Can Dogs Eat Fritos? No, They Really Shouldn’t

Can Dogs Eat Fritos

Just because you enjoy snacking on Fritos, it doesn’t mean your dog should too. They may be a crunchy, popular snack and it’s easy to let rover have a bite, but you do need to think twice before feeding your dog any old thing. In fact, have you considered what goes into Fritos and how it will affect your dog?

So can dogs eat Fritos?

The quick and easy answer to the question of whether dogs can eat Fritos is ‘No’. Fritos contain three things: processed corn, oil and sodium. All of these are not good for dogs. The digest system of a dog is set up to process mainly meat. They struggle to digest processed corn, which can lead to digestive issues; and too much oil and salt can cause problems with their health.

What, exactly, are Fritos?

‘Fritos’ is the brand name for a type of corn chip. They come in different flavors, the most popular of which are tomato, barbecue and sweet chili. All flavors are a favorite and popular snack for humans.

The basic ingredients of Fritos are processed corn, oil and sodium. There are also added flavorants.

The highest percentage of ingredients in Fritos are oil and sodium. These account for 7% each of the make-up of the chips. Although Fritos are corn chips, the corn is secondary to these two, coming in at 6%.

The chips also contain a tiny percentage of calcium. There is no added sugar. Other than that, they contain no additional minerals and vitamins.

Advantages of dogs eating Fritos

The only possible advantages that eating Fritos can hold for dogs are that they could be a source of energy and that they contain no added sugar. This means there is not a threat of diabetes and other conditions.

You can also argue that they contain calcium, but the amount is so small, it’s almost negligible.

Disadvantages of dogs eating Fritos

There are more disadvantages to dogs eating Fritos than advantages. Individually, they far outweigh even all of the advantages together.

Processed corn

Dogs are carnivores and shouldn’t be eating carbohydrates. However, they can possibly benefit from small amounts of carbs every so often. Processed corn isn’t one of these.

A dog’s digestive system is not set up for breaking down and using highly moderated carbs, like processed corn. Eating them can cause stomach issues. This can be in the form of diarrhea and vomiting, which can dehydrate the dog.

The dangers of sodium

Fritos contain very high levels of sodium and colorants. If a dog eats too much salt, they can become dehydrated. This can affect their health and can even lead to swelling on the brain.

Excessive salt can also raise their blood pressure, which can affect the health of their hearts.

Dogs are also susceptible to sodium poisoning. This is where there is a high level of sodium in the bloodstream. To keep the body in balance, the blood draws water out of the cells. This affects the health of the cells and can harm them. Sodium poisoning can also lead to damage to the brain and nerves in the dog.

Too much salt in a dog’s diet is also potentially harmful, because it could also lead to kidney disease. If your dog has anything wrong with its kidneys, keep it far away from Fritos.

Oil and trans fats

The amount of oil and fats in dogs is also potentially harmful, because your dog can become overweight easily. This can lead to obesity, which then poses health risks for the dog.

A heavy dog has a greater propensity for developing diseases like diabetes.

A word of caution about your dog’s diet

When you consider what to feed your dog, you will be looking at a balanced diet. Don’t think about it in the same way that you balance your diet. Humans are omnivores and our digestive systems are set up differently to that of a dog.

We can digest highly processed, and even salty, foods. Dogs can’t do so as efficiently. After all, a dog is a carnivore.

Your dog won’t necessarily be able to eat what you do, and certainly not highly processed foods that contain a high percentage of trans fats. Keep them away from Fritos.

If you have any questions about your dog’s diet, always err on the side of caution. Then consult your veterinarian.

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The long and short of the question about dogs eating Fritos is that they should not. Don’t feed your dog a snack you may enjoy. There is too much salt and oil in the chips, both of which are bad for your dog’s health. In addition, they can’t digest the processed corn very well. So, although dogs can physically eat Fritos, or may even ask for them, they mustn’t. Avoiding chips will help them to stay healthy.

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