Why Does My Dog Attack Me When I Lay Down? [5 Reasons]

Dogs can exhibit a variety of behaviors, some of which may seem strange or alarming. For example, your furry friend may immediately jump up and cuddle with you when you sit down, but what if they attack you when you lie down?

It’s not uncommon for dogs to become excited and even aggressive when we lie down. They may see it as an opportunity to play, or they may be trying to show dominance. However, it’s important to train your dog not to attack or become overly excited when you lie down.

In our upcoming discussion, we’ll explore the possible reasons why dogs engage in this behavior and how to train them to behave appropriately.

We’ll also address important topics such as whether the dog is truly attacking or just playing, and what steps you can take to ensure a safe and happy relationship with your furry companion. Don’t miss out on this important conversation!

Why does your dog attack you when you lie down?

Since dogs cannot speak, it might be challenging for us to understand them. Their typical behavior will change in a moment. Sometimes, when you lay down on the floor, your dog occasionally gets really excited and attacks you.

Really, what could be the reason for that behavior? Let’s see why that is.

1. The dog thinks it’s playtime.

Your dog may sometimes want to cuddle. You encourage them to play with you while lying on the ground and get down on their level.

When you lay on the floor randomly, your dog will rush over to you and start playing without thinking when they become excited. They may kiss you, bark at you, or even start pulling at your clothes.

Your dog acts in this way out of pure excitement. But due to their energetic temperament, we may feel like they are attacking us.

2. “It’s out of character for people,” the dog thinks.

Dogs think it is unusual for people to randomly lay on the floor. It will be strange for the dog if you are not lying on the floor usually when you are at home.

So we cannot assume what our dog’s reaction will be. Sometimes he may accept you lying down. But at the same time, that will be converted into an attack, even though he is the loveliest dog.

Therefore, if you lie down on the ground, your dog will become very excited because lying on the floor with his owner is “out of context.” Your dog is probably thinking to himself, “This is quite strange! Why is she/he not getting up? “

3. He desires to claim the area and does not want you present.

Dogs naturally act in this way to assert their ownership of anything. Sometimes, the dog wants to claim the place and does not want you to be there since he believes it to be his territory.

So, if anyone lies on the floor where the dog used to be, he might express his disgust. The dog will try to remove the person from that place by attacking.

4. It happens as a result of boredom.

You can interpret this odd behavior as indicating that your dog is bored if it doesn’t get enough exercise during the day. Therefore, they’ll look at you to keep them entertained.

Dogs will use strange behaviors since they cannot communicate ordinarily, like attacking you, primarily when you lie on the floor.

5. To show their dominance.

Dogs occasionally attack you when you lie down to assert their dominance. It takes advantage of your perceived vulnerability to take advantage of you when lying on the floor, as lying down makes you more vulnerable to an assault from your dog’s perspective.

Even though it doesn’t happen frequently, it is still a possibility.

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Are they really attacking you, or are they just trying to play?

It is quite normal that our dog tries to cuddle with us, even having playful bites. But, would you be able to distinguish between these dogs’ play and fighting behavior? It can be pretty difficult to tell at all times.

Most dogs only act violently when in pain, feel threatened, or try to assert dominance. These behaviors may be directed towards strangers, other canines, and animals.

So, when we lay down, we can rarely say that the dog is trying to attack us. In general, playful biting hurts less than more serious, forceful biting.

An aggressive dog’s physique will typically appear stiff. He might furrow his brow and pull his lips back to reveal his teeth. Bite delivery during play is typically slower and less painful than that during serious, aggressive bites.

So, suppose you feel like the dog is somewhat aggressive to come up with the most effective strategy for curtailing this frightful behavior.

In that case, you must first determine why your dog is acting aggressively. Although the dog is just trying to play with us when we lie down, we should keep the limits of play fighting.

How to teach your dog not to attack you when you lay down?

Dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend” in the genre. So far, we know that, intentionally or unintentionally, the dog comes to play with us when we lie down on the floor.

Some dogs, meanwhile, go too far in their playful, alert behavior, acting aggressively toward and even attacking strangers. So, we want to teach them not to attack you when you lie down. Let’s see how we can do that.

So we have to train our dog that laying down with a man is not something unusual. We can begin this when he is a puppy. So after growing, the dog identifies it as a normal posture.

So, he wouldn’t get much excited. Some assert that shrieking, as if in pain, tells your dog to stop playing rough with them when they lay down. So we can try this if we get excited when we lie down.

Make sure to proactively praise your pets when they exhibit positive actions for you. Avoid making the error of only reacting and paying attention to your dog when they behave inappropriately.

They can learn from that that engaging in destructive behavior usually garners attention. Even though you’re upset, attention is attention.

So, gradually, the dog reacted normally when we lay down on the floor without being excited and showing quick behaviors. These problems, in my opinion, are still prevalent and quite genuine.

Therefore, we must continue to take care to avoid confusing our puppies while teaching them the expected behavior.

Things to be aware of.

So far, we’ve talked about why our dog attacks us when we lie down. Is it play or aggression; how to teach your dog not to attack you when you lie down; and many other topics related to this fascinating subject.

But there can be things we should be aware of and want to give more attention to when talking about this matter. Here, let’s discuss what those things are.

  • If you lay down on the floor, ensure the dog is in a good mood. If not definitely, he will attack you badly as his mood is not good. It is better if you can avoid acting relaxed at such a time. The best thing to do is to make your dog calm. Do you know that wearing a harness can calm your dog down?
  • Although, if you are playing with the dog while lying down on the floor, be careful about his teeth and paw nails. Accidentally, some damage can happen even when we are playing together.
  • Some dogs try to show dominance in the house when they get a chance, just as if we lay down on the floor. Trying to dominate you with your dog is a bad habit. Consult a trainer to determine the best strategies you may use to become the pack leader.
  • Provide adequate exercise for our dog; otherwise, he may try other, potentially harmful methods to release his energy.
  • Don’t try to do unusual things in front of the dog. Because those habits, positions, or whatever it is can excite our dog. So, be careful about that.


You invite them to play with you while lying on the ground by getting down on their level. Dogs must also understand the limits of play fighting with people, which is very different from other animals.

Since our skin is thinner, bites can pierce it. In addition, our dogs might be more powerful than they think and capable of harming us. If your dog leaps up and down, he sees you on the floor.

Take joy in its cuteness. Just be cautious to avoid getting jumped on, licked, or wrestled with by an overly enthusiastic dog. Your dog can learn how to play with you safely while lying on the floor.

However, do it on your terms and make sure your dog knows the boundaries. So, I hope this article clarifies some issues related to this matter.

I look forward to seeing you in the next article like this one.

1 thought on “Why Does My Dog Attack Me When I Lay Down? [5 Reasons]”

  1. My Doberman never even growled at me the whole year I had him. After a big fight in backyard with a huge snake he got aggressive every 2 weeks. This was 3rd time. Each time I was lying I’m bed watching TV. Last attack he broke my cheekbone, hole in my sinus cavity, multiple stitches. Always went for face. He was just shy of 2. He was playing and licking my face then started to growl. Usually 1 warning growl. He’d start out staring at nothing. Shaking, drooling. Then attack in a second. He was put down after this last attack. I swear I never hurt my dog ever. He was my velcro dog. Came to me at 9 months from a rescue. I’m to see a surgeon the 5th. Messed up for life this time. Vet thought something neurological. He was always aggressive at vets but never at me till now. He had double dosages of Gabapentin and Trazadone. Vet could not believe he was still so keyed up. I had to walk him in. He would not let anyone else near him. I feel I failed him somehow.

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