Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Ice Cream? [Nutritional Info]

Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Ice Cream?

If you have searched the web for “Can dogs eat strawberry ice cream?”, you deserve commendation for conducting your due diligence as a dog owner.  Dogs can eat strawberry ice cream.  However, feeding your dog a bowl full of strawberry ice cream on a daily basis has the potential to compromise his or her health and possibly even lead to addiction.  As is the case with all things in life, moderation is key.  Here’s a closer look at the question of if dogs can eat strawberry ice cream, and what the nutrients are.

Strawberry Ice Cream Nutritional Facts

Strawberry ice cream is loaded with cream, sugar, milk, vegetable gum, whey and strawberries.  However, this flavor of ice cream isn’t as unhealthy as most dog owners might assume.  Take a deep dive into the nutritional facts of strawberry ice cream and you’ll find it has:

Is Strawberry Ice Cream Good for Dogs?

In general, ice cream is unhealthy as it contains artificial sugar.  However, strawberries are a healthy addition to ice cream.  Certain varieties of strawberry ice cream are healthier than others.  As an example, Turkey  Hill ice cream contains nonfat milk.  Alternatively, some ice creams contain strawberry flavoring or sugar-laden strawberry puree.  When in doubt, add fresh diced strawberries to nonfat vanilla ice cream and you’ll serve healthy, tasty ice cream to your dog without feeling guilty.

Do Dogs Like Strawberry Ice Cream?

Dogs love strawberry ice cream!  Treat your dog to a nightly dessert of strawberry ice cream and he or she will be ecstatic.

How Much Strawberry Ice Cream can Dogs Eat?

Ideally, your furry friend will enjoy one or two scoops of strawberry ice cream placed in the bowl used for regular dog food.  Keep in mind, dogs have voracious appetites, meaning they will gladly eat an entire pint or more of strawberry ice cream if you leave it open on the floor or an accessible table.  Limit your dog’s intake of strawberry ice cream to a couple scoops per night and you’ll satiate your furry friend while simultaneously preserving his or her health.

How Frequently Should Dogs Eat Strawberry Ice Cream?

At most, dogs should eat ice cream once per day.  Though dogs have unique stomachs capable of processing nearly any type of food and even other types of objects that are inedible to humans, they will eventually turn away from regular dog food if they get into the habit of enjoying strawberry ice cream several times per day.  Resist the temptation to feed your dog strawberry ice cream several times throughout the day, choosing to reward him or her for good behavior at the end of the day with a scoop or two placed directly into the dog bowl.

What do Dogs Need to be Happy?

Dogs crave the company of others as they are pack animals.  Make it clear that you are the alpha of the household, lead your dog when both indoors and outside and he or she will be happy to be a part of your pack.  Above all, provide your pooch with two or three meals per day with snacks and chew toys mixed in to keep him or her occupied and content. 

Take your dog outside for at least one walk per day for exercise and fresh air.  Ideally, your dog will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs in the neighborhood or at a local dog park for socialization. Take breaks during your walks to interact with neighbors and other dog owners and he or she will feel comfortable in the presence of others. 

Don’t forget to play!  Dogs, like all animals, have a strong sense of play.  Play fetch with a frisbee or stick, roll tennis balls along the floor for your dog to chase after and keep a small collection of squeaky toys on the living room floor for your furry friend’s amusement.

What Alternatives are There to Strawberry Ice Cream for Dogs?

Plain yogurt, fresh strawberries or frozen strawberries mixed into yogurt are all suitable alternatives to strawberry ice cream.  However, commercial yogurts, especially the frozen variety, often contain an abundance of sugar that is unhealthy for dogs.  Yogurt is especially appealing as it contains minimal lactose due to the fermentation process, meaning it won’t pose as much of a threat to your dog’s digestive system. 

If your dog has an especially sensitive stomach, feed him or her a nightly scoop of plain vanilla ice cream.  Do not feed your dog chocolate ice cream or anything else containing chocolate as it has the potential to have fatal consequences. 

Take a close look at your neighborhood supermarket’s freezer section and you might find strawberry ice cream or peanut butter ice cream made specifically for dogs.  If you embrace the DIY (do it yourself) ethos, consider making your own dog ice cream at home with ice, cream, bananas, strawberries, vanilla extract and sunflower seed butter.


Does strawberry ice cream have the potential to be toxic?

There is a slight risk to feeding strawberry ice cream to a dog.  Milk poses a threat to some dogs, especially those that are lactose intolerant or have other digestive problems.  If your dog vomits or has diarrhea after eating strawberry ice cream, switch to a vegan strawberry ice cream that has milk and heavy cream substitutes.  If you make your own strawberry ice cream at home, keep the strawberries to a minimum as they contain natural sugar that has the potential to upset your dog’s stomach. 

Are some dogs allergic to strawberries?

Indeed, some dogs are allergic to strawberries.  Swelling, hives and vomiting after eating strawberry ice cream are indications that your dog is allergic to strawberries.  In rare cases, dogs suffer anaphylactic allergic reactions after eating strawberries.

Is strawberry ice cream better than strawberry yogurt?

Strawberry yogurt and strawberry ice cream contain similar ingredients.  Both contain fat, sugar, protein, fiber and calcium.  However, strawberry yogurt typically has less sugar and fat than strawberry ice cream.  Take a close look at the labels of each option and you might find strawberry yogurt has more calcium than ice cream, ultimately making it worthy of your consideration, especially if you are concerned about your dog’s bone growth and bone density.

Should I switch to a sugar-free strawberry ice cream for my dog?

Yes.  If you have the option of buying sugar-free strawberry ice cream or if you have the time to make your own ice cream, opt for the sugar-free variety.  Traditional sugar-laden ice cream has xylitol, an artificial sugar that can prove toxic to dogs.  Furthermore, some brands of ice cream contain high amounts of artificial sugar that have the potential to compromise your dog’s immune system, muscle tone, energy and overarching health.

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