Can dogs eat maple syrup?

Can Dogs Eat Maple Syrup

Before asking whether your dog can eat maple syrup or not, you need to ask yourself what it is a dog should usually eat. Dogs are carnivores. They may look as though they want, or even deserve, to enjoy the same food as you do. This is generally not true, but there are some non-meat things they can safely eat, though. Maple syrup is one of these. The clue, however, is moderation.

Can a dog eat maple syrup?

A dog can eat maple syrup, but it should only be in moderation and only in its natural form. Maple syrup contains natural antioxidants and minerals that are good for dogs. However, maple syrup also contains a lot of sugar. This can give a dog energy, but it can also lead to weight gain. If a dog gets too fat, it can suffer from health problems. The key is that a dog can eat natural maple syrup in moderation.

Natural vs artificial maple syrup

If you are going to feed maple syrup to your dog, make sure it is natural. ‘Real’ maple syrup can actually be advantageous to a dog, where artificial maple syrup can be harmful.

Natural maple syrup

Maple syrup occurs naturally as the sap of the maple tree, mainly found in North America. The syrup is harvested. One gallon of syrup is harvested from nearly 50 gallons of the sap.

Artificial maple syrup

Harvesting maple syrup naturally can be a lengthy process, so artificially created maple syrup has become popular on the market. These are made from syrups other than maple, including corn syrup. They also contain a lot of sugar and are flavored to taste something like maple syrup.

Choose the natural syrup

Natural maple syrup is slightly more bitter than its artificial cousin, because it contains less sugar. However, it also contains minerals and antioxidants that are useful for the body.

The advantages of maple syrup for a dog

Because of its high sugar content, maple syrup is a good source of energy for your dog. It is the sort of energy that will spike, though, if it is not balanced with a steady diet of proteins and even some carbohydrates.

Natural maple syrup also contains minerals: calcium, potassium, iron, zinc and manganese. All of these are good for your dog. They will help to build bones, boost the immune system and help in cell growth. The syrup contains antioxidants that also help the body.

This means that eating maple syrup can help to keep your dog healthy.

As with just about anything your dog eats, there is a flip side, though.

The disadvantages of maple syrup for a dog

The most important component of maple syrup is sugar. You know that sugar can be a good source of energy for your dog. However, they will burn it off quite easily and look for more food. Be careful if this happens, because you may be tempted to give them more syrup to boost their energy.

The long-term effects of eating too much sugar are more significant than just losing energy quickly.

The amount of sugar in maple syrup means that it contains a lot of calories. If your dog eats too much of the syrup, it can put on a lot of weight. An over-conditioned dog can face a range of health issues, including strain on the heart and diabetes. Both of these can be life threatening.

Maple syrup in moderation for dogs

The key to dogs eating maple syrup is moderation. The naturally occurring minerals and antioxidants in the syrup are beneficial for a dog’s general health, immune system and cell development. They are also an important reason for you to consider feeding your dog at least some maple syrup. If at all possible, this must be natural, as artificial syrup doesn’t contain the same level of minerals.

A dog can eat one teaspoon of maple up to twice a week. Preferably, stick to only once a week, as a treat. Don’t make maple syrup a regular feature of your dog’s diet. Keep it special.

If you feed your dog more maple syrup than this, you stand a chance of the dog developing health issues. This essentially makes the syrup harmful for your dog.


Every dog is different and should be treated as such. Don’t just introduce a new food into your dog’s diet without consulting your veterinarian. They will know your dog better than you and will be able to tell you if your dog can tolerate maple syrup at all, or how it may help them.


Dogs can indeed eat maple syrup. This must be in moderation, though, as artificial maple syrup doesn’t contain the same level of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that the natural syrup does. The clue is moderation. Feed your dog about a teaspoon of maple syrup once a week and they will be kept happy.

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