104° Heat Wave – Kind Store Owner Opens Doors for Stray Dog to Cool Off

Store Opens Doors for Stray Dog to Cool Off

On an extremely hot day, with a high temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, a local street dog, who had been visiting the market for the past few days, decided to seek refuge inside a store. It is believed that the dog was left behind by his owner and had come to the store for help. As employees, we always gave him food, water, and some toys from the store, which we bought with our own money.

Source: Youtube

This time, we went a step further and let the dog inside the store to cool off. The pooch seemed to be really enjoying his time away from the sun, and even decided to take a nap right there on the aisle floor. I couldn’t help but let the dog in because the temperature outside was unbearable, and I honestly felt bad for him. Inside the store, he looked much happier.

Source: Youtube

Our act of kindness seemed to have a ripple effect on the customers who were shopping at the time. One of them, Adolfo, who came into the store to buy milk, decided to buy the sweet pooch a treat. Adolfo told us how he felt bad for what the dog had been going through, but he was glad that the dog was now receiving the love he deserved and was extremely thankful for the store opening its doors to the canine friend in need.

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