, at moments like this, a “dog stroller” would be a great idea to be taken into your consideration.

More on “why this won’t be a ridiculous idea” can be read if you follow through with the article.

Why should you use a dog stroller?

1. “Your dog has social anxiety.”

Just like us humans, our pooches can be viable to anxiety too. Social anxiety is when your dog can be panicked or get nervous when there are lots of people around or when other dogs are around in his surrounding.

Simply it may occur when you try to take a walk with him to a park, large gatherings, and other crowded places.

Moreover, at this place where your dog is dealing with social anxiety, he might be okay with you and your family, yet not others. Some symptoms of social anxiety are,

  • Trembling
  • Drooling and panting
  • Trying to be isolated.
  • Urinating
  • Excessive thirst or hunger or doesn’t eat at all

So, in an instance like this, you might be unable to take your blossom buddy out on a walk. As a “temporary remedy” for this, you can try using a dog stroller so that he will feel safe even in a large gathering of people.

2. “I know I am old, but don’t leave me, please.”

Suppose you are going to go for family time. In that case, you can never easily leave your blossom buddy alone at home, no matter how old he is,y es our hearts become warm towards him!

But what if your pooch has dementia, and what if he gets lost while on the walk and the enjoyable time and does not get back to you?

It would be tragic, wouldn’t it? So, even in this instance, the “dog stroller” might come to your help. He will be able to have a nice time with his family even when the poor little one is diagnosed with dementia.

3. “I can’t burn my paw, mama.”

Here, we come to the hot summer season, where your feet could get hurt if you walk barefoot. It’s pretty much the same for our pooches.

When walking down on the paved-cement pathways in parks or even on the road, the poor one might get his paws burnt that it might bruise his paws.

During this season, a stroller would be a great idea to help your dog poor puppy not get his feet burnt all through the way.

4. “I am injured but need to go outside.

As I  mentioned, dogs are especially explorative and playful at young ages. So if your pooch is injured and had to get a “bed-rest” with “no walking,” it might be a hard time for your blossom buddy to spend.

So, why not give him some fresh air while giving him a ride inside the stroller?

5. “Just lazy to exercise.”

Some grown-up dogs might also be having a hard time juggling to do their work -out right. He might sometimes be reluctant to go for a walk with you and try to sleep by the side behind whatever he finds or relax on the comfiest sofa.

Yes, no exercise is not good for the blossom buddy’s health. So, maybe after taking him for a walk or the other, reward him with a “stroller ride” to your lazy clumsy little dog.

Yes, this would be pretty much motivation, wouldn’t it?

6. “No more carrying him.”

There are several places you have no access to your doggy but have access only if you carry him.

So, if you go to a grocery store and take your pooch with you cause you can’t just keep him alone, you might sometimes struggle to hold him and do the grocery. So, a stroller would be a great alternative at this point. Why not try out an easy way?

7. “Visiting the vet.”

Last but not least, if your vet is quite the walking distance, but your pet is sick that he won’t be able to take the alk with you, you can use the dog stroller. He will be safe and would be warm inside it.

These are just a few reasons “why you should use a dog stroller for your little one.”

Are dog strollers necessary?

As I have told you before, depending on the instances we come across, it would be necessary, yet not always.

What are the disadvantages of dog strollers?

After all, everything might not be perfect, so the same goes for the dog stroller.

1. “Lack of proper exercise.”

Suppose you are a dog parent who uses the dog stroller regularly to give rides to your dog down the paved path of the garden or the magnificent park in your area.

In that case, it might give your dog much more health issues due to lack of exercise. Proper exercise is essential daily for our growing up pooch.

Using the stroller regularly for ease of work would make everything hard for you and your blossom buddy in the future.

2. “Taking up his space.”

Even though you might not think about this much, using the stroller regularly can hinder the doggy’s “growing up journey.

“He might get bothered when he is kept in one place, in a small space, even when he is out. He might struggle to be “that explorative puppy” he is willing to be!

3. “Lack of socialization.”

Some dogs love to make up some friends with their colleagues who come for a walk with their dog parents to the park. Yet, when the stroller is used, it may limit his chance to make friends.

Ultimately, this can lead to a lack of socialization which will be quite a problem in the future.

These are a few disadvantages of using a dog stroller for your doggy.

Things to be aware of.

We should be considerate of how much time we give our pooches a ride on the “dog stroller” because if he gets used to it, it will affect his health negatively.

Moreover, as dog parents, we need to keep in mind that “dog strollers” are no permanent remedy for social anxiety and injuries where our pooch can’t have a walk with us.


In conclusion, I hope you were able to enhance your knowledge on why sometimes dog strollers are considered a ridiculous idea and sometimes not and much more.

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