Should I Get A Dog Without Telling My Parents? [Read First]

Should I Get A Dog Without Telling My Parents

Many of us love the idea of having a furry companion, but sometimes our parents may refuse to take care of a dog in our home. This can lead us to be tempted to bring a puppy or pet dog home without our parents’ permission.

However, it’s important to consider the before and after effects of getting a dog without telling our parents.

It’s not advisable to get a dog without informing parents, as you may be asked to return or rehome the dog. Before getting a dog, it’s crucial to consider factors such as your family’s financial status, the time you can dedicate to the dog, and the ability to take on new responsibilities.

In this post, we’ll discuss whether it’s okay to bring a dog home without informing your parents, the best way to handle the situation if you get a dog or puppy without their permission, and other related facts. By taking the right approach and considering all factors, you can ensure that you and your furry friend have a happy and harmonious life together.

Should you get a dog without your parents knowing?

Simply put, the answer is a resounding NO! You are not allowed to buy a pet animal without the presence of a parent under some age restrictions.

Also, unless you live on your own independently from your parents, they have the last word on whether or not you can have a pet in their home.

Parents are often hesitant to obtain a pet for a variety of reasons, including a lack of financial resources, a dislike of cleaning up them, and the sheer amount of labor required to keep them happy and healthy.

Not only that, sometimes they would be allergic to a dog. They know that, no matter how much we want to, we can not care for a dog on our own.

But if you really need one, you can keep a pet dog with the partnership of a trustworthy friend. Both of you can adopt the dog. But it is completely wrong to bring a dog without considering the situation at home and the permission of the parents.

You can persuade your parents of the importance of getting you a pet dog, and you can ask them several times. I don’t think that they will go against what their child is asking.

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What happens if you get a dog without telling your parents?

Anyway, let’s assume that you have brought a dog to your house without your parents’ prior permission.

We can not hide a dog in our home, eh? So, we have to tell our parents anyway. But there are some chances of keeping the dog without letting anyone else. At that time, what would happen? It is very hard.

So, we have to tell our parents. Let’s see what the possible outcomes are if you get a dog without telling your parents.

1. You may be asked to return the dog.

If you bring a puppy or a dog (sometimes it can be a stray dog) without prior permission from your parents, they will ask you to return the dog.

It is indeed a harsh decision. But as we are also dependent on our mother, father, or guardian, we have to understand the situation.

The economy of the house will not be stable enough to take care of an additional animal as we have to feed the dog well, supply his medical requirements, a place to sleep, and many more.

It is also tough to pay attention to the dog if there is a busy environment within the family.

Adults are engaged in jobs, and you also have study work. Eh?

So, if we bring a dog without telling our parents, after knowing that most of the time, they will ask us to return him, as there is no space to adopt a dog.

2. The dog is handed over to a rescue team or a shelter.

This will be another result of bringing home a puppy or a dog without the parents’ permission.

The main reason for hand-overing the dog we took home is the cost of maintenance. As parents are not economically strong enough to bear the dog’s expenses, too, they ask us to give the pet to a shelter, or else they by themselves hand over the dog to a shelter or a rescue place.

3. Have to try to find a new home for the dog.

Sometimes parents try to find a new home and new owners who can afford the expenses for the dog we bought without their permission.

This is cooler than returning the dog or handing it over to a shelter. We can assume that the dog can live happier in a new house than in those places.

Having a pet dog is another fantasy for teenagers as well as adults too. But due to several reasons, our parents will not permit us to adopt a pet dog in our home.

So, we are tempted to bring home a puppy or a dog without informing our parents. Then, what will happen? Do they allow us to keep him?

Either they will agree to keep the dog under our impel, or else we will have to return the dog, or better yet, find him another place.

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What to do if you got a dog without informing your parents?

As previously mentioned, you have to inform your parents about the dog you brought as the first thing.

Then what to do? Let’s see what we have to do after that.

  1. You have to introduce the dog you brought to your parents very carefully.
  2. At that moment, sometimes you may happen to feed the dog. It is better to do a kind request from my mom to feed him.
  3. If your parents ask to return the dog or rehome it, you have to remain calm and have to obey them.
  4. We have to keep the dog until we find a new place for him. The whole responsibility is within us during this period.
  5. No harm could happen to anyone within the period in which the dog is at our place.

What to do if your parents told you to rehome the dog?

It is somewhat sympathetical if our parents ask us to rehome the dog we brought.

But if it is the most ideal solution on this occasion, we have to obey them and rehome the dog. We can try the following options in such an instance.

1. You can further discuss it with your parents.

We can convince our parents once more to keep the dog and our desire to keep this dog.

What if they agree to keep the dog? That’s so cool. We can try this if our parents ask us to rehome the dog we brought.

2. Take the dog into a boarding facility with a big open space and a camera.

There are dog care centers where we can board our dogs with different facilities according to their packages.

If we don’t like to rehome the dog we get without our parents’ permission, we can board him in such a place. They are ideal for isolated dogs. There are separate cameras for all borders (dogs), which ensure customer satisfaction.

But bear in mind that those places are somewhat expensive.

3. Try for off-campus housing that will allow you to keep your dog with you.

If you are a campus student or a kind of, you may be able to find off-campus lodging that allows you to retain your dog.

It’s frequently less expensive than dorms on campus. In the interim, do you have any off-campus pals who would be prepared to collaborate with you?

Anyone else who can provide the dog with temporary shelter would be beneficial, but the real solution is to locate a secure, relatively permanent home for your dog as soon as you are able.

As rehoming separates you from the dog, this way is better.

4. You can look for organisations and their foster contracts for help.

We can find a pet fostering organization and agree with them to look after the dog.

That is also a good solution if the parents ask you to rehome the dog you brought without their permission. But that wouldn’t be the most rational decision at this point.

5. You can investigate finding a dog-friendly house or finding a friend or other relative who can keep him for the time being.

This is the most appropriate option from the above if your parents ask you to rehome the dog you got without telling your parents.

You can ask for one of your close friends, a relative, or a neighbor who wishes to adopt the dog. Then you can often visit him too.

There is no separation anxiety between both you and the dog. If parents ask you to take them for rehoming, you can immediately find someone to keep them.

By the way, here is why does your dad needs to rehome the dog.

How can you convince your parents to keep the dog?

Most of us love companionship with a pet dog. So we are tempted to bring a dog home even without the permission of parents too.

If that dog becomes too big for the house, too expensive to feed, becomes too hyper, or any family member doesn’t like it, your parents may feel that they have no choice but to sell or give it away.

But if you try to convince them once more to keep the dog, they may agree with you.

You can have a strong, serious discussion with your parents about the dog. You must be able to take out the specific reasons for keeping the dog in your home. You have to act wisely as you are going to take responsibility for a dog.

Tell them how strongly you want a pet dog, and you love them. Make them think about your situation. Convince them that you will act more responsibly than before without making trouble for them.

I strongly believe that they will give you permission. Let them decide what to do.

And you have to accept their decision as you are also still depending on them.

Things to be aware of.

So far, we have discussed whether we can get a dog without our parents’ permission, how to keep such a dog, and so many other things.

But if we are going to bring home a puppy or a dog, there are things to be aware of. Let’s see what they are.

  1. Be sure that the dog won’t escape unnecessarily. It can be a threat for neighbors and also family members if they aren’t aware of the animal.
  2. If it is a stray dog or stray puppy, it is most probably not vaccinated. Keep it in mind.
  3. As the home is a strange place for the dog for the first time, it must be hyper at the moment. As a result, we must handle him with caution because he may bite us.
  4. If you bring a puppy from a gang of stray dogs, sometimes 2-3 dogs can follow you. Then they will enter the house and can be dangerous for the entire family if others are not aware of the puppy which you have brought.


Obviously, it is not suitable to get a dog into your house without the parents’ prior permission. They are not allowing you to adopt a pet at your age due to several reliable reasons. If you strongly need one, you have to inform your parents. Then they will definitely understand you and surely give you the best solution. I have discussed what can happen if you bring a dog from outside without telling your parents, and after that, what will happen. I think you have got a clear-cut answer to the question, “Should I need to get a dog without telling my parents?” So, I hope you have a better understanding of this matter. Let’s meet on another article as crucial as this soon.