What Do Military Dogs Eat? [Everything You Need To Know]

Have you ever wondered what military dogs eat? Their food consumption is a topic of great curiosity, and in this discussion, we’ll explore what military dogs are typically fed.

Most military dogs are fed commercial dry dog food according to a specific diet plan. However, raw feeding is considered the best diet option for military dogs due to its rich health benefits. In addition to commercial dog food, military dogs are also fed eggs, sardines, and yogurt.

While this feeding method may be suitable in many situations, it’s important to remember that every dog is different and may have unique dietary needs. Additionally, military dogs may need to be fed at night or during extended missions. In our upcoming discussion, we’ll explore the best feeding practices for military dogs and provide you with tips for ensuring that your furry friend stays healthy and well-fed.

What does the military feed their dogs?

As we all know, a military dog should be enriched with high energy levels and be capable of working with his handler for days at a stretch. Therefore, their food needs are crucial.

Generally, military dogs are fed high-performance food designed to increase their energy and nutritious levels.

The handler carries an airtight container or a travel bowl filled with kibble to keep military dogs active and energetic whenever they are out for work.

The ideal diet option for a military dog is a dry dog diet, which is consumed mostly. Raw feeding is considered best since it is enriched with health benefits. A commercial diet is designed as highly digestible, nutrient-dense, and high-performance.

But, the pragmatic phase of this diet option varies in instances such as midnight shifts and unexpected calls.

Moreover, military dogs are provided with a fixed diet formula to prevent gastrointestinal problems. Since gastrointestinal issues can lead a military dog to death if not treated immediately.

So, handlers try their best to keep their military doggy friend healthy with a balanced diet.

Military dogs should always be fed with a high-quality diet since they deal more with physical and environmental challenges than domestic dogs.

Military dogs are also fed high-performance food items such as organic meat, vegetables, and vitamins.

On the one hand, the commercial dog food diet recommended for military dogs can be enhanced by adding the following food items, which can improve the performance of military dogs in the field.

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1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the quickest food items to be fed. A large egg normally provides about 70 calories, which fits nicely with the daily calories needs of a military dog.

Eggs are also easily digested, and dogs do not have trouble with raw eggs, which is more compatible when feeding a military dog.

2. Sardines

Sardines play a major role in regulating the immunity system and reducing inflammations in military dogs. It is a complete energy boost enriched with omega 3 fatty acids and EPA and DHA.

A small can of sardine provides about 25 calories and 175 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids. Sardines dipped in water are more appropriate for a military dog in the field as it is easy for him to consume them within a few minutes.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is a natural source of prebiotics and a food item easy to feed in the field. As yogurts provide additional digestion benefits, a military dog becomes less prone to digestive problems.

Low-fat yogurt is often given to military dogs, containing 20 calories per ounce.

Besides the above list, military dogs are also fed healthy leftovers, vegetables, and fruits. But, when feeding them, the handlers are very careful since military dogs should not be prone to bad health conditions.

Anyway, ensuring the health condition of a military dog is essential since they should be strong enough to work in the military sector. So, their nutrition levels and food consumption is observed with the most attention. They are frequently monitored and maintained at a specific weight.

When a military dog has gained or lost more than 5 pounds, they are directed towards medical check-ups. Then accordingly, their diet plans and additional food items are changed.

Can you feed your dog what military dogs eat?

Military dogs or working dogs are different from pet dogs or domestic dogs. In the same manner, their energy levels and food requirements are also different from each other.

Since military dogs are more active and constantly working in the field, they cannot be fueled by a normal diet fed to a pet dog.

Food items made with fruits, vegetables, and some grains will not meet the requirements of a military dog. They need a high-energy diet to maintain their health at a peak level.

There’s no great issue in feeding your pet dog with what military dogs have. But your pet dog does not need as many calories and energy as a military dog.

You might have noticed that dog food is labeled as ‘working dog food’ and is enriched with more calories and nutrients than a pet dog needs. All you need to do is feed your pet dog with only the needed amount of proteins and other nutrient levels.

Are military dogs fed at night?

In short-YES. Military dogs are fed at night and considered hungry dogs during the day obedient dogs. But, it might depend on the situation and the mood of the military dog.

Well, in most cases, a hungry dog is more aggressive. But along with military training, they might shape their behaviors.

Some military dogs are not fed during the night as they are fed in the morning and the afternoon. Usually, when an operation continues for a whole day at a stretch, the military dogs are only fed once with a large meal.

How many times a day are military dogs fed?

The answer to the above question depends on several factors, such as the military dog’s age, size, breed, and experience.

Some tend to feed their military dogs only once per day with a large meal, and the dogs are accustomed to the procedure.

In some situations, it is considered as military dogs should be fed smaller meals during the whole day without crossing their caloric needs of them. The crucial benefit of feeding a military dog small meals during the whole day is he can get prevented gastrointestinal conditions.

So, a military dog is usually fed once or twice a day while balancing the nutrition levels they need in extra.

Things to be aware of.

Be aware when selecting military dog food for your pet dog as it contains high protein dosages, which might not result in obesity of your pet dog.

Military dogs are properly trained with their diets and do not think they are fated to spend a cursed life in the military sector.

Do not try to adjust your pet dog to have a food diet of a military dog.


Military dogs and their food diets are often crucial since they are politely performing in the military sector while doing a great favor for us. Therefore, their food requirements should be concerned at the top of everything.

When they are healthy, they can engage in more detective activities.

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