Can Dogs Eat Poppadoms?

Can Dogs Eat Poppadoms?

A good pet parent is always on the lookout for great treats that they can share with their fur babies. You probably know that there are many human foods that are extremely toxic to pets. This is why you need to be aware of exactly what your dog can and cannot have to eat. This guide will help to answer the following question.

Can dogs eat poppadoms? Yes, this is actually a great choice for your dog. Keep reading to learn more about poppadoms.

What Are Poppadoms?

Poppadoms are a type of Indian flatbread. It is enjoyed throughout Asia and is often an important part of dinner for millions of families each day. Poppadoms can be made in many different variations. This means that the ingredients can vary greatly. You will need to scan the ingredients of your poppadoms to ensure that there are no additives that might be bad for your dog or toxic to your dog.

Poppadoms are a lentil-based flatbread and you should only feed your dog poppadoms that have been made from a pure recipe with very little or no extra additives.

How Much Can My Dog Eat?

As with most human foods, poppadoms should not make up a big part of your dog’s diet. Poppadoms can be seen as an occasional treat for your dog. Your dog’s main diet should be made up of high-quality dog food that is right for your dog’s age and size. You should always consult with your vet concerning the right type of dog food to use.

Poppadoms cannot provide the right amount of nutrients to be considered a main food source for your pet.

Benefits of Poppadoms

If you do choose to feed your dog poppadoms occasionally, you will want to know the benefits of doing this.

Poppadoms are easy to digest for your pet. Human foods can often be harsh on your pet’s digestive system. This is one reason why many foods are not encouraged. Poppadoms sometimes contain high levels of salt, though, so you should be careful how much you allow your dog to have.

Dogs love poppadoms. This flatbread is very tasty and dogs really enjoy it as an occasional treat. However, because dogs like this treat so much, you will need to keep the treat out of the dog’s reach so that they do not overeat. Overeating this treat would be bad for your dog’s digestion.

Because dogs like this treat so much, it can be used for training your dog with great results. When training your dog, you want a healthy, non-toxic treat that the dog will look forward to for motivation in the training.

Another benefit of poppadoms is that the flatbread will fill your dog up quickly. Dogs often will not beg for too much of this treat because they quickly get filled up after a few treats. Some pet owners find that poppadoms are a great way to help their dog lose weight as well, because a little goes a long way.

Poppadoms also provide a lot of nutrients as well. When choosing snacks for your dog, you want to make sure that you are not just feeding it empty calories. Poppadoms come loaded with magnesium, iron, and healthy carbs.

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Dogs and Toxic Foods 

It is very important as a pet owner that you educate yourself on all of the foods that are considered toxic to dogs. There is an extensive list that has been developed by veterinarians to help pet owners avoid dangerous foods for their pets. You will need to consult with your vet to get a list. You should study this list and you should keep it posted at home so you can reference it often. You will also want to educate others who might help care for your dog on occasion as well.

Non-Toxic Foods To Avoid 

In addition to avoiding toxic foods, there are also a lot of non-toxic foods your dog should avoid as well. These include foods loaded with sugar. Sugary foods may not be dangerous to your pet, but they provide no benefit either. In fact, sugary foods could increase the chances of your dog becoming overweight or developing diabetes.

Your dog should also not be fed candy. Candy is full of sugar and is often gooey or sticky in consistency. This can be bad for your dog’s teeth. It is already hard to maintain good dental hygiene for dogs in the first place, you certainly do not want to further complicate this with sticky foods.


Although there are many toxic foods out there that your dog should avoid, poppadoms are actually a great treat. Poppadoms should be fed to your dog only in moderation, however. Overfeeding your dog this tasty flatbread could result in unnecessary weight gain. If your pet is already dealing with weight issues, you need to make smart food choices.

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