The Bully Gull Terr. Find Out About This Rare Pakistani Breed

Bully Gull Terr

A confrontational aggressive breed. Experienced owners only.

The Bully Gull Terr is a rare dog breed originating in Pakistan. It came about relatively recently, when British Army officers stationed in Pakistan took their English Bull Terriers with them.  These dogs were frequently bred with the local Pakistani dogs to produce a “better” dog for dog fighting and bear baiting.

A white Bully Gull Terr dog sitting in a courtyard
Bully Gull Terr

Bully Gull Terr – Temperament

The Bully Gull Terr is a fearless breed which needs a strong experienced owner to be able to train and control them. They are very suspicious of strangers, and extremely protective and loyal to their owners.

They are good with children that they have been raised with, but you’ll have to supervise your Gull Terr if he’s around any kids which he doesn’t know or recognize.

A white Bully Gull Terr standing outdoors
A white Bully Gull Terr

This breed is very trainable as he is intelligent, but you need to socialize him from an early age and make him understand that you are the pack leader.

If left to their own devices they can become aggressive and destructive.

They are big dogs so it is vital that your Gull Terr dog is properly trained and socialized whilst young so that he is manageable as an adult.

They enjoy structure and routine and need a fair amount of exercise as they are very active and always on their feet. This makes them unsuitable for apartment living.

Not to be trusted around cats or other non-doggy pets. The Gull Terr is also from a dog fighting background so they may be aggressive towards other dogs too.

Bully Gull Terr – Breed History

This rare breed was introduced to Pakistan and the Punjab region of northern India by the British Raj, when they were under British Rule.

The British Army brought along their English Bull Terriers who were then inter-bred with the local dogs to produce the breed we recognize nowadays, which was very popular in dog fighting and bear baiting due to their fearless nature.

The pure Gull Terr is recognizable by his completely erect ears and his almost totally white body. They very closely resemble the way the old 19th century Bull Terrier looked. The best pure breeds come from the Punjab and Kohat areas of Pakistan.

A white Bully Gull Terr dog standing on the leash
Bully Gull Terr

Pure breeds which have been crossed with other local breeds such as Bully Kuttas have cropped ears or ears which aren’t totally erect and are known as the Typical Type Gull.

They are more common around Pakistan. Aside from their ears being different, they are bigger, heavier and they are also found in different colors or with patches of color against white whereas the Pure breed is always white.

Vital Statistics

  • Weight 77 – 99 lb (35 – 45 kg)
  • Height 20 – 26 in (50 – 66 cm)
  • Life expectancy 7 – 10 years


  • White
  • White with occasional black spots
  • Any other color is not a Pure Pakistani Gull Terrier

Bully Gull Terr – Ease of Training

The Bully Gull Terrier dog is very intelligent who can be trained with some determination on the part of the owner. Like all strong dogs, he needs to be socialized from an early age and needs to know that YOU are the leader at all times.

He cannot be allowed to think he is the boss or you will meet with some very serious issues such as destruction and aggression. This breed is also very active and energetic and requires daily long walks to burn off some of his energy.

A white Bully Gull Terr standing in a tiled courtyard, looking past the camera
Bully Gull Terr

This is an excellent guard dog. He is loyal to his owners and will fight to the death to protect his family and property. If he thinks something isn’t right then this loyal dog will bark to draw your attention to it.

They can be aggressive to strangers so care is needed when visitors come around who your dog does not recognize.

Bully  Gull Terr – Grooming

This is a short haired breed so it is very easy to groom and look after. The coat just needs occasional brushing. The coat is smooth and harsh and is twice as thick as Western Bull Terrier’s to assist them in their fighting and bear baiting endeavors.

Bully Gull Terr – Health Considerations

This seems to be a fairly healthy breed as I couldn’t find out anything out of the ordinary to look out for apart from that they are prone to deafness and mange which is common in all white dogs.

Something worth keeping an eye on is the breeding lineage which your dog comes from. The breed is popular in Punjab and Kohat but rather rare elsewhere such as the UK which could mean a small gene pool.

If this is the case then the dogs could be extremely inbred which could cause health and/or temperament issues if buying outside Pakistan.

Some unscrupulous breeders are also mixing their Terr’s with Bully Kuttas but still describing them as pure breeds, which is not the case.

Famous Bully Gull Terrs

I couldn’t find any. If you know of any then please let me know by using the Contact Me link. Thank you.

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