Why Do Greyhounds Sleep So Much? [Are They Lazy]

Why do greyhounds sleep so much

What is your greyhound doing right now? Chances are, the answer is “sleeping!” Let’s explore why greyhounds sleep so much and the possible reasons for their seemingly lazy behavior.

Greyhounds are one of the breeds that prefer sleeping for extended periods of time. This is mainly due to having fewer fat deposits in their bodies. After being active, they can no longer bear the energy wastage and need to sleep to save energy for later usage. It’s normal for them to sleep for 18-20 hours per day.

While every dog parent wants an active, playful companion, it’s important to understand that not all dog breeds are the same. As a greyhound owner, it’s essential to be patient and compromise with their sleeping pattern.

Interesting fact: Greyhounds are known for their incredible speed and are often used for racing. They can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest dog breeds in the world. However, due to the controversy surrounding greyhound racing, many organizations have worked to end the practice and find loving homes for retired racing greyhounds.

Reasons why greyhounds sleep so much, and why are they lazy?

Normally, greyhounds sleep for about 18-20 hours a day while older ones and puppies sleep more than that. Puppies need more sleep as they are in their growth phase.

Older ones same like us are less active, and it may cause pain in them while moving due to diseases like arthritis that comes with age.

Now let us dive in to find reasons why greyhounds sleep so much.

1. Fewer fat deposits in the body.

Greyhounds are creatures who are naturally adapted for hunting. They need very high amounts of energy for hunting. But they do not possess stored energy as fat.

So, they are well adapted to prevent energy wastage and save energy for later usage. Sleeping for most of the day and less activeness are such adaptations.

This is the reason why your greyhound boy or girl needs an average of 18-20 hours of sleep per day.

Check out this greyhound talking while sleeping!

There are some other reasons too that can be responsible for the oversleeping of dogs.

  • Difficulties in adopting a new life.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Some diseases can cause oversleeping.

2. Difficulties in adopting a new life.

When you bring a puppy or a dog from a breeder’s place to your home, it’s an entirely different environment for him. So, he needs some time to get adjust to the new home surroundings.

His continuous dozing off can be a result of this. 

3. Separation anxiety.

Did he gets separated from one of your loving family members in the recent past? That also can be a reason for his oversleeping behavior.

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Now let’s find out the reasons why greyhounds are lazy?

There are several reasons why your greyhound is so lazy. so, let’s dive right in.

  • Normally greyhounds are docile and calm.
  • Age 
  • Lack of physical exercise.
  • Lack of mental stimulation.
  • Diet
  • Illness or an injury.
  • Depression
  • Temperature

1. Normally greyhounds are docile and calm.

It’s their nature. They are creatures easy to handle.

2. Age

When greyhounds are getting older, their energy started to get decline. So, they use to stay at the same place lying, sitting to preserve their energy.

3. Lack of physical exercise

When considering greyhounds and exercise, they are a type of breed that needs a moderate amount of exercise. But if they do not receive a sufficient amount of exercise, they tend to be lazy. Some dogs are even tempted to fall asleep after a short walk.

4. Lack of mental stimulation.

If I explain in simple words, due to boredom. Normally the companion dogs tend to be lazier than working dogs. Working dogs have plenty of physical activity and mental stimulations all day guarding, searching, rescue missions, etc.

But your loving buddy is not trained to perform a specific task.

5. Diet

Diet can be the main cause of laziness. Eating too much or feeding the wrong food items can cause this.

6. Illness or an injury.

Some disease conditions can cause laziness. Such an example is thyroid dysfunction. Some internal or external injuries also can cause this problem.

7. Depression

Separation from the owner or any other family member, missing or dying of another pet, these types of reasons can cause depression in dogs, causing laziness.

8. Temperature

Dogs are sensitive to environmental temperatures. Too much temperature can cause laziness.

How to turn your greyhound into an active dog and avoid his lazy behavior?

First, try to figure out the reason or reasons for your loving greyhound’s lazy behavior. As the above reasons, individually or in combination, can cause laziness. Then take the following proven methods and suggestions to overcome his lazy behavior.

  1. Establish a sleeping routine.
  2. A proper diet.
  3. Sufficient physical exercise.
  4. Provide mental stimulation.
  5. Obedience classes.
  6. Establish a daily routine.
  7. Train your dog to follow commands.
  8. Consult a veterinarian.
Are greyhounds lazy? 

If you interpret laziness as sleeping often & being less active, Greyhounds are lazy compared to most other dog breeds. However, they're extremely fast & active while playing. While oversleeping is normal for them, laziness can be overcome by proper training, positive reinforcement, & supervising.

1. Establish a sleeping routine.

It isn’t necessary to put your dog for sleeping before 10.00 p.m.But try to establish a sleeping routine for him. Train him to sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

Then he will get used to the routine with the time and will tend to abandon his lazy behavior.

Are greyhounds lazy

2. A proper diet.

A proper diet includes several aspects. The correct amount of food for the breed (greyhound) and weight should be given.

Food items that must not feed the dogs should be avoided. Also, correct food items should be given at the correct time.

3. Sufficient physical exercise.

Adequate physical exercise is much needed to keep your buddy active. Greyhounds are a dog breed that needs a moderate amount of activity. Make sure he gets it.

Taking for work is a good example. If you are extremely busy, assign someone or hire a professional trainer for the purpose.

4. Provide mental stimulation.

You can stimulate your loving greyhound by allowing him to play with his favorite toys. If you feel something like your dog is bored with his older toys, you can replace them with new ones. Puzzle games also adequate mental stimulation.

5. Obedience classes.

Take him to obedience classes. Be careful when you choose one. Choose a class that uses positive reinforcement. So, it will be helpful to minimize your dog’s lazy behavior.

6. Establish a daily routine.

Try to engage him in his day-to-day activities to a routine. Do the feeding, bathing, potty turns, and taking a walk at the same time every day. So, your dog will be getting used to it with time, and he will not try to lie down all day lazily.

7. Train your dog to follow commands.

Train your dog to follow some commands like come and get up. Proper training from puppyhood is a significant factor influencing the dog’s behavior later.

So, if you think your training is not sufficient for your dog, it is better to hire a professional trainer.

8. Consult a veterinarian.

If you think your dog’s lazy behavior is not a normal condition, you should consult a qualified veterinarian.

Do greyhounds sleep more than other dogs?

If you ask me the question, do greyhounds sleep more than the other dogs? My answer is Yes. The average sleeping time of a dog is about 12-14 hours a day. But, greyhounds sleep for about 18-20 hours a day.

This is primarily an adaptation of greyhounds. Greyhounds belong to the category of sighthounds who are hunting dogs. As the stored fat level is minimal in greyhounds, it is essential to prevent their energy wastage.

So, they tend to sleep for 18-20 hours a day, which is a range greater than most other dog breeds.

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Are all greyhounds lazy?

As greyhounds sleep for most of the day and act less actively, they are considered as one of the lazy dog breeds.

But within a dog breed, also these behavioral patterns can vary according to various reasons. Those reasons are listed below.

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Activity level.
  • Environmental factors.

Sex: This is a significant factor influencing activeness.

Age: Greyhounds tend to become lazy when they are older. The energy level in older ones is low when compared with younger ones. Also, disease conditions such as arthritis come with age. These reasons make their movements difficult and painful. So, they prefer to stay in the same place.

Activity level: Some greyhounds are trained and used for racing. Due to their specific training, they are active and not lazy. But most of the time, your greyhound pet at home is less active and tends to doze off all day.

Environmental factors: Mainly temperature changes can influence behavioral patterns. For example, a greyhound living in a much temperature high area tends to be lazier than a greyhound living in an environment where the temperature is lower. ( I mean in an area with normal temperature).

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Do greyhounds sleep with their eyes open?

Do greyhounds sleep with their eyes open? Yes, greyhounds sleep with their eyes open. As a greyhound owner, you must have wondered why your buddy sleeps with eyes open?

When your dog is sleeping, you will feel like he is sleeping with his eyes open. But it is not. You actually see the third eyelid of the eye, also known as the nictitating membrane.

When the dog closes the eye, the nictitating membrane expands and covers the surface of the eyeball. It helps to clean the eye by removing dust and other unwanted particles. When the dog opens the eye, it retracts to a side of the eye.

This is not a situation where you should get panic. But there are some instances that you should seriously consider when your dog is sleeping with his eyes open.

One such instance is If your dog sleeps every day with his eyes open and eyes seem dry, itchy, and inflamed. This is a serious situation where you should consult your veterinarian.

Keep in mind that you must never try to wake up a dog who is sleeping with his eyes open by startling them. Because dogs are unpredictable as soon as they are awakened from sleep, and they tend to interpret it as a hostile act against them.

Things to be aware of

There are some things that you should be aware of like a greyhound owner when considering the sleeping habits and laziness of greyhounds.

1. Do not disturb his sleeping.

You should arrange his sleeping place in a place with less traffic. (an area which is not always a crowded place in your home). It should also be a place where your dog can observe, see what you and other family members doing.

As I mentioned above, sleeping for 18-20 hours a day is an adaptation by greyhounds to prevent their energy wastage. So, it’s essential to get sufficient sleep to stay healthy.

2. If laziness started suddenly.

If the lazy behavior of your dog started suddenly, it’s a thing you should worry about. In my experience and understandings, most of the time, if laziness or oversleeping behavior started suddenly, it’s due to a change in the diet, illness, weather, or mental depression.

If the lazy behavior is prevailing for a more extended period, it sometimes can be his natural behavior. Then you must observe him properly and try to figure out the problem. So, If it is an injury or an illness, you must seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian.

Also, it’s better if you can remember what else changed around him suddenly.

3. Keep in mind that sleeping pattern even varies within the same breed.

The time period of sleeping depends on various factors such as sex, activity level, and environment, even within the same breed. So, do not try to compare your greyhound with others.

4. If your dog falls asleep suddenly

If your pet falls asleep suddenly, even during a physical activity like engaging in exercise or mental exercise, it is a serious thing you must consider. It is better to consult a qualified veterinarian if such a condition occurs.

5. Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.

If your dog suddenly becomes lazy, you should not ignore it, taking it as simple. Because it can be due to an illness or an injury he is suffering from.

You must consult a veterinarian on such occasions.

As mentioned above, there is a number of reasons for the lazy behavior of your greyhound. So, It is imperative to find out what causes this and take relevant actions.


Many greyhound owners have a common problem which is “why do greyhounds sleep so much?” or “are greyhounds lazy?”. So, this article is an in-depth guide to solving your problem. Hope this helps!