Does Your Dog Pant After Eating A Bully Stick? [Do This]

dog eating bully stick

Dogs have a natural inclination to chew, often choosing items that you don’t want them to. To address this behavior, you can offer them a bully stick.

After consuming a bully stick, dogs may pant due to the physical and mental energy expended during the chewing process. Additionally, prolonged licking and chewing can also cause excessive panting. In some cases, swallowing a piece of the bully stick can also result in excessive panting. If this occurs, it’s best to seek veterinary care immediately.

In this article, we will discuss the potential consequences of excessive panting after a dog chews a bully stick, as well as what steps you can take to address the situation.

Do bully sticks make dogs pant?

When compared to other treats, bully sticks are compacted with numerous benefits. They are easily digestive and healthy at the same time.

You don’t need to worry that the bully stick will cause any harm to your dog if it gets swallowed. It does not cause any internal injuries.

Bully sticks are made of dried beef muscles, and they are natural treats that come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. They are drained, baked and air-dried, and delicious for your doggy. 

But, sometimes, your dog might pant after eating a bully stick for hours. Generally, it is not because of any ingredient in the bully stick. But, it is better to be aware of the doggy’s allergy condition.

Some doggies might exhibit some dizzy behavior and do not panic in such conditions. 

It depends on the breed and the health condition of your dog as well. If he is strong enough, he will not become easily exhausted from chewing a bully stick.

Puppies might get easily pant after chewing and playing with a bully stick, and it is quite normal if they are not prone to allergies.

Why does your dog pant after eating bully stick?

Since bully sticks are hard to chew, a dog may spend a few hours chewing them. Some of them take several days for the task.

Thus, generally, it is considered as they take long hours to get done with a bully stick; there is the tendency to get pants.

For all those hours, they just bend their head down and keep on licking and chewing the bully stick as if they got a treasure.

Doggies spend more physical and mental energy chewing a bully stick, which makes them exhausted quickly. Unless they rolled on for sleep, they might pant in any case they tried to walk.   

What to do if your dog pant after eating bully stick?

As we now know, it is quite a normal condition for your doggy to get pants after chewing a bully stick for hours. First, you should not panic and try to understand the situation.

Make sure that your doggy gets pant because of any allergy condition. Then without panic, act quickly to take him to the normal condition.

Let’s see what you can do if your pooch gets pant after chewing a bully stick.

1. Cool him.

When your doggy gets pant, the first thing you must do is, make him cool.

Do not use cold water; just make them wet with cool water and make sure to take him indoors or to a shade.

2. Give water.

Try to make them sip a few drops of water at first. Then check whether they can drink.

If yes, offer them more water and try your best to keep them hydrated until taking they to the vet.

Do not try to soak them in water by force. Just do it little by a little while talking to them.

3. Take safely to the vet.

Finally, you can take him to the vet safely. Make sure to run the air conditioner in your vehicle as they should not expose to the heat in such situations.

Talk with them and try your best to keep them engaged with you during the drive. Let them feel that all is fine and they are gonna be okay soon.

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What happens if a dog eats an entire bully stick?

Even Though chewing bully sticks can result positively and have more benefits, you should be alert regarding the accidents your doggy might have because of eating an entire bully stick.

Let’s see what happens if your doggy chews an entire bully stick.

Most of the time, it will not cause any damage since bully sticks are easily digestive, and they will break into small pieces inside the dog’s stomach.

1. Choke.

There can be instances where your doggy might eat the little num at the end of the bully stick. In such instances, they might choke, which is a severe situation. It can develop an intestinal blockage as well.

So, consider watching out for the tail end of the bully stick.

2. Cause injuries.

Even though bully sticks are digestible, by any chance, if your doggy swallows a large chunk, it is not good. It can cause injuries, especially to puppies.

3. Vomiting.

Some dogs might try to vomit out the whole eaten bully stick, and this can make them fuss.

Try to calm them in such situations and then quickly take them to the vet. 

It is recommended to give a bully stick once a day and make sure to remove it when it becomes short to size, which can be easily swallowed by your doggy.

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Things to be aware of.

Always purchase the right size bully sticks, which will prevent your dog from swallowing them.

Be attentive when they are chewing or playing with the bully stick.

Be alert on allergy conditions.

Since bully sticks are a kind of treat, better not give them all the time.

Limit bully stick sessions for 1 or 2 hours.

Watch your dog closely in order to prevent them from accidents when eating bully sticks.


Dogs love to chew bully sticks as they are raw bones. But there are some instances where you have taken those out of them. You should be very attentive when they are with a bully stick, and in any case, if they get pants, you should act immediately but do not ever panic.

I guess now you have a pretty good idea about what to do when your dog pant after eating a bully stick. So, follow the above-explained steps and make sure they are in safe hands.

Cheers until next time!