Can You Touch Your Puppy If He Has Worms? [Full Guide]

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Worm infections are horrible. You are here to know whether you can touch your dog when he has worms. I’m going to answer your question from this article. Read this until the end.

You can touch your dog even if he has worms, but ensure to wear gloves. If not, you will likely contaminate worms quickly. First, meet your veterinarian. Meanwhile, be sure to maintain a good hygienic level of your dog’s living space, provide well-cooked food, and keep the kids away from the dog.

Don’t worry. Let me help you. Always, prevention is better than cure. So, you can prevent worm-related disorders by reading this article. Are you ready to go deep into this subject? Okay, let’s find solutions to your questions.

Can you touch your puppy if he has worms?

No, and yes. You can touch if you follow safety measures. Please be mindful enough to wear a pair of gloves when touching your dog. You should wear a mask too.

Do you clean your dog’s feces? If so, you need to adhere to all these safety measures. Dog’s feces contain worms. Those worms can enter your body. So don’t get this simple. You have to take care of yourself.

Always worms are not visible. So how can you know that your dog has worms?

Let me explain to you. First of all, let me tell you some common types of worms in a dog’s intestine. Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, heartworms, whipworms, and threadworms. These are all parasites.

What are the symptoms? To be honest, you won’t see any specific symptoms. But when the condition worsens, you will begin to notice some symptoms.

Diarrhea and vomiting are two major symptoms of severe worm infections. You won’t see your dog vomiting in the initial stages of worm infection. Lack of appetite is another very significant symptom.

If your dog shows no interest to eat, you can assume that he has a worm infection. As your dog has no appetite, your dog will get thin day by day.

If your dog’s feces contain blood, you can assume that your dog suffers from a worm infection. In some cases, the dog’s abdomen swells.

All the dogs who have worms won’t have worms in their feces. So be a close observer. Then you can easily overcome this challenge you face as a dog owner.

Check if your dog’s belly looks dirty. If yes, he is more likely to have worms, especially ringworms.

What will happen if you touch your worm-infected puppy?

Probably, you will get worms. As I have already explained, you should follow safety measures before touching the dog. If not, you will probably get worm infections.

Of course, these worms’ infections can contaminate very quickly through the feces of dogs. Keep away from the feces of the dogs.

Specifically, roundworm, hookworm, etc.; can transmit to humans. Roundworms can be infected through the roundworm eggs. Those eggs contain in soil.

How do these eggs mix with the soil? When you throw your infected dog’s feces onto the soil, the eggs in the feces will mix with the soil. The larvae stage of this worm can enter the internal organs of humans. They can cause damage to your eyes, brain, and heart. So be careful.

Hookworms enter your body through your skin. Imagine you are walking without shoes; your feet will touch the ground. The hookworm larvae will enter your body via your skin. Yes, it is possible.

Hydatid tapeworms can be infected through the feces of the dog. Once you are infected, you will lose your appetite. Diarrhea and vomiting are the primary symptoms.

This worm damages the most important organs in the human body, including the liver, brain, and heart.

Whipworms are not that dangerous, and whipworm infections are very rare. The carrier of heartworm is the mosquito. Infected mosquitos bite humans.

Then the human will get heartworms. Even though we call them heartworm, these worms will not damage your heart, but they can damage your lungs.

What should you not let your puppy do if she has worms?

1. Don’t let him eat raw meat.

I know dogs love to eat raw meat. But did you know that raw meat is the main reason for worm infections? Yes, of course, raw meat makes your dog unhealthy.

Hydatid tapeworms can infect due to this bad habit. Especially the raw internal organs of wild animals become the main cause behind hydatid tapeworm infections.

2. Don’t let him play with other dogs.

Worm infections can contaminate easily. If you let your lovely pooch to play with other dogs, other dogs also will get worms. On the other hand, your dog can infect again and again. So be careful when sending your dog outside to play with the dogs.

3. If the mother has worms, don’t allow the puppy to be with the mother.

Lavea of tapeworm can be infected via breast milk. So, try to give him some cow milk until the mother recovers. 

4. Don’t allow him to drink water from outside. (Rainwater, muddy water on the road)

Rainwater and muddy water on the road can contain eggs of the worms. So, your dog can easily infect worms. So be careful, you have to keep an eye on the dog.

If you allow your infected dog to drink from outside sources, your dog will get a long time to recover.

5. Don’t allow your dog to starve.

When dogs have worms, they stop eating. But you should feed them. You could try some liquids if he refused to eat hard food. However, you have to provide him as he wants energy.

What to do if your puppy has worms?

1. Go and meet a veterinarian.

This is the best option. The veterinarian will treat your dog as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your dog becomes weak. Your veterinarian will give your dog some deworming drugs.

Fenbendazole, moxidectin, milbemycin, and piperazine are some deworm antibiotics. When you use these antibiotics, get advice from a veterinarian.

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2. Maintain a clean environment.

When your dog has a worm infection, you need to very be careful about the surroundings. Keep your backyard clean. Where do you put your dog’s feces? If you put them in your backyard, stop it.

You can remove them safely without adding them directly onto the soil. Some people bury them. But I don’t think it is a good idea. Don’t bury them. Dogs dig the ground.

So, it is not safe to bury them. You can put it inside polythene before throwing it away.

3. Give him well-cooked food.

Raw meat can increase the formation of the worm. So, avoid it. While avoiding it, you have to give him well-cooked food. Why is that?

Worm infections are related to the intestine. If your dog has a digestion problem due to worm infection, he will not be able to eat raw food. It will make him sick again. So, ensure to feed him with well-cooked food.

Things to be aware of

1. Don’t ignore worm infections.

You should never ignore any kind of worm infection. It is more serious than you think. Worm infections can kill your dog. So, make sure that you don’t ignore worm infections at all.

2. Take care of yourself.

Earlier I told you that you should use a pair of gloves whenever you touch your dog. Apart from that, you should often wash your hand with soap. You and your dog live in the same house, so you need to keep yourself healthy.

3. Don’t use deworm antibiotics without a prescription from the doctor.

Some owners give deworm antibiotics to dogs without the prescription of a veterinarian. Don’t make that mistake. This can be fatal. Some dogs are allergic to certain antibiotics. Responsible owners won’t make such mistakes.

4. Don’t allow the dog to eat random food on the road.

I know you can’t follow your dog. But dogs get worm infections due to the things they eat and drink. If you can’t keep an eye on your dog, you can keep him inside your gate.

You can go on a walk with him. Don’t allow him to walk outside without you.

5. Worms are disgusting, but you should not hurt your dog’s emotions because of worms.

Worms are awkward. Yes, you may feel very uncomfortable keeping a dog with worms inside your home. But be patient. Try to treat him nicely.

Don’t let him think that you feel awkward. Animals, too, have emotions. Please be kind enough to treat your dog as usual. Your dog will sit on your sofa and bed.

Try to keep him away from your furniture without yelling at him. You should do it without hurting his emotions. Worm infections can be painful. Arrange a comfortable place for your dog as he can’t sleep on your bed.


This is all about touching your warm infected dog. Now you know everything related to worm infections in dogs. You are armed with knowledge. So, use it to help your dog. A small reminder. Make sure you think about your safety. Good luck.