Pet Monitoring Devices. Which One? Find Out Here!

Essential pet monitoring device.

We have found the Furbo Dog Camera to be the best device on the market for monitoring your dog AT HOME – the only pet camera with Dog Recognition Technology!

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An awesome piece of modern technology that allows owners to check on their dogs and even give them treats while they are away from the house!

The camera lets owners spy on their pooches and see what they’re up to by accessing the camera through an app on your phone.

The Furbo device

It also has a microphone which means you can communicate with your pet giving them reassurance, and there’s an interactive game setting that can give your dog treats.

The device is about the size of a water bottle being 5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches and weighing 1.8 pounds.  It has a wooden top which is actually quite attractive in a home monitoring device! 

You simply connect it to your WiFi at home and download the app to your phone.  You then just add the treats before you leave the house and you can choose when to give them to your canine buddy throughout the day.  Plus it also works with Cats if you have feline friends too!

The app allows you to take videos and photos, and share them on your social media.  Read on to find out more…..

Peace of Mind for every Dog Parent!

The Furbo

Over 5,000 vets, professional dog trainers and dog owners have all given input into the development of the Furbo Dog Camera. With features specifically designed for dogs, you are able to interact with and see your dog at any time, simply by downloading an app to your smart phone. 

This is excellent if your dog has to be left alone at home for any length of time. (we of course don’t recommend leaving your dog but sometimes it is unavoidable for a short period) It is also a great pet monitoring device for those pets suffering from separation anxiety.

Pet monitoring device

Key Features – Pet Monitoring

Easy to set up

Pet monitoring
  • Plug into a power socket via the USB cord.
  • Download the Furbo App to your mobile device.
  • Connect to your home WiFi – it does need to be near the WiFi source or you may need to get a WiFi booster if for example your WiFi is in the loft.

Dog Recognition Technology

The Furbo Dog Camera uses Dog Recognition Technology to send you 3 different alerts so you know exactly what your canine buddy is up to!  Other home monitors send general alerts for all movement in the room. However, the Furbo’s Smart Dog Alerts only notify you of dog-related activities.

The App saves photos of things that happen in your doggy’s day that you can share on social media to friends and family and keep a treasured album of your pet’s activities.

Pet monitoring

Dog Activity Alert

Any activity that your dog is doing continuously can be detected – eg. jumping on chairs, chewing your cushions!  Another feature is it can detect repetitive patterns like licking and pacing which may be a symptom of separation anxiety.

Person Alert

Furbo tells you if a human is in the area it is monitoring, be it a dog minder that’s meant to be visiting, or an intruder that shouldn’t be there!

Dog Selfie Alert

Yes, your fur baby can take selfies!  Furbo is so clever it knows if your pet is facing the camera and can take an adorable selfie – you can set the App up to get a notification on your mobile device with the pic of your fur baby – how awesome is that?!

Each alert can be turned on and off to suit your requirements.  The longer you are using the Furbo pet monitoring system, the more it learns about the pattern of your dog’s time alone and you’ll know exactly what your dog is doing as it happens!

2-Way Chat and Barking Sensor

Pet monitoring

The Furbo can detect when your dog barks and send a notification to your phone – you can then talk to your dog if they need calming down or reassurance that you’re not far away!

Fun Treat Tossing!

Pet monitoring device

The Furbo has a feature whereby you can fill it with over 100 treats of your choice, and you can set it up to ‘fire’ treats for your dog to catch at times you choose – this is a UNIQUE feature to this camera and, in my opinion, sets it aside from others on the market. Pet monitoring at its best!

This works with Amazon Alexa, and apparently treats of a size 0.4 inches diameter work best. You can schedule a treat to be tossed as you leave the house and then at certain intervals – your pet may not mind you going so much if they are expecting their Furbo treat.

Camera & Night Vision

Pet monitoring

Pet monitoring is made even easier with the 1080p camera 160 degree wide angle vision, both during the day and night.

The Furbo comes with a one year warranty from date of shipping and you also have the option of a 30 day return or exchange.

Customer Reviews

The Furbo can be bought via Amazon and the reviews on there are fantastic:

“It was sooooo wonderful to see my dogs and know they were doing ok! Then I talked to them and gave them all treats! It was incredibly cool! They went and laid back down and I watched them sleep happily while my husband drove us home!” (Read more here…Furbo Customer Reviews)

“It only took a couple of days for the dogs to figure out that the Furbo dispenses treats. They now go stand by it and wait for treats to come out!” (Read more here….Furbo Customer Reviews)

“I was always concerned leaving my puppy home alone because he will cry a lot.. When I got Furbo, things got much better! Furbo sent me notifications to my phone when he was crying, so I would log on and talk to him right away.” (Read more here…Furbo Customer Reviews)

I personally think this is the best pet monitoring camera on the market with the best Smart technology. It’s incredibly cool and clever and offers peace of mind on those occasions when you do have to leave your beloved pet alone.

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Pet monitoring
Pet monitoring

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