The Fitbark Dog Activity Monitor – What Does It Do?

The Fitbark2 and GPS devices give you unparalleled information about your dog’s health.

There are 2 FitBark devices that track your dog’s fitness, activity and health. The base model is the FitBark2 at $69, and the enhanced version is the FitBark GPS, at $99.95. (USA only). 

This device has been used by over 100 universities for research into many conditions, including the University of Cambridge and the Mayo Clinic.

Both devices look like small blocks of plastic, shaped like a bone. In fact they are made of super-strong polycarbonate, in order to resist being broken if your dog manages to get hold of it and bite it.

These devices are quite compact and light, weighing just 1/3 of an Ounce (10 grams) and measuring 1.6inches x 1.1inches and just 0.5inches thick.  (That’s 25mm x 40mm x 12.5mm.) (Note – the GPS version is heavier).


The FitBark is designed to be attached to your dog’s collar, using a matching black plastic cover and zip ties, which are provided by the manufacturer. It can be fitted to dog collars up to 38mm width (1.5inches), which is wide enough for most breeds of dog. Some people recommend getting higher quality zip ties, as the standard ones sometimes come loose.

The standard color is black, but the company offers additional covers in 12 different colors, if you want to customize your dog’s device.

FitBark on a small dog

At the bottom of the tracker is a micro USB port, which allows for charging the battery via any USB1 or USB2 device, like your computer. This port has a small cover that must be closed at all times, except for charging. The battery takes about 90 minutes to charge fully through the micro USB port, and is then good for up to 6 months.

The FitBark communicates with your smart phone by Bluetooth4, and works with any phone running Android 5 or iOS 10 or above. The range of the device to communicate with your phone is 30 feet (9 meters). In case you don’t get a chance to synchronize your dog’s FitBark with your phone regularly, don’t worry – the device can store up to 100 day’s worth of data. That’s over 3 months!

The long battery life is due to the device NOT using GPS, a mobile network, nor wi-fi connections. It’s just Bluetooth, and it’s only 30 feet. So, while you get up to 6 months of battery life, you need to be aware that you are unlikely to be in constant communication with your dog’s activity. It’s more a case of downloading the activity data to your phone or Apple Watch every so often, perhaps in the evening  when your dog is asleep by your feet.

Because the FitBark does not use mobile networks nor wi-fi, it works in every country of the World.

FitBark 2 – what does it measure?

The FitBark is essentially a very clever 3D accelerometer. It detects movement, acceleration and deceleration, change of direction, and of course lack of any movement (ie. when your pet is sleeping). This type of 3 axis accelerometer is also used by veterinary research institutions for investigating animal movement.

This measuring and recording of movements is continuous, 24 hours a day, for 7 days a week. This data can be interpreted by the software to give you a complete record of your dog’s activity, the type of activity, type of movement, calorie burn, anxiety level and possible skin problems.

IMPORTANT POINT – The FitBark2 is NOT a tracking device. It does not tell you where your dog is, nor where your dog has been. If you want a tracking device, I recommend either the FitBarkGPS model (USA only), OR the Tractive from Austria, available world-wide.

FitBark 2 – Why is it useful?

1. You can see how much time your dog spends in playing, in higher level activity, and in sleeping. The app on your phone allocates BarkPoints.

Fitbark app

If your dog has arthritis, for example, you can see if the dog does too much activity one day, and then a lot less on subsequent days as a result. The device will notify you of changes in behavior plus health reports on a weekly basis.

2. You can set up goals for your dog in terms of how much activity (ie. how many BarkPoints per day), if you want to increase your dog’s activity level.

FitBark 2

3. You can connect your FitBit, Apple Watch or HealthLink devices.


4. You can monitor mobility, anxiety and skin conditions.


When you are away, and your dog is ‘home alone’, you can see if they have been wandering around or pining, or else sleeping the afternoon away!

5. You can monitor how your pet is doing while in the care of others, like dog minders, dog walkers, and holiday kennels.


Is your dog getting enough activity? Getting enough sleep? Or wandering around in the night?

FitBark GPS – what’s the difference?

The GPS version is not just an activity monitor, it is ALSO a true tracker, telling you in real time exactly WHERE your dog is. There are several differences between the FitBark2 and the FitBarkGPS. They are as follows;

  •  The GPS model is heavier, at 17g (0.6oz).
  •  Battery life is shorter, at 10 to 20 days instead of 90 days.
  •  The GPS model can communicate by Wi-Fi and Cellular networks as well as Bluetooth.
  •  Real time location tracking by Verizon.
  •  24 hour information of your dog’s exact location.
  •  The GPS model is only available in the USA.

Anything Else?

Warranty; There is a 1 year limited product warranty.

Guarantee; There is a 30 day money-back guarantee, if you don’t like it.

Running costs; The FitBark2 does not have any monthly charges, but the GPS model does.

Waterproof; for 30 minutes at 1 meter depth, BUT the micro USB port must be shut.

Temperature Range; – 4 degrees F to 122 degrees F.  (-20 C to +50 C)

Sounds Good, How Can I Buy One?

Simply click HERE to go to the FitBark website and place your order!

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