Why Does Your Dog’s Licking Sound Annoy You? [Do These 5 Things]

Why Does The Dog's Licking Sound Annoy You

Do you ever get that feeling of annoyance when your furry friend starts licking? Or maybe it just makes you feel a bit uncomfortable? Well, don’t fret my friend, we’re going to get to the bottom of this. Let’s explore the reasons behind your feelings and find out what we can do about it.

So, here’s the quick and simple answer.

The sound of a dog licking can be annoying to some people due to a condition called “Misophonia,” or maybe the person just finds it gross. The best solution is to get accustomed to the sound. Try exposing yourself to the dog’s licking sound little by little. Remember, dogs lick for a reason, and there might be a secret message behind it.

But, no need to worry, my friend. I’m here to guide you through this step by step. Many people are oversensitive to licking sounds, so it’s not weird to feel this way. However, it’s important to try and bear with it and understand your furry friend’s behavior. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn to love the sound of your dog’s licks!

Why does the sound of your dog’s licking annoy you?

There are several reasons behind this. Let’s consider them one by one.

1. Misophonia.

What is misophonia? Have you ever felt annoyed when you hear licking, gulping, and eating sounds? Simply, it is misophonia.

It is not the disgusting feeling you get when your dog licks you. It is the anger you get by hearing the sound of licking. So don’t misunderstand your dislike and disgust as misophonia.

You will ask me whether it is a mental illness or not. Simply it is not a mental illness. Why do I say so? Misophonia is not under the classification of mental disorders.

But the loneliness stress you get because of misophonia can turn into a mental health issue.

Maybe you are wondering what kind of feeling a misophonia patient gets when he/she hears gulping and licking sounds.

They feel like they want to crush everything down. This is because they are very sensitive to sounds.

2. Maybe the licking sound distracts your concentration.

You are very busy with work. You brainstorm ideas to write something. Suddenly, you hear your dog’s licking sound. It is monotonous, repeating, and continuous like the ticking of the clock.

You can’t concentrate anymore. This is what you undergo when you hear the licking gulping sound of the dog. Any sound can do this while you work.

But these types of monotonous sounds are more capable of distracting concentration.

3. Some people find licking sound unpleasant.

They feel nausea when they hear licking and gulping sounds. It is not a health issue. Anyone can feel this.

If you hear the sound while you are dining, you will lose your appetite very soon. So nothing wonderful in this process. Just try to avoid the dog when you eat.

Hear some music. You can ignore the licking sound very easily.

4. Maybe you worry about your dog’s health.

If your dog licks continuously, you will be upset. You will search for reasons just because you feel sorry for your dog.

Dogs lick their paws and legs when they are suffering from fungal infections. So provide him with treatments. Then you can fix your mood back.

Some people overthink when their pets behave strangely. No need to worry; go and meet a veterinarian.

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What if you feel annoyed when your dog licks something?

1. Immediately go away from the place.

Yes, the best thing to do is avoiding your dog for a while. Why do I say so? If you are a misophonia patient, you will react to your dog angrily.

To avoid that unpleasant moment, you should keep yourself away from your dog. Then both of you will be safe and happy.

This is only for a while. If he doesn’t stop licking for hours, this method will not work. But still, don’t worry. I am going to resolve the problem anyhow.

2. Find why he licks. 

What if he continues it for hours. You can’t ignore your dog for such a long time. So this method will help you to resolve the problem.

Go and check where he is licking. Maybe he licks his paws and tummy. They lick due to itching. So it can be a fungal disease. You can’t ignore this.

If you are a misophonia patient, you can’t go and check the reason. Get your friend’s help to do it. You checking it yourself will cause lots of trouble.

If you are not in a place to get anyone’s help. Put on your headset and play a loud track. Now you are ready to go near your dog.

[ Some misophonia patients become extremely violent by hearing licking sounds. Some people hurt their pets.]

3. Listen to music.

This works well. Are you annoyed by the licking and gulping sound? Go and grab your headset. Put it on. Now listen.

I won’t think you will hear your dog’s licking sound anymore. This is very effective as well as relaxing. So try this method.

When you are listening to music, listen to something calm and relaxing. Don’t listen to rock music when you are annoyed. The type of music that you listen to has a great effect on your mentality.

4. Give him a toy to play with.

This can simply prevent him from licking his paws. When you give him a toy, he will try to hold it with his mouth and paws.

He will pay his full attention to playing. This method can make both of you happy and comfortable. Try this before you go for an advanced option.

5. Take your dog for a walk.

Both of you can enjoy yourself together. Sometimes, dogs lick as they have nothing else to do.

So taking him for a walk can simply solve the problem. That’ll be a great chance to spend time with your dog if you have time.

How can you correct your mood to ignore such noises?

1. Try to be accustomed to the sound.

To be honest, this is the hardest option. You can expose yourself to this sound little by little. Don’t do this suddenly. Changes happen with time.

First, you will find it so difficult. Finally, you will have the ability to tolerate the sound. Maybe you will find this option weird. But scientifically, this is practical.

2. Keep yourself busy.

When you have a lot to do, you can’t concentrate on other things. Stay busy with your work. Keep targets while working.

Make a timetable to be more productive. Reserve a few hours to take care of your dog. You will not have time to stay annoyed anymore.

I know some of you come home after work at night. You are exhausted. Yeah, then you can’t endure the dog’s licking sound.

Being busy also will not be practical. Then what can you do? Let your dog be inside the living room. You go inside your room and sleep while listening to a song.

3. Music is the best mood fixer.

Listen to some soft music. If you are very sensitive to sounds, this will be the best therapy for you. While avoiding the licking sound, you can keep your mind clear and relaxed.

As I earlier said, don’t listen to noisy music. Listening to noisy music can increase your stress level. Create your playlist.

Then you can easily play it when you are annoyed.

4. Meditation.

Yoga and meditation are some of the best ways to keep yourself calm. When you start meditation, you will find that there are a lot of noises around us.

Not only licking sound but also many more. Then you will feel it is ok to live with noises. Try this; you will feel the difference.

Things to be aware of.

1. Don’t yell at your dog.

 Are you a misophonia victim? I am talking to you. I can understand what you are going through. But try to control yourself.

When you begin to express your anger, the relationship between you and your dog will be damaged. As a result, he will begin to avoid you.

It is not suitable for both of you. You are responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your dog. Yelling doesn’t solve the problem. It increases the tension.

2. Licking can be a symptom of a health issue.

It may be due to a fungal infection, as I have already stated. Don’t ignore it. The fungus spreads quickly, and it takes a long time to cure the wounds.

Other than that, this can be anything. Your ignorance kills your dog little by little. Get the help of a veterinarian when necessary.

3. Don’t ignore the dog completely.

Yes, I told you to ignore the licking sound but not the dog. If you just ignore him for a long time, he will feel sad.

Dogs are much more emotional than other animals. So be careful not to hurt his emotions.

4. After trying every step, still, you can’t withstand the licking sound?

Immediately seek some medical advice. Not just because you are ill but because you want to release your stress. Your doctor will help you to deal with your stress.


This is what I wanted to say. Control yourself; you will not be worried about licking sounds anymore. It is just a sound. You know how to deal with sound. I know you are capable of withstanding your dog’s licking sound.